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  1. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Wigan Warriors

    Yes I know that's why I said that I think that it can be done because it is only three comps. added 3 minutes later Why are you asking Saints fans?, surely you should be asking other Wigan fans or Warrington Fans. Anyway forget about Leuluai, ……...Rat Boy should have been at least sin binned for that knee to the head but of course the officials have no bottle. He had a nightmare, he was an embarrassment, what a way to go out on your last match for the club.
  2. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Wigan Warriors

    Yes its only 3 Comps...…………..what will never be achieved I think is what Saints did in 2006/07, League Leaders, Grand Final, Challenge Cup, World Club Challenge, Man of Steel, Coach of the Year, Lance Todd, Harry Sunderland Trophy, BBC Sports Personality Team of the Year and Coach of the year, and all of the Academy and youth stuff. etc. etc.
  3. I just cannot stand pessimists.


    1. Dave


      You can learn to love your own pessimism. In others it is a PITA though. :)

    2. Big_Jeff_Leo
  4. Big_Jeff_Leo


    My best mate Chris showed me a bet on his phone last night...………...he had bet on Barba to be the Man Of Steel before the season started... a £200 Bet!. He got back £1500, I kid you not
  5. Big_Jeff_Leo


    The question I have is how could the Orrible Gorilla be Coach of the year ffs?
  6. Big_Jeff_Leo


    Bateman voted for Barba.
  7. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Wardleworths, a St Helens retail treasure

    Here is their Facebook page which provides a news stream...…... https://www.facebook.com/wardleworths
  8. The nights are drawing in.....Sigh!

  9. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Semi-final Saints v Wire

    Poor defence from Saints and not enough creativity in the attack. Lot of people unhappy in the crowd with the performance. Congratulations to Warrington for raising their game and taking advantage. Wigan are odds on to win.
  10. Big_Jeff_Leo

    The life and times of a Peasley Cross Boy.

    You could get that book from Wardleworths ……...you might still be able to. My Mum said that she really enjoyed it and that it brought back a lot of memories, reminded her of stuff she had forgotten about and enlightened her on other things. I think that it was only a fiver?
  11. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Ben Barba

    Best kept secret in the game
  12. Big_Jeff_Leo

    The New WHERE'S THIS then? Thread!

    I know, there is a strange toilet nearby
  13. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Acting the goat in Billinge

    If it was before, I am sure that we would have heard about it as it would hold the world record for longevity!
  14. Big_Jeff_Leo

    More dumping

    Our Council has a poor record on enforcement when dealling with this.
  15. Big_Jeff_Leo

    The New WHERE'S THIS then? Thread!

    Yes for the 100th anniversary, Prince Charles visited, I happened to be about and saw him coming out, he said that he liked them!

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