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  1. My tree is marked as private, but it does not stop people asking for information. Also, you can open the tree to the people you would like to see it.
  2. Just received a query from a person on Ancestry asking about my Grandparents. It turns out that she is the granddaughter of my cousin who emigrated to the USA just after WW2.
  3. I try to reply to Ancestry messages, out of common decency. If I cannot answer the questions raised, I will say so.
  4. Hi, Ratty, is this the William Critchley: Birth 25 June 1790 in Newton in Makerfield. Parents Henry Critchley / Betty Fairhurst. Died 122 Sept 1869 in Sutton (St. Helens). Married Martha Pusill at St. Elphin's, Warrington on 24 Aug 1819. Martha died Feb 1834. Father James Pusill 1763 - 1819 Mother Margaret Wood 1764 - ?
  5. Hi Stephen, Is that the one that I gave you?
  6. There used to be a pub just outside the gates of City Road Works - could this be its nickname.
  7. Wow --- There are a number of family trees on Ancestry listing Joseph Hewitt aka David Stanley Steele. Not one of them gives an explanation for the name change. There is even a grave listing and death date. Some of the tree owners originate in Australia. All the best in your search. Joseph was baptized at St. Pauls Mission, Eccleston. William died 1956 in St. Helens. Eliza died 1962 in St. Helens. Mabel Eldreada Alsford married Joseph JOHN Hewitt - 5 March 1914 in Victoria, Australia.
  8. Hi, Bridget was buried in St. Helens Cemetery in a paupers grave. Reg. No STHELCEM/21/324 - Ref. No. 34695. on 5th May 1900. In 1901 the family was living at 58 Albert Street, St. Helens
  9. Great pictures Jeff. I really enjoyed hearing the sound of the B.I. buzzer, it brought back memories of well over sixty years ago. Running from the Station Road gate and just managing to clock in at the Export Clocking Station. Wish I could do it now.
  10. Jeff, there was an earlier one called the Elephant and Castle. It was a little bit nearer to Nutgrove Road..
  11. I am not sure, but I think a lot of the deaths at Rainhill where registered at Widnes.
  12. Hi, There is a Family Tree on Ancestry which gives Viola as born in Bury, Lancs. and living in Heywood, Lancs. in 1911. Her parents were John William Greenwood (1864-1927) and Anna Stanley (1869-1949). No spouse is listed. She died Sep. 1972 in Widnes. Sisters - Annie Greenwood, Dora Jane Greenwood, Beatrice Mary Greenwood. Brothers - Albert Edward Greenwood, Richard Henry Greenwood. Hope this helps.
  13. Congratulations to Ann-Marie Barrow and Phil Green for finishing and raising over £7000 for their charity.
  14. Do they want to get rid of the Gamble building?
  15. We used to play in the barn when we were kids. Johnny Hurst would chase us but Mrs. Hurst used to say leave them alone they are only kids.
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