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  1. Hi Colin, I think you were in the year below me, I was in the year with Alan Shea and Mike Dale. I vaguely remember your name and by the looks of the next thread by Bander you were in the same year as them. I did miss the two schools not being mixed though. My sister who is four years younger than me also went to Mount Carmel.
  2. Many thanks Singe I'll keep my eyes peeled. Since I left I have only met or spoken to 7 members of my original class not brilliant in over 50 years is it.
  3. As I was at Eddy Camp from 1966 until 1970 (2A to 5X) I would love to know if a reunion could be arranged so that we could see how life has been good or unkind to us all especially as those who are still with us should now be retired. Unfortunately I do not "do" facebook for several reasons so cannot contact anyone and with not living in the area doesn't help. If anyone knows of any get togethers of past pupils from my years can you please let me know via St Helens Connect. Thanks.
  4. I used to go to Edmund Campion on Stafford Road and with living in Prescot used the bus to and from school and one day went to the old quarry over the railway bridge at the top of Elm Road to get some marbles out of the fibreglass and although I got a nice bag of marbles I was covered in bits of fibreglass and like you no one would sit near me and when I got home I got a right rollicking on my mother for the state of me.
  5. Thanks for them Phyll they were great. To be honest I never managed to get a job there so it was all "over the wall" stuff what I managed to see. I do remember cutting through Station Road to Prescot centre many times and looking through the open windows and watching the copper cables being spun out it was fascinating as a youngster seeing this. Also when walking along from Bridge Road along the continuation of Kingsway and watching the big diesel engine down below pulling its wagon or two and then the little ones further along towards Sewell Street in the compound and wood area. Although now in the wrong side of 65 I can never forget these scenes.
  6. I was born in Whiston Hospital and lived for the first 25 years of my life just off Shaw Lane. I remember when younger nearly every evening rushing my tea down then going to Youatt Avenue where we had a football match between the local lads where the road and parking area is now. As I said this went on for a few years before we moved to start playing, and not causing any damage or harm, onto the new St Lukes school field. Unfortunately at the church there was a parish priest called Father Taffee and he was a most horrible person and used to call the police to chase us off and they would drive onto the field in their blue and white panda cars and chase us off. What a waste of police time especially as we were causing no harm and thb I think "Taffy" gave up in the end. It's a pity that this type of get together of the local youths that kept us out of trouble - we were too tired after playing football that we were too knackered to do anything else - and built up a comrade between us - is not around nowadays. Like you Stephen I went to St Lukes c1960-65 and Eddy Arrowsmith for one year before seeing the light and moving to Eddy Camp in St Helens but I seem to know your name but cannot picture the face - were you in the same year as Steve Bannister?
  7. Does anyone remember and have any photographs of the BICC narrow gauge railway that ran around the area to the rear of the foundry which bordered the top of Kingsway down to where Tesco's roundabout is. Also again does any one have any photo's of the standard gauge system around that area along with the coaling plant on Bridge Road and the layout next to the Prescot main line as I am trying to construct a model layout based around the BICC and cannot find any maps or photos of it. Thanks.
  8. Johnny Vincent going round in his horse drawn ice cream cart. Bottles of 'sterri' milk
  9. Stephen, Just before me then as I moved out when I got married in 1980 and moved up to Southport as my wife, comming from Scarisbrick, worked there and I was a service engineer and within reason could live anywhere close to my area of operation. funny isn't it, I moved up to Southport and now work in Halewood at JLR (Fords). Leschip, Know what you mean about the fumes but when you left I was only 5 years old!
  10. Hi Stephen, Yes I most certainly do remember the blue flames from the furnace and was so disappointed when I went up there and the doors were closed. When I left school I want for an interview for a job there but I never was much good at interviews and needless to say never got a job there and instead ended up down the pit at first Cronton then finished up at Bold. I vaguely remember your name as I am a couple of years older than you but we are about the same era. I have had to look at Google maps to see where abouts 52 Kingsway was as I used to know Jimmy Brerton who lived on Kingsway just the other side of Lathum Close and on the opposite side. I remember there was Jimmy, a younger brother Tommy and Marie I'm not too sure of any others but they did have a much younger brother that was tragically killed close to the house. Not too sure of the exact details but I heard that he was on his bike and fell into the road. I do not want to put here what I was told happened but needless to say he died, so tragic and so so young. The rumble of the Holt Lane Transport lorries with the huge wooden cable drums up and down Kingsway and Shaw Lane is a strong memory that remains with me as I went to St Lukes and it could be quite dangerous crossing that road. No health and safety rules with pelican crossings and that them days!
