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  1. dymoke

    Menswear Shops

    I bought my first wrangler jeans from jack barnes, they cost 8 quid, my wages then was a fiver as an apprentice ha! I saved up for weeks.
  2. dymoke

    Old Buildings at Pilkinton's Sheet Works

    my dad worked for pilkingtons as a driver, he drove a aec eight wheel tipper carrying sand to the sandwash from rainford sand fields, his name was frank diamond.
  3. dymoke

    Blaylocks and Bears Paw

    many thanks phyll, many thanks phyll, many thanks sam, at the funeral there was loads of cousins some id not seen in a million years, regards to you and ur missus.
  4. dymoke

    The old fashioned fish and chip shops

    got to be mellors I recon,mum used to make me wait ages to get served.
  5. dymoke

    Blaylocks and Bears Paw

    well guys,last week I went to the funeral of the last lady to work upstairs in blaylocks, her name was vera and she worked with her sister joan, she was the last of my dads brothers and sisters and there was 14 of them, the true end of an era.
  6. dymoke

    Where were you born?

    born at home peckershill road,sutton.
  7. dymoke

    The old fashioned fish and chip shops

    fyles at derbyhill, and you could buy beechnut chewy from a machine outside, ha!!

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