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  1. Webb's motorcycle shop, later it became Dingsdales.
  2. Batten down the hatches :lightning:

    1. mally


      Bit blowy today too 

  3. Its right at least twice every day
  4. Happy Birthday to Polly on her 105th Birthday. I met Polly a few times as she is related to a current and a former work colleague. https://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/news/18178544.105-year-old-claims-secret-long-life-full-fat-cream-butter-whisky/ Good on her!
  5. Just think how much it will cost to actually pay him to do stuff like that in the future.
  6. Also included are All Saints Baptism records. That church of course does not have its own Grave yard hence a lot of it parishioners are buried in St.Nic's.
  7. Here Paul http://www.sthelenstownshipsfhs.org.uk/ Go to the publications section
  8. One for the Christmas List....or the new years! Just out, "Secret St.Helens" by Sue Gerrard https://www.amazon.co.uk/Secret-St-Helens-Sue-Gerrard/dp/144568974X/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=secret+st.helens&qid=1577041255&sr=8-1 Mine has just arrived....literally!.
  9. Big_Jeff_Leo

    I'm knackered

    I must admit Alan , I never noticed you on the pitch.
  10. All quiet on the leftist front

  11. This is 96 Year Old Cyril Porter RN who died recently on the 5th November. He was cremated last Monday at St.Helens Crem. His family has put a notification out in the Star to ask could people attend, particularly veterans. I am pleased to say that that call did not go unanswered. Cyril was a veteran of the arctic. Note his Ushakov Medal which was personally presented to him at home in St.Helens. Cyril served from 1942-1945 on the Aircraft carrier HMS Indefatigable (R10) this included Operation Goodwood (Attack on the Tirpitz) and later in the Pacific theatre where Indefatigable was the first British ship to be Kamikaze attacked.
  12. Maybe they should have gone for a cheaper option then and grabbed some drunkard out of the Market and let him take charge.
  13. Here are some images from this mornings event in the Town Hall Square.
  14. Following on-going contact with the CWGC, the headstones of two of our fallen sons have been erected in St.Helens Cemetery. Private 240425 Mathew Russell, South Lancashire Regiment. http://www.sthelensrollsofhonour.co.uk/casualty-1096-Matthew_Russell.html Gunner 5406 Francis Clisham, Royal Field Artillery http://www.sthelensrollsofhonour.co.uk/casualty-370-Francis_Clisham.html Well done to Marlene Downey and the Friends of St.Helens Cemetery. St Helens Star article,- 30th October 2019
  15. I would think so...he starts with working on the defence apparently.
  16. Princess Avenue/Rivington Road side was built between 1920-24. Hard Lane side - Windlehall Drive/Cartmell Avenue was built 1954.
  17. Philip Day has 95% of the shares...… this will likely be a ploy to get the other 5% cheap and/or re-structure to save on costs.
  18. The inmates have seized the keys to the Asylum....

  19. It was a fantastic atmosphere in the ground. Loved the way that Walmsley ran down to our end when it was over - priceless moment. I think most Saints fans where a bit nervous though. Congratulations to Salford for playing very well. Shame they are loosing Hastings - he will be a great asset to Wigan though.
  20. Its a long way - there and back though!
  21. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Wigan v Salford

    It wasn't a dismal Wigan performance, but an excellent Salford performance......with a couple of ex-Wigan rejects doing a lot of the damage. Should be an excellent final. Watch out Saints!
  22. Might be worth asking the museum https://www.prescotmuseum.org.uk/
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