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    Rugby Union

    Rugby Union?.........whats that? I switched the tele over and seen a mass brawl with a bunch of fellas looking for what looked like a lost ball with a crowd cheering them on.
  2. I will be there in any event
  3. Indeed, it was the Haydock Conservative club for many years. They owned the land behind it, so when Tesco came calling they sold it on the proviso that a new club was built closeby.
  4. What a lovely day for once! :thumb:

  5. This was taken in the early 1930's. The shape of the park is now clear with the trees grown. Marina Avenue and estate does not exisit.
  6. I think it is because it was bordered by Scorecross Road.
  7. Yes Alan Sutton Park was actually owned by Col Michael Hughes as part of the Sherdley Estate. It is about 20 Acres as opposed to Sherdley which is 10 times as big. He signed the land over to the Council in 1906 to build the Park.
  8. I would have thought Edwardian looking at the clothes?
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