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  1. Is there on-line the 1831 census (or something to substitute) for St. Helen's area -- or any earlier years?
  2. vruffin

    Irish research

    The daughter or Robert, Mary, married Frederick Bullough, and their daughter, Agnes, married Thorpe. I had always hoped I might learn more from that family. I am in touch with a descendant, but they knew less than I did. Mary's younger brother, Matthew, did live with her toward the end of his life. He was much younger than Mary. Thanks for all the work you're doing.
  3. vruffin

    Irish research

    Yes, that is Robert's first marriage. Wonder what 'furnace man' at Copper Works meant. Sounds like a very difficult job. It does seem like my Crilley line was more involved with the Copper Works in St. Helens rather than coal mining, which is what the sons did when they migrated to USA. Also wish I could find out information about the McCann family. thought William McCann was probably Mary's brother, and Elizabeth Wm's wife (but might also be her sister)/ Definitely all of them Roman Catholic. Noted John McCann (deceased) had been a Furnace man at Chemical Works --- which must be different than the Copper Works. Thanks again for working with me on this family line.
  4. vruffin

    Irish research

    Thank you so much. This is the marriage of Robert and his 2nd wife, Elizabeth Maher. This also gave me the info that her father, Michael, was already deceased at the time of this marriage. I appreciate your taking the time to work with me on this family. I have everything that I have been able to locate for the family lines on Ancestry. https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/4773458/person/-303854821/facts
  5. vruffin

    Irish research

    Yes! Catherine died, and his 2nd wife was Mary McCarthy (but I don't have that marriage). Thanks for writing.
  6. vruffin

    Irish research

    Thanks so much. I think you probably did share this earlier, but I couldn't locate it, so am grateful for it, and have now saved it to my computer. These are 'later' than mind....but I still like to try to locate some of those who did remain in St. Helens in hopes of finding more about them. I haven't locate any siblings of Matthew, but I feel certain he did have them, and that some of them probably did also come across to St. Helens. Thanks again for all you've done!
  7. vruffin

    Irish research

    Just realized that the middle names were "Irish" - Saints. William FRANCES Crilley, brother, James PATRICK. I found an entry for Death on "the genealogist.uk" Catherine Creely 1838 which "might" fit . BUT I have their marriage, Jan 7, 1838 at Lowe House Chapel which I sent for after you helped me locate it . Might mean she died at the birth of son, Robert .... although he is age 1 in 1841 June 6 Census which would make his birth 1840. (Have a note that in that census they 'rounded' down year to multiple of 5) [Don't know if Robert had a middle name.] I couldn't find this same Catherine DEATH on a Lancashire site though. NEED Robert's birth and baptism if you run across it!! (You can tell his age is given differently!) 1851 census Robert age 11, [1840] 1861 Robert 23 [1838] 1871 Robert 29 [1842] 1880 marriage Robert age 35 [1845] 1881 Census Robert age 38 [1843] 1891 Census Robert age 49 [1842] 1901 Robert comes to US age 53 [1848] Not sure why he went back home. Son, Matthew, remained. Daughter, Mary Swinney, also in USA by then. **Is there a place to see when he may have re-entered UK?** 1906 Robert comes back to US age 60 [1846] 1910 Robert US Census age 60 coal miner [1850] 1912 Robert dies, buried age 75 Death Certificate [1837] As always thanks for anything you can locate.
  8. vruffin

