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  1. belgium

    Parr Central 60's

    Thank you all. Your comments certainly cleared that up for me.I checked your links you listed Phyll, and was very interesting. I see you live in USA. I use to live on the east coast, Jersey side of NYC. You any where near there?
  2. belgium

    Parr Central 60's

    Oh boy, so sorry, I got the decade wrong. In the late 50's not early 60's, Maybe then there was a section opened called "Grammar School" for the bright students at Parr Central. Thank you again
  3. belgium

    Parr Central 60's

    Thank you. I was told it was a new section at Parr Central (grammar) that was formed in the early 60's for the bright children .What age did they leave school if they didn't do "O" level?
  4. belgium

    Parr Central 60's

    Was Parr Central a comprehensive grammar school or was a section of the school a grammar in the early 60's. What age or grade did it go up to?
  5. belgium

    Rigby Family Tree in St Helens

    Thank you for replying. I have just found out his name Rigby is actually his middle name not a surname. Info is a bit confusing on this side.
  6. belgium

    Rigby Family Tree in St Helens

    Anyone know of a Henry Rigby Johnson lived in Parr and then Sutton. Died approx 1974?

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