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  1. Thanks guys and thanks for the welcome ! This site is really great. I'm sure the lady that has wrote that latest letter about the ghost boy is the owner of seymour windows out on lock st.
  2. They are the owners of Seymour windows I'm sure. Anyway there are more people who have seen the bot - one late at night - about 1 am. Scary stuff.
  3. Has anybody read the story about the little boy on the saints bridge this week in the star? Also does anybody know how I can get email notifications when one of you guys posts on a topic?
  4. Oner night about 15 years ago I was at Taylor park in the early hours , larking around with a girl. In the bushes at the back I could definitely see something grey coming in and out of the bushes , I was by the boat house , it freaked us both out and we left!
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