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  1. This is awesome. Thank you so much x
  2. Hi Tony, there seemed to be a lot of Kelly's in the Greenbank Area. They merged through marriage from the Riley's and the Caffreys. Let me know if you have those too
  3. I didn't know that the cemetery had such details. I'll get in touch with them for confirmation. Thanks.
  4. It sounds like the 1903 guy could be mine as his last child was born in 1895. Ohhhh, do I dare put it in the tree? I'm always scared incase it's not the one. I don't have a sailor amongst mine, well that I know of.
  5. Hi Ratty, his name was James Kelly and he was born about 1849. Yes they were Irish and extremely poor. His wife was Ellen and he had five children Thomas, John, Catherine, Patrick and James. I'm assuming any of those could hate registered the death. Although Ellen did live until 1912. Oh I do hope they didn't bury him themselves. That would be quite sad.
  6. Sweet Jesus Pete, are you trying to give me bloody nightmares. haha! Do you know if it was a Catholic Church or a Protestant church, Pete. If it was Catholic you may have just found my GGG Grandad I just posted about in the Local History Forum
  7. Some of my descendants lived in the Greenbank area and they all seemed to get married/christened etc at Sacred Heart Church. Does anybody know if they would have had burials there between 1891-1901? My Great Great Grandfather just seems to fall of the Earth with no burial records up at the main cemetery in Windle. He was a Catholic, so I'm assuming he will be buried, and there is also no records of a cremation neither. If they didn't have burials at Sacred Heart where would they have gone? I heard a rumour that some people were buried under the alter there. Can anyone shed any light on this please?
  8. Ahhh Plonker, your namesake does you no justice my friend :-) You're a star! Mwahhhh!
  9. Hi everybody, I am just going through some census details for my niece and there is an address that I am not sure where it will be. It is: 11,2 Court Bridge Street. Does anybody have any information on a court that would have come off Bridge Street. It is definitely the main Bridge Street in town as the red Lion Pub is a few pages along. Thanks Claire
  10. Thank You Phyll, I hadn't managed to find Samuels wife's surname. Got it, Rachel Pollitt married Abraham Boardman in 1862. Rachel Crank is completely unconnected. Oh Dear, All those people with the wrong tree on Ancestry that were as confused as I was and have wrong information I'm glad I didn't just blindly copy and paste from them without investigating first. jvy20 - I was so bogged down with it, I couldn't see the wood for the trees. The Greengrocer on Chancery Lane is little James' Uncle.
  11. I have sometimes put provisional information in before going to a records office to double check or ordered a certificate (sometimes I have been wrong, which is why it is provisional), and people have nipped in and copied it. They haven't adjusted it when I have received the correct information, I suppose that isn't my problem, but I still feel like I should message them. I should put a disclaimer on my tree
  12. It does seem strange that people make things up as they go along. I think the Crank/Boardman may have been a coincidence. This family is driving me up the wall. there are so many twists and turns, and ancestry are not helping by copying wrong information from census details.
  13. I'm having a bit of bother! In my research of my Rachel I have come up with two different Rachel's, one is Rachel Crank born in Leigh and the other is Rachel Pollit born in Swinton. On the Parish marriage records to Edward Garbage (my 4th G-Grandfather) at St Mary's in 1868 (records found in St Helens history and archive library), it states that Father of the Bride is - Samuel Pollit. Yet she has a son with her when she is married.. James Robert Boardman, who appears on all of the census details with her and her new husband, Edward, listed as stepson to Edward, but born in Parr. A Rachel Crank (born at the same time 1841 ish) has a husband by the name of John Boardman, married in 1864. On the 1871 census there is no sign of a Rachel Boardman with a husband, and of that birth-date anywhere! In the coming three census details of her when she is married to Edward, now living in Parr, she says she comes from Swinton, Worsley and Manchester. Rachel Crank and Rachel Pollit are two separate people on the census' of her childhood. What is going on..? Could it be a coincidence that there is a Rachel Crank marrying a Boardman man and there is no connection? All of the public trees on Ancestry are saying that Edward Garbage's wife was Rachel Crank, yet they have no evidence to back it up! Thank You x
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