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  1. No John Leslie is still tied to that..... and going round and round.
  2. I was there, great Crowd, over 17,000 which is exceptional given the fact that it was live on TV...…………………..Do not know if you could notice on TV but the singing from our fans was the best that I had heard for a while. Wire crushed in the end...…………...that penalty try was fully justified. Warrington even given a one try start by the officials but the class shone through at the end!!! Anyone know the Wigan score?
  3. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Dom Manfredi

    It is always sad when a Player has to retire injured from the game, ……………..look at Lance Hohaia.
  4. He was always a very smartly presented guy, he played snooker for many years for the Unison Club,...…… I had more than a few good frames with him over the years.
  5. Eh?.... They are in Custody ........... locked up,.....hence why it is called the Custody Suite.
  6. Its just a cost cutting exercise that does not really cut costs because they have to be transported back and forth.
  7. I have not seen it open for a good while, looks like it has been turned into a roost!!!
  8. Ah yes, its the Bistro on the Corner of George Street!
  9. Na, Catalan actually turned up for our game. That was the difference.
  10. That Building that now houses Prestige Carpets is that Colour gangad, but I think that is not it.
  11. What was the final Score?
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