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    Prescot born and bred, school in St Helens, then Southport although of long established St Helens descent
  1. Hello Rod I remember you from my much younger days, I used to live at the bottom of Beechwood Grove and originally went to St Lukes. Is it so long ago as I remember it so well.
  2. Johnny Vincent going round in his horse drawn ice cream cart. Bottles of 'sterri' milk
  3. Here's what I remember from 'Eddy Camp' 1966-1971:- Pat Booth - Headmaster Stan Russell- Maths Tony? Middlehurst- PE/English Tommy 'Totty' Wallace - Geography Johnny Norris- History/RE Fred Ashcroft- Tech Drawing Billy Fildes - Art Tony Green- Science Mike Foster - Science/Maths/Corporal Punishment 'Diddy' Campsey English? Mr Bates English? Mr Mercer - Woodwork Mr Westhead - Metalwork Norman Kelly - Maths The caretaker was Joe Foy. Can't remember any more but I visited there several years later and hardly knew any of the teachers that were there.
  4. Steve I don't think that that is the club as from what I remember it ran the other way i.e. parallel and closer to Dragon Lane. It was at the bottom and about 30yds from the playground at the side of the school. I lived in Beechwood Grove so frequented the area quite often when I was young and it was there when I went to St Lukes- I started there in 1959 when I was 5.
  5. The original West Park Grammar school used to be off Prescot Road opposite Pilks Skyscraper. Just looked on google earth and it is now occupied by a housing developement and the road is Haywood Gardens which is off West Park Road. Even my old school- Eddy Camp- is a housing estate.
  6. Lummy, my Mum lived in Dickens Road and although we lived in Prescot when I much younger we travelled to Thatto Heath on the train and walked down Thatto Heath Road and went up the entry at the side of the Co-op and many a time had to squeeze between the delivery lorry and the wall on our way to "nan's house. I always used to get my school shoes from Jack Shorts shoe shop on the corner opposite the Co-op and would often go to Howards chippy in Whittle Street and get a "four penny split". Strewth am I getting old now with all the things I remember so well? Doesn't seem that long ago but it must be about 45 years since Howards chippy shut!
  7. Anyone remember in the 1960's when Lenons supermarket opened opposite the Sefton and had that wierd escalator thing that used to take the shopping trolleys up to the first floor. Also the Co-op at the bottom of Leslie Road in Thatto Heath. They used to unload the delivery lorries down the entry at the side and had a hand operated hoist to take thingsup into the storage part on the first floor. you could go in there and get biscuits stright out of a big storage tin and have a lump of butter taken from a big block to whatever weight you wanted then they would pat it and shape it into a block shape before wrapping it up in greaseproof paper. I t.hink that the hoist is still there but obviously not used any more- just been on google earth and the unloading door and hoist are still there but the Coop is now a Pharmacy At the other side of the entry is a hairdressers, mant years ago this, as many older people from the area will know, used to be Tommy Balls toy and cycle shop. It used to be fabulous and at christmas always had alarge menchano model lit up in the window- I think it was a ferris wheel. Miss all that now.
  8. St Luke's used to have bingo on a Thursday and Saturday night in the school hall. Many years ago there used to be a club at the rear of the junior school at the Dragon Lane side of what is now the school field but was burned down round in the very early sixties.
  9. I can definitely agree that the trams from Liverpool to Prescot terminated and turned around at the Kings Arms (now the Fusiller) at the Junction of St Helens Road and High Street. They then ran down to Liverpool in the central resevation in Prescot Road all the way to Old Swan where they then ran on each side of the road right into Liverpool and Castle Street. There was also a large terminus and junction at Page Moss at the Prescot Road/Princess Drive area where the rails were still there into the '70's. I think it was a bit later than 1956 that they stopped running I think it was more like 1958 as I was born in 1954 and I can still remember going into Liverpool on the tram and like all youngsters I used to love going upstairs and right to the front so I could see where we were going.
  10. I was born in Whiston Hospital way back in 1954 and lived until I got married and moved in Beechwood Grove. The house was only sold after my mother (1994) then my father (1999) passed away. It was sad to sell the house after it being in the family for about 50 years but the photo shows what it was before our family owned it and lets us compare what the area is like now.
  11. Skyman, there were two sweet shops that I remember in the markets before the redevelopment. There was the sweet stall in the Bridge Street covered market near to where you queued up to catch the No7,8,9 & 96 buses which was behind the book and paper stall and the other was in the covered market to the rear of the Bridge Street market. There was many a time I bought some sweets from there to chomp on while waiting for a bus home.
  12. Although I was born and lived in Prescot all my family were from St Helens and I spent more time down there than in Prescot and I remember a lot of the places and shops mentioned previously especially the penny loaf shop opposite Boundry Road baths. Always ended up there after a swim getting the mini Hovis loafs. Another St Helens legend that travelled to Prescot was Johnny Vincent with his horse drawn ice cream cart- always went to see him and his horse when he came round. Another place I spent Friday nights was the Court dance school at the top of Croppers hill, it was like a youth club and disco with some dance lessons thrown in. Used to love the market on Bridge Street and the covered market at the back of it with the sweet shop in the corner and the toilets underneath it. For SaintJeff Zodiac toys was at the bottom of the slope in the market at the entrance near the Raven. I look at St Helens now and see that we have been very lucky to have there memories as people nowadays will not have ones as good.
  13. I used to work down Bold Colliery and when I did my training at Old Boston I had to catch the bus at the side of Helena House, either the No1 or the No3. When it was cold many people including myself would stand near the main doors as there used to be warm air blowing up through the grating there. Made waiting for the but a bit more bearable in the cold weather. Another thing I miss!
  14. Stephen, Just before me then as I moved out when I got married in 1980 and moved up to Southport as my wife, comming from Scarisbrick, worked there and I was a service engineer and within reason could live anywhere close to my area of operation. funny isn't it, I moved up to Southport and now work in Halewood at JLR (Fords). Leschip, Know what you mean about the fumes but when you left I was only 5 years old!
  15. Hi Stephen, Yes I most certainly do remember the blue flames from the furnace and was so disappointed when I went up there and the doors were closed. When I left school I want for an interview for a job there but I never was much good at interviews and needless to say never got a job there and instead ended up down the pit at first Cronton then finished up at Bold. I vaguely remember your name as I am a couple of years older than you but we are about the same era. I have had to look at Google maps to see where abouts 52 Kingsway was as I used to know Jimmy Brerton who lived on Kingsway just the other side of Lathum Close and on the opposite side. I remember there was Jimmy, a younger brother Tommy and Marie I'm not too sure of any others but they did have a much younger brother that was tragically killed close to the house. Not too sure of the exact details but I heard that he was on his bike and fell into the road. I do not want to put here what I was told happened but needless to say he died, so tragic and so so young. The rumble of the Holt Lane Transport lorries with the huge wooden cable drums up and down Kingsway and Shaw Lane is a strong memory that remains with me as I went to St Lukes and it could be quite dangerous crossing that road. No health and safety rules with pelican crossings and that them days!
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