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  1. norman g


    pete its on uk play dunno if its free https://uktvplay.uktv.co.uk/shows/the-light-of-dawn-the-normandy-landings/watch-online/
  2. norman g

    Carp in Taylor Park.

    the sad state is the the bigger carp in taylor park is from other waters around there and the also have been moved to one little lake called the clegg just because its free to fish on there in the late 90s I caught a big one of 18lbs out of leg o mutton dam only to find a few weeks later it had been moved to Victoria park ornamental pond it was a nightmare getting it moved back as the N.R.A had to be informed alas it died a few days later fish moving is rife in st Helens and should be stopped
  3. norman g

    Park Rd Cafe Funday

    no its a top notch café doing great food I love it there
  4. norman g

    Our friend Le200 has died

    he was all ways there I didn't know him as well as you others on here but if I ever needed help in the ASK ADMIN he did so from a man you didn't know to a man I didn't know R.I.P I wish I had known him because from the comments on here it looks like it was a honour to have known chris
  5. norman g

    Park Rd Cafe Funday

    thank you rob lovely photos was a great day we raised loads to send little Stefan to USA for his treatment and it was nice to finally meet you a good day was had by all
  6. norman g

    Draining Carr Mill Dam?

    it dried up in 76 and nothing at bottom only mud lol
  7. norman g

    Draining Carr Mill Dam?

    ooooo can I come to pleeessseee
  8. norman g

    Road To Nowhere.

    i worked there from 1978 until 1985 used to walk up that old road under bridge everyday know it well dave remember that swan lol it was a beer mug just like yours when it started life
  9. i used to sing in the choir there lol wow many years ago fantastic rob i used to sing in the choir there lol wow many years ago fantastic rob
  10. norman g

    Some From Yesterday

    just been helping daughter home and the bridge on photo nubmer 2 is really flooded and in the middle is an asda delivery van very stuck dunno what made him think he could get through it lol
  11. norman g

    Some From Yesterday

    when i was a kid me and some makes used to make good money from that bridge in pic 2 pushin cars out that had got stuck lol we never blocked the thing that runs along side burgys honest mum lol
  12. norman g

    Heres The "Big Boys"

    perhaps a 4th drive thro maccys lol
  13. norman g

    Heres The "Big Boys"

    we all stopped working to watch it was fantastic to see
  14. norman g

    Heres The "Big Boys"

    rob do you remember when they put the top of chimney on the uk5 pilks site i was at ravenhead glass then and they used a chinook helicopter for that it was a sight i can tell you
  15. norman g

    Reflection of Carrmill

    i really miss fishing on there i used to go every day in summer hols when i was at school and even up until 2 years ago i had the odd day on there

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