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  1. I can confirm that our WIlliam JOhnson born to Muskett is indeed the one we are looking for, and can also confirm he did indeed marry Ann Holland, so she is the mysterious Anne in the grave that we were looking for. Thank you for the information on her and their daughter Margaret! Thank you so much!!
  2. Thanks for all your help. Am beginning to think there must have been more than one WIlliam Johnson born 1887 as I do not have the exact DOB I cannot confirm anything. Possibly its the wrong WIlliam's grave that I have found, and that he is not the William in my family! But will certainly remember the 2nd marriage tip thank you!
  3. Hi hoping anyone can help me with a mystery that I have. I have William Johnson born 1887-1958 in a grave at St Helens cemetery, grave ref 47/295. Also in the grave is a Annie Johnson, died 1963 aged 72 making her birth 1891 and I can't figure out who she is! Williams parents were Peter JOhnson 1851-1902, and Ann Musket 1851-?. Can't be her as the birth date is wrong. William has a sister Ann born 1879 so it can't be her either. Other siblings include Henry Johnson born 1877 and Jane Johsnon born 1875. Details unknown. Can anyone help me find out who the Ann in the grave is please? William married Nellie Tonks in 1912 (his address was 168 Park Road St Helens) but she died in 1919, did William remarry? Or is there another Ann somewhere in the family born 1891? I can't seem to find anything! Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you are descended in any way from this family or can give me advice on how to solve the mystery, I would love to hear from you! Thank you!
  4. Will do but will be a few weeks before i can get round to it, but am eager to find out! Thanks for your help! x
  5. Wow again, had seen the one of Charles with his chickens, but not the portrait picture. I am the double of Mary Jane, she is my great grandmother! What a fantastic piccture! Thank you! added 3 minutes later Am guessing you are a member of ancestry - is there any clue as to Nellies cause of death? or photos of Nellie herself?
  6. HI Yes I have that picture, and I have been to the grave recently and taken new photos, sadly it is very overgrown now and difficult to find. There have been additions to the headstone now too. Don't know how to add pics on here.
  7. Wow thank you! Havent seen this before, and this is precious as it contains their signatures!! Thank you so much!
  8. Brilliant, thank you so much!!! Not sure to approach Prescot or St Helens offices though as I am sure she is listed as dying in Prescot yet lived in St Helens?
  9. Thanks Ratty, i thought as much but was just hoping. Did they have death certs in those days? Thanks for taking the time to reply!
  10. Am hoping someone can help me please, trying to track down some details of Nellie Tonks, born 1891 to Charles Henry Tonks and Mary Jane (nee Atherton) in Prescot. Married William Johnson in October 1912 and died 7th February 1919 aged just 27, 6 weeks after giving birth. If anyone has access to Ancestry's death documents, is it possible to find out what caused her death please, and any other details that may be on the death cert. This would mean alot to a family member who is a direct descendant and has no idea how she died. Would also love any photos of Nellie you may be able to find. Thank you in advance, would really appreciate any detail no matter how small.
  11. Red 45


    no i didn't, thanks will do it now
  12. Red 45


    Hello am back after a long time away from this page. Still looking to find any Tonks in the St Helens area. Frederick Tonks married Harriet Perry, 12 children, one if which was Charles Henry who married Mary Jane Atherton. If you are connected in any way please contact me, thank you.
  13. Yes Phizz i have that he is born 1837, but then his wife Edith was born 1899 and they married in 1917 so his birth date really doesn't fit, I hadn't noticed before! I wonder if there was a father and son both called Aaron and the son married Edith, with the father being born in 1837? Have you found anything that would clarify this? I have details of gravestone for Leslie Cedric Pythian son of Aaron and Edith Pythian, who died 2nd Dec 1930 something aged 12 years. Thanks x Just done a bit more research, name is spelt PHYTHIAN, Aaron born 1897 married Edith, and his father is indeed called Aaron also so he must be the one born 1837!
  14. Does anyone have any links to the Tonks family? Father Charles Henry 1867-1931 married Mary Jane Atherton, children Walter married Elizabeth Green, Fred, Jessie and Lilian (twins), Edith who married Aaron Pythian, William Alfred married Mary Whittle, Nellie and Herbert. Would love any information, particularly photographs. Thank you .
  15. I have an Aaron Pythian in my tree, married Edith Tonks, had a son Leslie who died aged 12 of menningitis. I dont have any details as yet on Aaron but I may have a photo of him and I do have a photo of Leslie and his grave! Inbox me for details or if you are related. Edith Tonks was my great -aunt.
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