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  1. He won his VC In WW1 Serving with the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers...……….Harvey enlisted into the Royal Engineers in 1939 and joined 199 Railway Workshop Company. He was promoted to Company Quartermaster-Sergeant in April 1941. He was killed in action, near Haifa, Mandatory Palestine (now Israel) on 16 Feb 1942. His CWGC grave features the Royal Engineers Cap Badge.
  2. Er the Cap Badge!!!!! Its Royal Artillery!
  3. Sorry I missed it this year as it seems bigger and better than ever.! The old fella will be gutted that he missed the 25pdr as he was on them when in the Royal Artillery. Love them truck shots as well.
  4. Catalans played brilliantly, congratulations to them on a superb performance.
  5. This church is located on Westfield Street at the beginning of what is the Eccleston Ward. Everyone from St.Helens either knows or passes it as it is built from a striking red brick. The Church was founded in 1839 but I know that a lot of people have never actually been inside. Here are some images that I took during an official "open day".
  6. Quick someone pass me the tight white jacket..... you know the one with all of the Buckles on!.

  7. I would have thought that you would have hung onto that Alan,...……….. after all those childhood memories are so precious
  8. That's him done until next year...…………..perhaps.
  9. The Gamble is still a fine piece of Architecture though
  10. Coming from St.Helens and turning right onto the M6 South is a big improvement in the Design from what it was.
  11. I never believed that the game would unfold like it did. I thought that there would be two attacking sides just going for it. The atmosphere was very good in the ground with a lot of singing and chanting. We were out of sorts in the first half but the ref was poor in his decision making and he let a lot go, particularly the offsides. I had the perfect view of the final kick...………….I really never thought that he would make it.
  12. Robster, throw another one on and keep the thread going
  13. Its on Church Street...…….Number 3 Church Street to be exact as that is the listed address of the Yorkshire Building Society. Technically it could be number one though? Wizard is number 2 Ormskirk Street
  14. A good player, At the backend of his career aged 30 but he does know Barba well so lets hope that he can convince him to stay as well. http://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/sport/16376020.saints-sign-joseph-paulo/
  15. Are you doing your family tree? How have you been getting on? Barriers?... Tips?, Interesting stories/Discoveries?
  16. I think it was only in the 1980's following a Papal Decree that you could be buried with full burial rights in consecrated grounds.
  17. One can only imagine what they went through. Amazing that they survived at all.
  18. Big_Jeff_Leo


    It does not look that anything will change for next season in terms of the Super League 8's.....it will likely be the season after.
  19. Big_Jeff_Leo


    It was only 2016 when Leeds finished 9th and had to play in the Qualifiers.
  20. 26.02.1944: Torpedoed by the Japanese submarine I37 in the Indian Ocean 08°S-70°E) bound Kosseir and Aden to Fremantle with 9,700 tons of phosphates. 23 crew were saved of the 64 crew and nine gunners on board. Five were saved from a boat off Madagascar after 42 days, while 18 from two rafts by Flamingo after 49 days
  21. Hi Audrey, the reason I ask is that there is a Tomas Tonge 70129 RWF living at 69 Campbell Street St.Helens who is recorded on the Absent Voters List. (Spring 1919) There is also a Thomas Tongue recorded on the 1918 Absent Voters list as being in the RWF and living at 36 Joseph Street, Sutton, St.Helens. Normally the Royal Welsh Fusiliers would recruit from the North Wales area. You could be posted to them of course but when you join up you can also ask to join them. This sometimes happens when there is a family connection e.g. your father is Welsh or he might have served with them. This all might be just coincidence but these sort of details interest me. As you have already learned, written records are subject to human error, particularly in the spelling. The Thomas Tonge above might even be the same person as his number is not given in the 1918 AVL,.... But his name may have been corrected in the 1919 AVL and his service number confirmed. Tongue/Tonge is an unusual name for the St.Helens area. Not so of course for the Bolton area.
  22. I would like to hear that story!. I have read that book....there are a few others in St.Helens with similar stories unfortunately as they where on the Japanese transport ships and were even on the run after the fall of Singapore.
  23. HI Audrey...…….. I don't know if you seen my questions above but is there a Thomas Tongue on your family tree? And is their a connection to North Wales in the family?
  24. Hello Audrey, the Peter Tonge on the sthelensrollsofhonour…………. I have had a read through his service papers on Ancestry and there is a definite connection with Bolton Recorded. ……. Bolton is actually given as his place of birth. He enlisted on the 5th Dec 1914, and his home town is listed as "Sutton Manor" which of course is a district of St.Helens, in fact Agnes Street lies off of Gartons Lane which is on the cusp of Sutton Manor. His religion is stated as C OF E Which is of course Church Of England. His name is recorded on the war memorial panel at All Saints Church in Sutton which is a C of E church of course. His work is listed as Collier...…….Sutton Manor Colliery was located just a few hundred yards from Agnes Street. Do you have a relative called Thomas Tonge on your family tree? Is there any connection to Wales? Are you 100% certain that this is your relative? If you are then the dates of Birth for Peter clearly do not match up. The "soldiers effects" on the ROH Page is incorrect..... this the correct one.... note the NOK Is Hannah. Why not Annie?
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