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  1. Thanks for your agreement I dislike PC people there are a few on here cheers Barry

  2. Cheshire Police would like to interview the occupants of two Ford Transit crewcab pickups that were seen parked nearby around the time the gates went missing.
  3. Who used to work in this sort of weather in places like Pilks , Rockware ,and UGB? .The "tanks" and the carton loft were always the worst places to be and there was little relief at home especially on the nightshift. School holidays and warm weather would ensure a lack of sleep and at times the temperature in the bedroom may suggest that the house was possibly on fire .We did have jobs though!.That wonderful town that I grew up in.!
  4. There was a family called Bennett that lived in Nutgrove Avenue at least from the 1940s till at least the 60s .Not sure about the fathers name but he worked at the Rainhill Hospital
  5. Can anyone please tell me how the buildings known as Catapult Too on the corner of Parade St/Charles St got their name?
  6. The hum of the generators ,50,s pop music blaring .It was great !.Can,t remember too well the prices ,the Waltzer 6d. The dodgems 1 shilling but two could ride ,hoopla would have a bottle of wine ,teddy bear ,or something ,but your hoop had to go over the big wooden block your prize was standing on,otherwise you have lost .Toffee apples 6d,not sure if they did candy floss or not . Hotdogs ,I can smell the onions now .Air rifles ,I always used to think the person taking the money and loading the rifles was very brave ,no ELF & SAFETY in them days ,mind it was better than sniper school for an eight year old lad .There were Bingo stalls 6d a go ,something for a line and then a Prize for a full house ,and my Mam won me a space rifle it was as big as me but can,t remember if it took rolls of caps or made a noise when you pulled the trigger.Best of all for me was "3 darts for a tanner"simply enough meant what it said but there was a small brass ring in the centre of every playing card .Not enough to hit the card but it had to be the brass ring in the centre of the playing card .Prizes were usually teddy bears ,cheap wine ,novelties ,and the only thing I ever objected to was the fate of the goldfish given as prizes in plastic bags ,I always thought about the poor things swimming around in things like jam jars.
  7. I remember seeing these faces and always thought that anywhere else in Britain they would have got somebody "clever" in to have a look at them .We can all see they look out of place with the rest of the stonework which may be furnace slag or something .Those Victorians with money loved building follies,but these faces seem to be much older .It would be great to find out where and what from they were pinched, or recycled from.
  8. Yes I remember Tommy Ball,s shop .He was a tall pretty slim man,quietly spoken ,and usually smoking a pipe ,balding and with a trimmed moustache.His shop was a beacon of delight to us youngsters in the 50,s .If you lived in Toll Bar ,Thatto Heath ,or Nutgrove this was the place to look at bikes ,prams,toys,mopeds,air rifles and pistols ,and possibly more stuff that escaped our attention.It was always a fine distraction to spend half an hour gazing at the goods in the windows whether the shop was open or not,no such thing as metal shutters in those days .Onward from late November you would see kids rolling out with bikes as "early Christmas presents".Not sure about this but I was told he lived in St Georges Rd.West Park. Yes he made a lot of us kids happy did Tommy Ball.
  9. I remember as a teenager in 1969 going into Rothery Radio in Baldwin St .I,d saved up 99 "guineas " for a Murphy Stereo Cube ,which was just a radiogram really,and they charged me half a dollar extra for the plug. 2s/6d not much I suppose but it was 10 Embassy and a box of pilot in those days.
  10. Anyone remember Samuel Mercer,s pies?,a stones throw from Jackson St .They were opposite the Queens Arms in Fingerpost ,on the next block and same side as Dingsdales bike shop.
  11. I remember quite a few times in the 50,s and 60,s travelling along Elephant Lane when suddenly a man would dart across from Radley St into Dorothy St pushing a bike with a bag of coal slung under the crossbar .The source of coal being the clayhole belonging to Roughdales Brickworks, this would happen anytime after dusk.About this time I was living in Nutgrove,my Granny used to by her coal from Cheetham,s (an unfortunate name for any businessman I know). He used an ex Army Bedford lorry painted maroon,and later on when we moved to Newtown he put all our furniture on the coal wagon and flitted us down to Exeter St .I think coal was about 10 shillings a bag in those days so these freelance coal miners must have got about half that. How many pints for a bag of coal in the Elephant later on ?.They would be well deserved!.
  12. The two woodwork teachers were Mr Clayton and Mr Grayley in my time ,(58 to 62) who took half our class each .Every boy had one side of a bench and at the end of every lesson tool cupboards were inspected for missing tools.Mr Grayley had a damaged leg and wore a calliper which squeaked at every step,so if you were messing about there was no way he could sneak up on you.We always wondered why he never put any oil on it (heartless I know) there was no WD40 in those days.Things I made were a bookcase which only recently got dumped ,and a toolbox.The games teachers travelled from the school in their cars but always left us to carry the cricket bags up to Bishop rd and back .No way were they going to soil the boot of their cars.
  13. At least up to the sixties Pilks. had a large railway siding there part of which was used for the delivery of white sand .I am sure I read over time children were buried whilst playing in the sand as it collapsed on top of them .There was at least one fatality.Maybe there is a connection.
  14. My apologies if this in the wrong place on this forum but this tale was told to me 40 and more years ago. A monumental fiddle was going on in a coalyard"somewhere in St Helens" .Probably in the late 50,s a certain coal lorry was fitted out with a 40 gallon oil drum underneath the chassis and before entrance to the coalyard was filled with water.Having arrived and weighed in at the coalyard the water was duly discharged out of sight leaving the lorry with an added capacity for an extra 3 1 cwt bags of coal . Hardly worthy of comparison to the Brinksmat Heist I admit but surely a feat of working class ingenuity ?.
  15. Yes I remember the Bentley as well.He sold a product known as Porzelack car polish and used to say "that,s what I use on my car".Champion spark plugs were 5/- each or 25p each. Duckhams,and Castrol GTX was about 25/- for a gallon can.And you could park outside the shop as well!.
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