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  1. Things have changed a little now lol.
  2. thanks everyone I have used the library free addition of ancestry but some people have told me that find my past is a lot better. you see some of mine have criminal records after 1880 and I have been told that find my past has all the pictures of criminals on it and I'd kind of like to see what some of them look like. And thanks Ned is it free for everyone to join? Ill try and pop down on the train when I have time. and you see most of mine are baptised, buried and married in st peters in Parr. But a few in st Michaels in burtonwood but the lan opc website doesn't seem to update these churches very often. Plus I don't know the st Helens area very well so that's why I have to keep posting questions regarding certain subjects because certain places have nicknames etc that only really locals would know.
  3. Hi all I have been thinking of purchasing a subscription to either find my past or ancestry but I can't decide which one is the best to purchase. anyone know any good ones? and which one is the best for pictures etc ?
  4. Hi everyone Does anyone have the court transcripts from the 1902 Murder trial of a James Shaw? who stood accused of the shooting of a Michael Noonan the shooting took place on Tuesday the 5th of August 1902 on the corner of Nook lane and the trial of James Shaw took place on December the 3rd 1902 at the Liverpool Assizes in St. George’s Hall in Liverpool. And James Shaw was acquitted I believe my ancestors were somehow involved in this case but I am not certain just exactly how they were involved. I have read the story on Sutton beauty's website but I am interested in finding out more about this case if anyone knows anymore or could tell me anymore it would be greatly appreciated thanks.
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