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  1. The vast majority of people who use this website probably wouldn't watch naked attraction or even admit to watching it, your best bet would be trying to trace him on facebook.
  2. It's obvious isn't it, the car has been driven through a crime scene.
  3. When Frank said it wants a new battery I thought it was a wind up.😉
  4. Judging by the ends of those posts, the fence finally succumbed to the rot, or could it be something more sinister.
  5. Actually, I saw ten dodo's riding on the back of a unicorn just last week.
  6. It must be costing a few bob, there's still work going on there.
  7. My dad lived at 63 Greenfield rd.
  8. Sorry about your loss robbob, I hope you get through it, look forward to seeing your future posts.
  9. It looks like the elephant Man with that cloak over it, may be they should leave it on, it would scare the vandals away .
  10. There were police houses on Lansbury avenue just off fleet lane, two on parbold avenue and ashurst drive blackbrook, there were two on washway lane and one opposite the bird ith hand on dunriding lane.
  11. Not when a gale force wind is blowing down the canal.
  12. How the hell does a cell get knackered, as long it's door shuts and locks that's fine. Do the scumbags want five star overnight accomodation.
  13. I bet he didn't sell them off cheap, it was probably cheaper to buy a new motorbike than buy spares for it, the spares for jap bikes were very expensive and spares for British bikes were astronomical.
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