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  1. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Battle's Over

    Like Back in the day!
  2. Test your knowledge on locations, architecture, historic/natural places & curiosities thread! The only rule is that it must be current or VERY recent. Just a bit of fun! Here goes with the first one... where could you find this in St.Helens?
  3. It was a bumper turnout to recognize the 100th Anniversary of the end of the Great War. The rain subsided and the event went off almost perfectly. Here are a few images:- added 0 minutes later added 1 minute later added 2 minutes later added 2 minutes later added 3 minutes later added 4 minutes later added 4 minutes later added 4 minutes later added 5 minutes later added 5 minutes later added 6 minutes later added 7 minutes later added 7 minutes later added 8 minutes later added 9 minutes later added 11 minutes later
  4. Big_Jeff_Leo

    St.Helens Ceremony of Remembrance 2018

    "Normally" Frank Civilians are not included on War Memorials, just uniformed personnel. With that said though there are plenty of SPECIFIC memorials which do name or commemorate civilian losses.
  5. Big_Jeff_Leo

    St.Helens Ceremony of Remembrance 2018

    I will look forward to seeing them Dave I have a few other interesting ones which I will post shortly,..... some great stories around them.
  6. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Windleshaw Chantry Volunteers

    I called up earlier after the ceremony at the Cenotaph to admire the wonderful work.
  7. Big_Jeff_Leo

    The last week of WW1

    The Great War touched every family in someway such was its impact. If a direct family member was not killed then so many had been wounded or suffered from the trauma. It may be a neighbour or a work colleague but everyone knew someone. Locally, the most I know of is someone from the Family History Society who had 36 people on their tree who had served!!.
  8. Big_Jeff_Leo

    The last week of WW1

    Here are the arrangements for this years Ceremony of Remembrance:-On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in the year 1918, the nation of Germany signed an armistice agreement, prepared by Britain and France, which declared the end of the First World War.After four years' fighting, and the deaths of millions, St Helens will come together 100 years on to the day, to commemorate the fallen at Remembrance Sunday ceremonies across the borough.The events will, of course, also be an opportunity to honour those who died during all conflicts of the 20th and 21st centuries.As in previous years, residents are invited to congregate at Victoria Square on Sunday 11 November at 10.25am, where a parade - led by Armed Forces veterans and young representatives from the Cadets, Scouts and Guides - will make its way from Birchley Street to the war memorial in front of St Helens Town Hall.The ceremony will open with a welcome and prayers from local parish reverends before the square observes a two-minute silence at 11:00am.After the two-minute silence, the ceremony will continue with words of commemoration; a rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’ by a lone piper; and a performance by the Haydock Male Voice Choir. The ceremony will close with the National Anthem, led by the Valley Brass Band and Haydock Male Voice Choir, before the laying of wreathes.Following the service, the town hall will be open for tea and coffee where there will also be the opportunity to view a local World War One photo exhibition, courtesy of the St Helens Community Archive.In Earlestown and Newton-le-Willows the focal point will be the war memorial at Earlestown Town Hall, with the event due to get underway at 10:45am. St Helens North MP Conor McGinn and Deputy Mayor of St Helens, Janet Johnson, are among those due to attend.The A57 Warrington Road, from View Road to St James Road, will be closed for Rainhill’s procession from St Ann’s Church for a wreath laying ceremony at 12:00pm.Remembrance services will also take in churches and at war memorials in several of the borough’s other wards, including Rainford and Billinge.Meanwhile, as part of the St Helens 150 events programme, St Helens will participate in a national tribute event that evening.The ‘Beacons of Light’ tribute will see a gas fuelled beacon lit at Taylor Park to symbolise the ‘light of hope’ that emerged from the darkness of war.The ceremony will get underway at 6:45pm, with those interested in attending asked to meet at the Boathouse Café at 6:30pm. The beacon will be lit at approximately 7:00pm.In St Helens Town Hall the evening before (Saturday 10 November), the Haydock Male Voice Choir will perform a special 'Bless 'Em All' concert to mark the centenary of the armistice.The lovely and talented Ellie Hull will sing Vera Lynn numbers and there will be a chance for audience participation.The Royal British Legion and army and navy cadets will join in for a 'Last Night of the Proms' type grand finale.St Helens Council’s Armed Forces Champion, Councillor Lynn Clarke said: “Remembrance Sunday is a fitting opportunity for us to honour our servicemen and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country – and this year we are proud to be playing a part in the historic international event, ‘The Beacons of Light’ to recognise the contribution and sacrifice made by the men and women from our own community.“Each year, it’s moving to see such incredible turn outs at Remembrance Sunday events, with young and old coming together to pay their respects which is a heart-warming reminder that St Helens will always remember.”
  9. Big_Jeff_Leo

