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  1. Congratulations to all the team,fantastic job.
  2. Went into the Court a few times whilst studying at St. Helens Tech. The Magistrate would talk through the cases with us and answer any questions we had.
  3. Hi, Kizzy, didn't know you where an adopted Thatto Heather.
  4. my wife and I spent many Saturday nights at the Conny Club. I once went up to the old projection room it was just as it was left as a cinema, with loads of old placards advertising films and even the projection equipment.
  5. BJL, about what date would the photo be?
  6. During WW11 and after, Alma's was a favourite hangout for Yankee servicemen. There were fights between the yanks and the locals most nights.
  7. Hi Phyll, the pub on Church Street was called the Black Bull and the landlord I am talking about was named James Hodson He moved to the Black Bull from the George and Dragon which was in Bold Street.James died from Asiatic Cholera and is buried in St. Thomas graveyard in Hewitt Avenue. Hope this helps. Regards H. ps I think there is a picture of both pubs on Paul Cotham's pub site.
  8. A late friend of mine told me that her grandfather used to keep a pub where Burtons used to be. He sadly died of typhoid during the epidemic.
  9. My Aunt and Uncle used to live behind the butchers in Junction Lane (Peter Rigby).
  10. Spent many a day there, with a jam butty and a bottle of tap water.
  11. A friend of mine has a Family Tree on Ancestry that has a number of St Helens Erlam names. One photo has a group of the family with a soldier named Pye.
  12. A distant relative of mine, Arthur Redcliffe, was working on the front when he slipped and fell off. He sadly died.
  13. Have a look at the St. Helens Cemetery site, the Scully & Mullvihill have graves there.
  14. Hi Danielle, Got the name from a Family Tree on Ancestry, says her birth was about 1862 in Ireland and death 21 May 1918 in St. Helens. The tree has Mulvihill family & the Scully family listed.
  15. Hi, Patrick Mulvihill married Ellen Scully at Prescot District in Apr-May-June quarter of 1899. added 15 minutes later Hi, children of Patrick & Ellen Mulvihill are Catherine, Patrick,Bridget, Elizabeth and Margaret. added 34 minutes later Could Patrick's wife be Ellen Driscoll (Scully)?
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