    Irish research

    These are both great sites that I had not heard of. There are so many Crilly families who came here to USA, and quite a number even in St. Helens, but I have yet to see any of them connect!! I understand in Ireland the name was very common. Anything you come across, do share. You found numerous baptisms (mainly for the eldest son Robert's children), also Robert's 2 marriages (which I then sent for)....and particularly Matthew's first marriage which gave us his father's name of Robert. Never located Matthews 2nd marriage to Mary McCarthy (thought it might even have occurred back in Ireland). She was the mother of my own Ancestor William F. I still wonder why they all seemed to have "English" given names more than what I would consider Irish names. I was thrilled when you located William F' baptism. St. Mary's Loew House. You have helped me so much!! Do you think it was common that the Irish in St. Helens did go back for visits to Ireland, or would it have been a rare thing to return (and maybe too costly) I'm sure they did have many friends from 'home' living in their neighborhoods...and I just wish I could make more connections that way. Studying the Census and all the records I have, I've not really picked up a pattern though.
  9. vruffin

    Irish research

    Thanks so much Ratty! You are the person I owe so much too for all your work on my Crilly family in other years. Your going through microfilm, made discoveries, I would never have known about!! Thought I'd give Ireland another try --- although from the pages I've looked at, the records don't often go back consistently to the vague years I would be needing. (And not knowing the county is a real handicap although the name Crilly is prominent in some of the Northern Counties, like Armagh, Antrim and Derry. I appreciate these links.
  10. vruffin

    Irish research

    My Crilly family came from Ireland to St. Helen's probably around 1830. This forum has helped me so much with locating family information in St. Helens, and locating Irish families living here. Can anybody recommend some Genealogy forums or sites (free or charge) to help with researching the family back to Ireland. By St. Helen Census, I believe Matthew Crilly was born around 1811, but don't have any clue as to where. On the marriage in 1838, he gave his father's name as Robert, a cotton weaver. The family was Roman Catholic so I keep hoping I might locate a Parish record for Matthew's birth. Thank you.
  11. hi.its under genealogy-check irish born living in sthelens census years(its years on the census in this census part)

  12. vruffin

    How are you geting on with your Family Tree?

    We're guessing Catherine Mullins Crilley (wife of Matthew) probably died some time before June 6 1841 (date on Census) I never found a death for Mathew. I estimate 1881, because he's not with his son, Robert. Robert had 2 marriages, St. Anne's Oct 27, 1867 Prescot; Holy Cross Apr 17, 1880 and he's listed on both those records and it doesn't indicate 'deceased'. added 2 minutes later Irish section in St. Helen's. Don't think I know how to get there, but will try to find it. Thanks for taking the time to respond to me.
  13. vruffin

    How are you geting on with your Family Tree?

    This St. Helen's Forum has helped me so much over the years with locating records (especially at Lowe House) that I couldn't find over here in USA. Still hoping to locate some Irish records one of these day --- don't know specifically where they were from, but was told it was Northern Ireland. Matthew Crilley born around 1811. Surprisingly to us, Crilley was a very common name in those areas of Ireland back in that time frame. The marriage (Jan 1, 1837) to his 1st wife, Catherine Mullins (d/o Luke Mullins) gave Matthew's father's name as Robert ( Cotton Weaver) . Matthew was residing in Worsley Brow in Sutton and Catherine in Smithey Brow in Parr. Never able to locate the death of Catherine, but by 1841 census, Matthew and 1 yr old Robert are without her. Matthew a laborer in the Copper Works. The 2nd marriage was to Mary McCarthy, never found that certificate either. Their 1st child was Catherine, born in Dec 1844 in Swansea. By 1851, they are in St. Helen's where William F. is born. Thanks again for all the individuals who worked so diligently with me several years ago.
  14. vruffin


    Mary McCann married Robert Crilly. On marriage certificate I found out her parents as well as possible a sister. St. Anne Sutton 8b 928 . witnesses William Needham and Elizabeth Mc cann. Parents:John and Helen Mc Cann; Matthew and Mary Crilly. Both living on Clarence Street. Do any of you have these people in your data bank? Thanks. P.S. Forgot to give dates: Marriage 1867. Birth of Mary estimated at as 1843. Died June Quarter South Shields, Durham.
  15. vruffin

    Historic Pubs used by Irish

    Thank you so much. Very helpful links. As always you've given me a good answer.

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