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  1. But they are not still alive
  2. Can anyone tell me at what age would a person have to be to appear on 1939 census. I found my parents and 2 siblings at an address but 3 other siblings are not on it
  3. Hi nsso I don't know if you noticed but the marriage info I gave you about John Wilson and Ann Simkin 1840 did you notice that one of the witnesses was a Margaret Billington. I have found on 1841 census a Mary Billington age 12 and Ann Billington age 10 living with John Wilson born 1786 and Ann born 1781 at Billinge Slack. Have you come across the name Billington before.
  4. Hi goody to connect. If you need any help in your research don't be afraid to ask as I and many others on this site will be only too willing to assist you in your quest.
  5. Hi Lionheart to connect. I don't know where Albert was buried but there is a Nellie Mowe cremated at St.Helens Crem 23/7/1987 age 88 DOB 26/3/1899. What I did find on Albert was his probate record if you would like to see that, send me a PM with your e.mail address and I will forward it on to you.
  6. I found this marriage Marriage: 29 Dec 1861 St Mary the Virgin, Prescot, Lancashire,England James Hill - full age, Collier, Bachelor, Prescot Ann Wilson -(X), full age, Widow, Prescot Groom's Father: James Hill,Farmer Bride's Father: Jonathan Simkin, Labourer Witness: JohnHalsall, (X); Ellen Halsall, (X) Married by Banns by: F. L.Cursham Register: Marriages 1860 - 1868, Page 44, Entry 87 Source: LDS Film 1657597 Also on 1871 census Ann now Hill is living with 2 of her sons William & Thomas at 161 Westfield St. She was on 1861 census with John but he died Q2 1861 and then she married James later that year
  7. What info is it you want exactly do you want subsequent censuses or info before 1841 Did you know that Ann Wilson nee Simkin re-married in 1861 to a James Hill after John Wilson died 1861
  8. I tried to put this on earlier but it wouldn't let me.1871 census David Bromilow is living at Battlesden Hall Woburn Bedfordshire hence why Harriet died there.Also there is his daughter Julia and her husband with 14 servants. David is listed as a Magistrate as his his son-in-law I think you are right about the connection with Sothern as David married Harriet Susan Sothern 1840 registered Rotherham, so she would have only been about 18 and he would have been 30
  9. Hi Phyll, It would appear that Harriet Bromilow in 1861 is living in Brighton, she is head of the household and her status is wife of a coal merchant. She is living with her daughter Julia and also her sister also called Julia, a niece and 2 servants. 1861 David is living at Haresfinch House with servants. David Bromilow is living in Leicestershire at Bitteswell Hall as a farmer of 280 acres employing 18 men 5 boys & 2 women, with daughter Julia now, married named Jary on 1881 census. PS Julia's birthplace was Eccles not Eccleston Just found David's probate record and it would seem he was quite a man of substance as he left £221,505 9s 10d The other names on it, which I think must be executors are Julia Harriet Mary Jary (daughter) and Henry John Bromilow Colliery proprietor I forgot to put that David Bromilow died Oct 10 1898. I wonder what that amount would be worth today
  10. There is a marriage for John W Sandford and Alice Topping 2nd q 1911 reg.Prescot
  11. The odd numbers were on the opposite side to providence hospital. My sister used to live at number 10 which was a few doors away from the spiritualist church
  12. I don't know if you already have this info but here is 1851 census Lambourn. Tything of Eastbury Hungerford Berkshire Charles Spanswick age 50 Farmer of 33 acres employing 2 men Ann age 41 Sarah age 16 Charles age 14 John age 13 Agricultural Lab. Richard age 11 Agricultural Lab. Elizabeth age 9 Thomas age 7 Emily age 3 Martha age 2 Clara Shelton age 25 House servant
  13. Here they are in 1911 Tyne Villa Millbrook Lane Eccleston John Vose age 54 retired sugar boiling confectioner born St.Helens Elizabeth age age 55 born Rainford married 36 yrs. 11 children born, 9 still living James age 20 Apprentice pawn broker born Newcastle Agnes age 18 born Newcastle Teresa age 17 born Newcastle Frederick age 15 born Newcastle They must have named their home after the street they lived in on 1881 census which was Tyne St. He is also retired in 1901 at the age of 44 at Millbrook Lane But on 1911 census his son John is back in Newcastle living at 168 Norfolk Rd. Byker Newcastle John Vose age 34 Sugar boiler Confectionery born St.Helens Ellen Vose age 34 born Newcastle married 14 yrs. 6 children boen alive 4 still living Annie age 11 Thomas age 7 John age 3 Frederick age 10 mths So maybe this son was running the business for his father
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