  11. I used to live down the road from the BI near St Lukes and when I was very much younger used to walk up Kingsway and along Manchester Road and used to love watching the activity at the rear of the foundry with the little railway which was moving supplies and logs around. there was also a 'big' railway which also ran around the area and I used to realy enjoy watching the big engine shunting wagons along the side of the foundry towards Bridge Road and into the other end of the foundry. Just further up Bridge Road was another item that facinated me then and that was the wagon tipper. This used to have coal wagons shunted into it and the wagons would be lifted up to the top and the coal would be tipped out. In the early '60's I spent many an hour in the school holidays around the BI.
  12. Hi Greenbanker, From what I can see you were in the year below me so will know all about what I experienced. Re Mr Mercer, we nicknamed him 'piggy mercer ', I remember going to Eccleston Mere and having a go in the boat that he built in the woodwork room and no it didn;t sink in fact it was quite good. Mr Shaunessey took us towards the end of the 5th year as Mr Mercer from what I remember left at the Christmas and it ended up that our woodwork projects for the GCE exam were not as good as they could have been as to be honest the new teacher was not as good as we needed one to be going into an exam. Wasn't Anthony Heffernan also in your year?
  13. Big OOOPS, Yes sorry Phyll it was 1966 to 1970 I was thinking of something else when I was writing the passage. I have a sister that went to Mount Carmel as well, she is four years younger than me so was there about '69 until '73 as she did not stay on to 5th form. she still lives in St Helens just off North Road. Big OOOPS, Yes sorry Phyll it was 1966 to 1970 I was thinking of something else when I was writing the passage . I have a sister that went to Mount Carmel as well, she is four years younger than me so was there about '69 until '73 as she did not stay on to 5th form. she still lives in St Helens just off North Road. Re Eddy Camp I can remember most of the teachers that were there as well. There was Jonny Norris right at the bottom on its own, above him was Totty Wallace whilst along the corridor was Stan Russell. The next classroom I am not too sure of as we never went into it but I think it was Mr Campsie.The last class heading towards the library was used by Pat Booth and Brian Middlehurst. Above the library was the lab with Tony Green in there, next to that was Mr Kelly the maths teacher. Thro the connecting door was one I am not sure of. Next was my first classroom with Fred Ashcroft who doubled up into the room above Totty Wallace with the Tech Drawing room. Above him was the art room with Billy Fildes, he was such a nice guy but always had trouble controling the class. Next along going back towards the lab was Mr Bates then Mike Foster- you know with him we could never go through a lesson without everyone in the class getting brought to the front for the cane! Again I am not sure who was next to him above Norman Kelly but then it was the second lab. Over in the other block before the extension was built was the woodwork room with Mr Mercer and the metalwork room with when I came Mr Westhead but like Mr Mercer he left about one year after I came and I cannot remember the names of the other two.
  14. Just joined St Helens Connect and came across this forum. I attended 'Eddy Camp' from 1971 until 1975 (I only started there in the second year in Mr Ashcrofts class) and it just brings back so many memories. I even work now with someone who lives in Campion Gardens and his house sits on where the headmasters (Pat Booth) office was. I live outside the area now but close enough to see around the area and the changes are immense but such is progress. Started off in 1966 in 2A with Fred Ashcroft then it was 3N, Jonny Norris, 4G, Tony Green and finished off in 5X with Jonny Norris again and left in 1970.. Can still remember the register as well. It went :- Tony Anders, Frankie Ball, Geoff Beech, Mike Bold, Frankie Boyle, Mel Briscoe, Martin Byrom, Mike Dale, Ged Davis, Geoff Eccleston.,Billy Etheridge, Rob Gee, James Grainey, Stephen Halsall, John Henerberry, Colin Heyes, Brian Houltram, Tony Kelly, Michael Knowles, Dave Langton, Michael Liptrot, Brian Little, Craig Lunn, Kevin Monk, Vincent Morris, Stephen Rafferty, Michael Riley, Alan Shea, Bob Taylor, Michael Webster and Mike White. Not a bad memory from over 40 years ago then!
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