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  1. Hi BM,

    Yes, I remember all those teachers. Unfortunately it wasn't a very happy time for me.

  2. Hi All - I'm a bit late to this party but here's my two pennorth. I didn't live near the baths but always envied all the kids who did - how great would that have been to have "the baths" on your doorstep. Some of my earliest memories are of the old style baths and a gang of us going there from Bassenthwaite Avvey. Only trouble was I was too small to go in the water (me mam must have decided this) my older sister and older brother were both allowed in and I can remember wishing so hard to be bigger. I had to sit on the side with our mate from next door who had had polio and had a caliper on his leg so he couldn't go in either. We used to chuck a penny in or a piece of French chalk (probably just found in somebody's pocket!) and the rest of our gang would dive for them. The thing is though - I have a vague memory of going to that back door of that house for a steak pie afterwards. I could never remember exactly where it was but I knew we went there. In later years when I could go t'baths under my own steam we would go into the shop across the road (not Wainwright's - the other one) and get a tuppenny bun and a bag of potato puffs, bite the end off the bun, pull out and eat all the dry bread from the middle then stuff it with potato puffs and eat it. Voila - cordon bleu if ever there was! The dilemma was always whether or not to spend your busfare on more. Boy, if only we had time travel. Remember the little bossy woman with the white willies? god forbid you should try to overstay your time. She knew what time every kid entered that pool - you had no chance. Great times!
  3. I'm gutted to see this. It's just always been there for me. Jumble sales with my mam in the 60s, Rod's youth club & Sat night disco AKA Haresinch Social in the 70s with a playlist that covered every teenage group there was. Just pop and crisps and dancing..all lovely memories.
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