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  1. underdog

    The Prescotian - 1965

    I should have mentioned I was there from 72-78 (I did a year of 6th form before being, ahem!, "advised to leave") - Lambda in case anyone's interested. I was supposed to be in Kappa but there must have been a last minute intake which required a re-shuffle. Form tutors were Mike Gibby (Biology) at first, I think he'd just started there, & Marsden (Geography) - can't remember his first name - with Sparky Watts for the 6th form.
  2. underdog

    2 council pamphlets

    The last scans from me - I didn't bother scanning "A Prospect of Prescot" or "Whiston - A Young Person's Guide" as I'm not sure about copyright issues. I also didn't bother scanning the council reports for 1988/89 & 1991/92, they're basically the same except for the names of the councillors. If anyone's interested, all the originals will be for sale in the Prescot Oxfam shop from tomorrow morning - don't know the price yet but shouldn't be much. A couple of pamphlets - from 1986 & 1996 respectively I love the bit about Knowsley Bloody Council's (their official name as far as I'm concerned) plans to extend the museum, improve the library & upgrade & extend sports & leisure facilities. HAH!
  3. underdog

    The Prescotian - 1965

    I've never had any trouble with them. I used them because they're fast. Mind you, I have a couple of ad-blocking & script-blocking add ons running & always use a good download manager (JDownloader2).
  4. underdog

    The Prescotian - 1965

    The 1965 edition of "The Prescotian", the Grammar School magazine A few points of interest, well before my time (I didn't start there till 1972) there but my brother was there at the time (5th form I think). Some familiar names turn up, Stoddart, Baxter, Eddie Kirk, Willy Gornall, Des Roberts are all mentioned & Roy Taylor had just started there. Among the commendations for 5th form theses is one for "Prescot Parish Church - Past & Present" by a young scallywag called G. Nulty, Now where have I heard that name before? Anyway, here's the link. (cbr file, either get a comic book reader app or rename the extension to .rar & extract the images) https://www36.zippyshare.com/v/irtmT9OH/file.html This link will be deleted after 30 days of inactivity.
  5. underdog

    Official Town Guide c. 1962

    I was volunteering in the Oxfam shop this morning when the manager showed me some old(ish) pamphlets about Prescot. I borrowed them to scan & here's the first. The council's official guide for sometime in the early 60's (I'm guessing the date from data included in the booklet.) They'll be going on sale in the shop when I've finished with them so, if anyone's interested, I'll post details then. Here's the link (it's a cbr file, you'll either need to find a comic book reader or rename the extension from .cbr to .rar to extract the images) https://www63.zippyshare.com/v/NCwW6Fnb/file.html (N.B. the file will be deleted 30 days after the most recent download so don't hang around) Larger versions of some of the pages with images Street plan The rest of the booklets are much more recent apart from a copy of "The Prescotian" (the Grammar School Magazine) for 1965 so that's the next project.
  6. underdog

    "Young Jingler"?

    Here's the approximate site today
  7. underdog

    "Young Jingler"?

    I finally got round to getting an overlaid image/map of the location The original post seems to be broken so here's a reminder & here's the location overlay from the 1906 survey and the current googleearth image courtesy of nls.uk. The star marks where I think the photo was taken from
  8. underdog

    "Young Jingler"?

    Maps as promised: A larger area view & a close-up from 1892.
  9. underdog

    "Young Jingler"?

    Well, nowhere now. It looks to have been down near the bottom end of Carr Lane about halfway between the pond & where the roundabout is now. As far as I can tell it wasn't a perfect octagon, the photo seems to be end-on. Think of a standard rectangular-shaped house with trapezoid extensions at either end. I'll post some maps when I can remember how to do it here. I'm pretty sure it's William & Ellen & possibly Maria. Re: your photographer theory, Old Jingler was apparently William according to my cousins memories of how their mother remembered him. The younger William was my G-Grandfather. It gets a bit confusing as William jr. was born just before his parents married so was baptised under his mother's maiden name of Stott. While he was a minor, he was recorded on censuses (thanks for the plural Gervassutti) as Leadbetter but went back to Stott when he got older.
  10. underdog

    "Young Jingler"?

    Could very well be, I was just guessing based on the clothing. Is there any info on when the building was demolished? The census shows it was there in 1911 & according to a cursory search of the maps at nls.uk the area is part of the BI by the mid-30s. Also, what was the building originally? It looks like a glorified gazebo judging by all the blocked-up windows.
  11. underdog

    "Young Jingler"?

    Just heard from jacquelinejean (my cousins BTW - I told them about this forum ages ago, it took them long enough to get here) & this is actually who their mother (my Aunt Hilda) referred to as Old Jingler - still no idea why although he's got his hands in his pockets which may be a clue Definitely not his father Richard, he lived in the middle of Prescot - Houghton St. , Eccleston St. & Kemble St. according to the censuses (censii? - whatever) which makes more sense for a watchmaker, the Carrs would be a bit far away from the centre of operations.
  12. underdog

    "Young Jingler"?

    Judging by the clothes, this looks to be c.1910ish so it's possibly my G-G-Grandfather William Leadbetter with his 2nd wife Ellen &, presumably his/her daughter about whom I have no information at all. Only William & Ellen are listed as living there in the 1911 census. Thanks for this, if I'm right this is now the only photo I have of him.
  13. underdog

    "Old Jingler" Carrs cottage.

    Richard died in 1895. William was his son.
  14. underdog

    South Lancs Regiment pic

    No idea, IIRC the name Ashcroft hasn't turned up in my family tree research. Here's the info as given to me by Dave Risley: Jones Frederick 21376, Pve, 11.S.Lancs, Ham 24.3.18 nicht verw. Giessen, 14.5.89 Birkenhead, Mr Jones 322 Elephant Lake St Helens. [international Committee of the Red Cross, P.A. 26590] Jones Frederick 21376, Gem, South Lancs 11.Batn C, Ham 24.3.18 Keine Wunde Lager III Munster, 14.5.89 Birkenhead, Mr Jones 322 Elephant Lane St Helens. [international Committee of the Red Cross, P.A. 27066] Jones Frederick 21376, Pve, 11 South Lancash. Rgt C, Ham 24.3.18 Behain Unverwundet, 14.3.89 Birkenhead, Mrs F.Jones 322 Elephant Lane Thitto Health St Helens Lancashire. [international Committee of the Red Cross, P.A. 30157] As you can see, the first two list Mr. Jones (presumably his father Edward) as next of kin but the third lists Mrs. Jones (not Mrs. F. Jones as stated above) I don't know much about Fred so it's either his Mother or his wife if he had one at that time. Or maybe just a typo on the original. If you look at original POW documents, they're not very clear after all this time which makes them difficult to read. There's always a chance of mistakes in transcription creeping in - like Thitto Heath (it's actually that on the original). The address seems to be right though in this case Who else is listed on the AVL for that address & when? The family moved around a lot so Joseph Ashcroft may be totally unconnected. They were certainly in Elephant Lane in the 1911 census &, judging by these records, up to at least 1918.
  15. underdog

    South Lancs Regiment pic

    Update (if anyone's still interested) It's my Great-Uncle Fred Jones who was in the S. Lancs photo, just got confirmation. He was a Private in the 11th Bttn, enlisted in 1915 & was a POW following the German offensive (Operation Michael) from March 1918. The Red Cross POW records give his home address at the time as 322 Elephant Lane which (if memory serves) is the same as on the 1911 census. Apparently the photo is similar to others taken during a route march in the Grantham area so presumably it can be dated to early in the war c. 1915.

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