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  1. I'ts quite alright Phyll, there was no love lost between us.
  2. That was my ex husband and it turned out that he wasn't murdered, a burglar had broken into the house and found him dead in bed, he had fallen downstairs and cut his head while intoxicated and then he went to bed and bled to death
  3. This a painting and not a photograph I found online, but it is very much how I remember it looking while I was growing up, but didn't appreciate how beautiful it was at the time. Lets hope all the restoration work gets it back to it's former glory.
  4. I have found the same people as you on 1841 census Phyll, but on Ancestry and also on FMP and they are listed as McGarity on both.
  5. I have just received an email from Ancestry saying that I can have access to International marriages from April 16th to 21st for free. So if anyone wants anything looked up just ask.
  6. Thanx for the responses, the marriage I found was 1911, so it was legal.
  7. After looking at census records today I found an ancestor of mine marrying her sister's husband. Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't it illegal to marry your sisters' husband.
  8. Let me know if you need more assistance then and I will see what I can find as I subscribe to both Ancestry and Find my past
  9. Hi nsso the marriage between James Finney & Elizabeth ? could her maiden name be Scarisbrick ? It's just that I found a marriage between James Finney & Elizabeth Scarisbrick July 12th 1840, both from Prescot, groom's father John, bride's father Anthony. Marriage took place at St.Wilfrids Farnworth near Prescot. James' occupation was a Tool maker as was both father's On the 1841 census James and Elizabeth are living at what looks like Hackley Moss? Eccleston 1851 they are still at same address.
  10. Hi nsso I don't know if you noticed but the marriage info I gave you about John Wilson and Ann Simkin 1840 did you notice that one of the witnesses was a Margaret Billington. I have found on 1841 census a Mary Billington age 12 and Ann Billington age 10 living with John Wilson born 1786 and Ann born 1781 at Billinge Slack. Have you come across the name Billington before.
  11. Yes I have antonio thankyou, they belong to my tree. My gr.grandfather Thomas Critchlow was brought up by them and I thought that they were his parents, but it turns out that they were his aunt and uncle and the man I thought was his uncle turns out to be his father. I found this out from Thomas's marriage cert. which is registered as Critchley but I am now in receipt of the actual marriage cert. and on that, the name is Critchlow. Is it any wonder we hit brick walls when doing research when the info is wrong
  12. I know Babsm but she didn't have any children so that won't help me. I think I know what it is but I just wanted confirmation, but whats the odds of 2 Joseph Critchlow's marrying a Mary Ann Howard one in 1881 and the other in 1886 and all are diferent people.
  13. Thanx Dave you have just saved me from buying one
  14. Can anyone tell me if it gives a womans maiden name on death certs. in 1881.
  15. Many thanx, I thought I had heard of it before
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