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  1. Dr. Goss, the Bishop of Liverpool, who had consecrated St. Anne’s in 1853, visited the church every three years and so was able to see for himself how its congregation was expanding. During his visit in August 1871, the bishop administered confirmation to almost 200 persons. The community at the retreat was also growing and by 1879 consisted of nine priests, eight lay brothers and four clerical brothers. Six years later a newspaper article stated that there were 26 religious clerics and 14 students resident at the Sutton Monastery.
  2. Yes throughout its life. In the 1980's we used to walk the dog around the grounds as my Dad knew Brother Leo who had been there for years, he was a bit of a character............always going away on these commune's in places like Denmark and Portugal.
  3. From a fitter less car polluted time....... This is the Bike Shead at Clock Face Colliery in the 1920's.
  4. Savoy Picture House – which changed its name from the Bridge Street Picturedrome.
  5. The light in your eyes, the smile on your ruby lips, 
    Tells me my lost soul is found

  6. I wonder why it was called St.Helens Cottage Hospital........................this might answer that!
  7. Nothing to do with the Lens Frank, all three pubs have a similar curved design. The one in Sutton on Ellamsbridge Road I used to play in it when it was derelict. added 2 minutes later added 4 minutes later The actual proper name was the Locomotive, but locally it was known as the Roundhouse. A bit like the "Little Pig" which was only 50yrds away...............Real Name the "Victoria."
  8. Its an unusual shape, reminds me of the Roundhouse in Sutton
  9. I liked it so much that I thought that I would post it again
  10. @HORT there was a lot of fowrard passes in that game.
  11. The phrase "as mad as cows" jumps to mind
  12. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Saints v Wire

    Australian Grand Final Highlights
  13. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Saints v Wire

    @HORT why do you actually watch Rugby league,.....is it so you can tell others what the officials have got wrong (in your opinion) or do you actually get any other sort of enjoyment out of it?
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