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  1. It looks like the elephant Man with that cloak over it, may be they should leave it on, it would scare the vandals away .
  2. There were police houses on Lansbury avenue just off fleet lane, two on parbold avenue and ashurst drive blackbrook, there were two on washway lane and one opposite the bird ith hand on dunriding lane.
  3. Not when a gale force wind is blowing down the canal.
  4. How the hell does a cell get knackered, as long it's door shuts and locks that's fine. Do the scumbags want five star overnight accomodation.
  5. I bet he didn't sell them off cheap, it was probably cheaper to buy a new motorbike than buy spares for it, the spares for jap bikes were very expensive and spares for British bikes were astronomical.
  6. Robbob, It was part of a fence to keep people out of pilks where the sand dunes were, it was covered in corrugated sheets that extended a few feet over the canal so you couldn't climb around it. There was another one similar at the other end of the hotties opposite the hotel.
  7. Couldn't you just pay for the pies robbob,they are nice, but I wouldn't fight for one, is that the boxing ring in the background.
  8. Did you catch anything mally, if you did, you should have your rod in a bag.😁
  9. It' was a pet shop when I was a kid
  10. I don't know about mill Street barracks being haunted, I know the building on the corner of mill Street and North road that used to be the coachman's restaurant is haunted.
  11. I had some good night's out in there during the eighties, the landlord was Trevor mcgloughlin .
  12. That club must lose a small fortune when they have snooker nights, a lot of the regulars stay away because they use the lounge as well as the games room to host the event, I don't know why they don't use the function room upstairs, it's well big enough.
  13. Is it a Muslim takeaway ?, just thought I'd get a Muslim comment in, they've not had a mention for a while.
  14. Recycling, solves one problem and creates more problems.
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