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  1. Robbob thanks for your photos, they bring back so many memories for me. St. Helens has changed so much since I left in 1971 and it is quite sad to see but it is also good to see so much that I do recognise. I used to go to Brownies in the hall at the bottom of Dentons Green Lane and, a few years later had many a romantic walk through the cemetery grounds at night!
  2. There was a track down the side of The Primrose between the pub and the house before it and my nan lived in that end house. I also lived there until we moved to Black Horse Street. I think the dog track was behind her house where the nursing home is now. The area is hardly recognisable now to what I remember but at least the Black Horse pub is still standing though I hear it is now a Chinese restaurant. I remember being sent to the outdoor there when my Dad wasn't well to buy a tiny bottle of brandy. I must have only been about eight - I can't see that being allowed today!
  3. Mally I don't remember a dog but maybe that was how I developed a long lasting fear of dogs until I got one of my own. Le200 The difference is that the photo may include people who were there in the 50's but not in the 60's . I thought I might know the little boy in the first photo above but the 60's would be after we moved.
  4. Does anyone have any photos or information about Black Horse Street off Park Road in the 50's? I have seen a photo taken in the 60's but I lived there in the 50's upto 1960. Thanks
  5. I was at Holy Cross Junior school from 1956 to 1960 when I went to Notre Dame. I remember Mrs. Cunliffe and Mr Balmer but Miss Whittle taught me for the last two years. She was a great teacher and I always remember how she would give anyone who went back to see her after they left and showed her a good report , a reward. I think she gave me 10 shillings once which was a lot of money to me in those days. I was disappointed with the teachers at Notre Dame who did not live up to her. I also remember once when either Mr Norris or Mr Balmer made one of the boys wear a dress that one of the girls in our class had made and come into our class wearing it because of some minor misdemeanor and even then I thought this was wrong. I think the boys name was Leslie Crook but not sure.
  6. mal chez Thanks for your reply. I hope Barry is having a good life.
  7. My grandmother was Mary Ann Caffrey who married Patrick Purcell but unfortunately he died a few years after they married leaving her with three small children - my mother Mary, her brother Denis and sister Margaret (Peggy). I am sorry but I know nothing about this side of my family and would love to hear from anyone who does.
  8. Oldie Do you know what happened to Louis (Barry Haseldine) I haven't seen him for 40 odd years
  9. It was quite right that we girls at Notre Dame were not allowed to go near the stream between our school and your rugby pitch when I was there in 60-65. We were not too bothered as we were more interested in the Cowley boys who got on our bus!
  10. Thanks. I left St. Helens 40 years ago but it is still home to me and it has been really good looking at this site.
  11. I am new to this site as I no longer live in St.Helens but it was like going back in time reading about old Hard Laners. I remember the Stirzakers and I knew the Two sisters who married Dave and his brother. I also remember Jonnie and Joannie Mather and twins called Smith, two boys who did not look alike. I went out with Louis (Barry Haseldine) and we hung around with Nev Parr and Joe Hutton.Joe married a girl I knew called Sheila Plumpton and I believe he joined the RAF. I was mad as a hatter in those days, all raging teenage hormones and I think I probably owe Louis an apology for the way I behaved but I was crazy about him. Anyway Louis if you read this, it took me a long time to get my act together but I finally did and I hope you are having a good life. Though I did not live in Hard Lane area I spent a lot of time there and remember many evening walks through the cemetery!
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