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  1. Looks like an even better pub now than I remember but I would find it quite difficult to visit without driving from my home in Altrincham . I used to have a pint and a half occasionally when in the car but I now don`t drink and drive at all. Does anyone know if there are regular buses to the pub from St . Helens town centre ? Also the trains back to Manchester become infrequent as the evening progresses and the time we visited The Cricketers we just missed the bus to the station at St Helens Junction and had to sit on a cold platform for 55 minutes . At seventy years of age the journey would involve a bus from Timperley to Altrincham ; a tram to Piccadilly ; a train to St Helens and the possibility of a bus and a walk to the pub . Our " Friday Six" are willing and have undergone much greater vicissitudes in search of memorable evenings however and I hope to persuade the others to undertake an expedition into the wilds of Billinge in the near future .
  2. I once fell in jumping for a rope swing under a bridge and emerged to torrents of laughter and somehow avoided Weill`s disease which may well be spelled incorrectly but is otherwise known as the "Rat -catchers Yellows " which I presume was prevalent in its pestilential waters .
  3. Lovely pub . Many happy memories of Friday nights of song in the late sixties and when I returned in 1998 for a reunion the landlord and landlady were , astonishingly still there !
  4. A group of up to 6 of us from Altrincham go out most Fridays and travel by bus , train and tram to pubs all over greater Manchester and beyond . I was brought up in St Helens and was pleased to lead our trip to The Cricketers about this time last year and all the group agreed that it was among the finest drinking establishments we visited all year ! The only drawback was that we struggled to find somewhere decent to eat afterwards .
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