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  1. Like most on this site I never met or knew him personally,nevertheless very sorry to hear of his passing.
  2. 17 year old Rainhill lad one of those arrested.
  3. This has been outside the gates of Loyola Hall as long as I can remember. I always thought it belonged to the Jesuits when they occupied the Hall,but they have vacated now of course and didn't take it with them. This may be because as I understand it,the statue was put there by American servicemen fro Burtonwood Air Base after one of their colleagues was badly injured(may have died) in a road accident outside the gates. So the question remains..who owns it ? Technically I suppose if the American story is true it belongs to the US.Anyone throw any light on the subject ?
  4. Does anyone know the origin of the name ?
  5. Very moving ceremony,Ivana cant thank enough those who helped in her search.
  6. artyfarty

    Matty Smith

    Cunningham is furious about the tackle and saints have made a direct complaint to the League,it is expected the guy that mad e the tackle will be suspended for quite some time.
  7. Thank you JVY20 this looks promising,will keep you informed.
  8. Rainhill Civic Society have been asked by a lady in Dumfies by the name of Edith Leven if we can help in confirming whether her Grandmother Edith Twigg worked at Rainhill Asylum from the end of the 19th Century until 1901,I seem to recall that staff records are not available. Can anyone help please ?
  9. In early May this year Rainhill Civic Society were contacted by a lady from Belgrade called Ivana Mihailovic asking if we could help to find out what had happened to her grandfathers body after he died in Rainhill Hospital. She explained that the reference to Rainhill Hospital was all she had. Her grandfathers name was Alexander Nincic and he served in the Royal Yugoslavian Navy in WW2.Armed with only this information I contacted a "WW1" historian acquaintance and he kindly did some research. He was back to me within 12 hours with chapter and verse on Alexander. His reply was very comprehensive and lengthy so I will précis it. It appears the Alexander joined up in 1941 and served on a torpedo boat,however when Germany invaded Yugoslavia he and his comrades made their escape to England where he continued to serve in the RYN under the command of the British Royal Navy. In 1943 he suffered severe injury to his chest and was taken to a Military Hospital in Malta and subsequently to a Hospital in Southport and then Rainhill Hospital where there was an annexe where ill and injured Naval personnel were treated. Sadly he developed tuberculosis and died after which he was buried in St.Helens Cemetary with a headstone similar to but not quite the same as a Commonwealth War Graves Commission headstone. Thanks to Marlene Downey from Friends of St.Helens Cemetary Alwxanders and staff at the Crem Office,Alexanders headstone was found in a plot at the top of the hill near Lord Harrys Bridge. Marlene kindly took some photos and I e mailed them to Ivana along with details about her Grandfather. As you can imagine she was overwhelmed and couldn't thank us enough. OnSaturday I visited the grave along with my wife and laid some Xmas flowers with a card on which I wrote on Ivans behalf " Grandad, missing you at Christmas, Ivana" I also cleaned up the headstone.There were other flowers and a poppy cross on the grave which I assume were put there by Marlene Downey. I took some photos and e mailed them to Ivana. She has applied for a visa and will be visiting St.Helens in February 2017 to visit Alexanders grave,we look forward to meeting her.
  10. My Mum used to work there as a clerk in the 1950's said it was the best job she ever had.
  11. Hope this hasn't been posted already but I have just seen on a local FB web site that it has been given Grade Two listed status,info came via Chris Tigwell of Rainhill Railway & Heritage Society
  12. Underdog, pm me I may be able to help Underdog, pm me I may be able to help on second thoughts I'll pm you
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