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  1. No, they where in competition to get the specified recruitment targets...........few ever did.

    Its a bit like in WW1,........... How old are you lad?, 19 Sgt, OK Sign here.....really he was only 17.

    Or how old are you?........... 36 Sgt.  OK You will need to have the medical but he was really 49. 

    They needed the men. 

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  2. Generally speaking you recieved a gratuity for signing on and then another payment on finishing your training. After one years service you then recieved a "bounty". There was also Mess payments that covered "expenses" whilst on Duty. 

    If you stayed in without a break then you would not get the first two payments!

    Fit men with previous service where also a premium and readily excepted in most cases. 

    What you need to remember is that annual quotas on recruitment were rarely ever met,  both nationally and by individual Unit. 

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  3. No doubt in this modern age of technology I would suspect that Mobile Phones alone and internet posts will form a very comprehensive vault. 

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    The thing that interests me is just how many old photo's might there be out there in lofts and garages. And sadly how many have been binned during house clearances?.

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