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    Which Glass Works did he work at?

    Thank you Phyll, for your interest. The Shettelston bottleworks is where the family all worked. Opened in 1904 and closed in the 80s.(have it's history) May have a source for the Rainhill record side,but the Liverpool library looks interesting have checket site out before. Teuchter
  2. teuchter

    Which Glass Works did he work at?

    Would any members know how many glassblowers would have moved to Glasgow and what year.?The 1911 census has my grandfather and his two sons down as this trade.Just trying to tie up what age my mother would have been when the family moved to Glasgow. Plus where could I could access Rainhill Asylum records
  3. teuchter

    Which Glass Works did he work at?

    Hi James sorry about the time laps! my grandfather was a bottle blower and his two sons were apprentices in the glass/bottle trade. this was in the 1911 census in Glasgow .The Glasgow Bottleworks opened in 1904 and It eventually closed in 1986. St Helens I believe had lots of men move their family's to Glasgow Thanks James
  4. teuchter

    Which Glass Works did he work at?

    Hi James did you get any further with glassworks history?. Thought I would try like yourself as my grandfather and sons also worked in the glassworks about the same time. Doubtful if any company would keep this kind employee records and how many glassworks were there at this time in the St Helens area

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