    The last week of WW1

    It is astonishing to think that in terms of the actual casualties in WW1 (On all sides) 1918 was the most appalling year of all. This is astounding when you think of what had happened on the Somme in 1916 and then at Passchendaele in 1917......but its True.
  10. Big_Jeff_Leo

    England v New Zealand

    I thought it was a very tough but entertaining game - What a hat-trick for Tommy
  11. The center of a donut is 100% fat free!!!.

  12. Big_Jeff_Leo

    The Plug 'Ole'

    Looks well weird like something out of a film.
  13. I think that you found a friend with that lady from the WW1 Women's institute!
  14. A few more of the events...….. Firstly St.Peters Church, Newton.... added 0 minutes later added 0 minutes later added 1 minute later added 3 minutes later Now to Mesnes Park, added 3 minutes later added 4 minutes later added 5 minutes later added 5 minutes later added 6 minutes later added 8 minutes later Norman's extended family added 8 minutes later added 9 minutes later added 9 minutes later added 12 minutes later Royal Irish Regiment in attendance, as Norman served in the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. added 12 minutes later added 13 minutes later The Huge Crowd who attended added 19 minutes later An finally who is that ace on the spot photographer...…..
  15. He is the statue in detail. The idea was to embody the fact that Norman was a working class lad from an old industrial town. The statue therefore has this strong mechanical/industrial look which I thought was brilliant. They captured the Railways and other local industries brilliantly in that these where is foundations and heritage, the things that had the most bearing on his life/environment. added 3 minutes later added 4 minutes later added 4 minutes later added 5 minutes later added 5 minutes later added 6 minutes later This picture features Normans Great, Great, Grandchildren.
  16. The winter of my discontent is coming...…….

    1. Dave


      I've had an autumn of discontent. Pesky seasons.

  17. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Saints: The Final Countdown

    That will definitely one for Christmas Ken!!!!
  18. Big_Jeff_Leo

    St Helens Rolls Of Honour.

    Hi Dave, just for info, everything seems to be working fine for me......searches WW1 & 2, gallery opening images ok, Individuals Pages loading with images are fine, forum access etc. All menus are working fine as well.
  19. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Grand final

    Tomkins was an embarrassment ….best to be rid of him...……...when you go down under you are supposed to come back a better player, not worse.
  20. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Wigan Warriors

    Yes I know that's why I said that I think that it can be done because it is only three comps. added 3 minutes later Why are you asking Saints fans?, surely you should be asking other Wigan fans or Warrington Fans. Anyway forget about Leuluai, ……...Rat Boy should have been at least sin binned for that knee to the head but of course the officials have no bottle. He had a nightmare, he was an embarrassment, what a way to go out on your last match for the club.
  21. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Wigan Warriors

    Yes its only 3 Comps...…………..what will never be achieved I think is what Saints did in 2006/07, League Leaders, Grand Final, Challenge Cup, World Club Challenge, Man of Steel, Coach of the Year, Lance Todd, Harry Sunderland Trophy, BBC Sports Personality Team of the Year and Coach of the year, and all of the Academy and youth stuff. etc. etc.
  22. I just cannot stand pessimists.


    1. Dave


      You can learn to love your own pessimism. In others it is a PITA though. :)

    2. Big_Jeff_Leo
  23. Big_Jeff_Leo


    My best mate Chris showed me a bet on his phone last night...………...he had bet on Barba to be the Man Of Steel before the season started... a £200 Bet!. He got back £1500, I kid you not
  24. Big_Jeff_Leo


    The question I have is how could the Orrible Gorilla be Coach of the year ffs?

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