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  1. Test your knowledge on locations, architecture, historic/natural places & curiosities thread! The only rule is that it must be current or VERY recent. Just a bit of fun! Here goes with the first one... where could you find this in St.Helens?
  2. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Acting the goat in Billinge

    If it was before, I am sure that we would have heard about it as it would hold the world record for longevity!
  3. Big_Jeff_Leo

    More dumping

    Our Council has a poor record on enforcement when dealling with this.
  4. Big_Jeff_Leo

    The New WHERE'S THIS then? Thread!

    Yes for the 100th anniversary, Prince Charles visited, I happened to be about and saw him coming out, he said that he liked them!
  5. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Thomas Abbott (1892-1953)

    Hello Leigh, looks like you have a fair bit on Thomas already!!! I was looking at your family tree on Ancestry and it looks like you have done a pretty good job with what you have so far. … over a thousand people! Regards Jeff
  6. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Getting your Leg over at Shaw St

    ha ha I bet you both did
  7. Big_Jeff_Leo

    St.Helens town is coming down

    People are still becoming ill and dying because of Asbestos related exposure. A lot of people who worked in the maritime sector became ill because they used to line ships pipework with it. It affected factory workers in the same way. Electricians and tech installers from the 1970's/80's are also becoming increasingly ill due to them having to puncture walls and climb through loft spaces. More people will eventually die from asbestos related conditions from that enormous debris cloud than who actually died in the twin towers.
  8. Big_Jeff_Leo

    wigan v wakfd and cat v saints etc

    Wakefield did make a go of it though, they did not just roll over. Not a bad game from what I saw. Wakefield break away try being the highlight.
  9. Been down to Windle Labour Club to see our fave 80's tribute act...Electro 80's. :thumb:

  10. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Trainspotting: 100+Pics & Video

    Top selection Robster…… all them train buffs are going to love you on Flicr.
  11. Big_Jeff_Leo

    St Helens Junction 1906 rail crash

    I still believe that it is 1906. The 1858 Crash states that the station masters house was cut in two...…………..it is hardly damaged on that picture. The clothing looks correct for the turn of the century and the quality of the image, its sharpness from both angles looks not like a photograph from 1858. The Train Carriage itself also does not look like it is from the earlier period.
  12. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Warrington v Catalans

    That was why Super league was formed as Wigan dominance was ruining the game..........buying players just to stop them going to other clubs etc. ever the League President and Manger of the National side was the Wigan Chairman.
  13. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Warrington v Catalans

    The reason for that was simply about money.....Wigan paid more because they were the only professional club at the time.
  14. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Windle Crossing Roadworks.

    Apparently its very slow.............
  15. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Warrington v Catalans

    Must be bad management at Wigan....................I mean getting rid of all of them good players and all
  16. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Warrington v Catalans

    That's the nature of the game and what makes it so exciting
  17. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Warrington v Catalans

    Its probably best for RL in general as it spreads interest in the game and adds a new name to the winners roster.
  18. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Warrington v Catalans

    Unlucky Joe, .............you and Hort should have listened to me all along..............Catalans where at FULL STRENGTH for the game with everyone rested, fit and totally motivated for the win.
  19. Big_Jeff_Leo

    St Helens Junction 1906 rail crash

    Yes Phyll it looks like the 1906 Crash from a different angle.
  20. Big_Jeff_Leo

    St Helens Junction 1906 rail crash

    It is clear from the clothing that that image is Edwardian.
  21. Big_Jeff_Leo

    catalan v wigan.

    Anyone!............ Na not Anyone, .......only if you are playing in the Challenge Cup Final the following week! Does no one on this site have any grasp or comprehension of tactics???
  22. Big_Jeff_Leo

    catalan v wigan.

    It was a none game for them......just listen to what their own coach had to say. Catalans Dragons head coach Steve McNamara: "Absolutely. It's about winning the final for us, as simple as that. Nothing else matters, although I would have liked to have played a bit better today but you can see when a team is completely distracted and we've been distracted all week. "I've no issues with it whatsoever, with the schedule we've had and what we've had to do to get ourselves ready for the final. This is the best route for us. "Next week will be our fourth visit to England in five weeks so there's been lots of things to organise and sort in the last couple of weeks to make sure we're physically and mentally fresh and ready to play next week. Without doubt, we'll be ready to play."
  23. Big_Jeff_Leo

    catalan v wigan.

    Catalans fielded a very under strength side as they are planning for the final. They where not interested in this game.
  24. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Suggestions for gggrandparent's name

    The best match I believe is:- Peter Sharples 1820–1853 Birth ABT 1820 • Windle, St Helens, Lancashire, England Death APR 1853 • (St Helens), Lancashire, England Marriage - 5 Jan 1846 • All Saints, Rainford, Lancashire, England to Jane Chadwick. As Phyll states above. Burial - 14 Apr 1853 • St Helens Parish Church (St Mary), St Helens, Lancashire, England Not 100% convinced though...……….. why married in 1846 but Nancy born 1843 & Mary Ann 1844?.
  25. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Windle Crossing Roadworks.

    It is although I tend to go M6 South more myself.

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