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  1. At the weekend I was looking through some old Photo's that I took for years back which are on CD...…...And I found this!.
  2. I would have thought so...…………..it was a bit incompetent of them not to factor in those Referee fee's.
  3. Why not, he might fit in with the roster other bad boys and thugs like Flower, Hardaker and Hock
  4. Today, North Queensland Cowboys terminated the playing contract of Ben Barba due to a significant breach of the terms of his contract. Chairman Laurence Lancini stated: “When a player joins the North Queensland Cowboys he agrees to abide by the terms of the contract. After an internal investigation, it has been determined that this player has acted in contradiction to both the terms and the spirit of that agreement. Accordingly, the club has terminated his contract and has informed the NRL’s Integrity Unit.”
  5. Ripping CD's :afro:

    1. Dave


      There's no apostrophe in the plural of CD. :)

    2. Big_Jeff_Leo


      Dave, are you suffering from some form of spelling OCD?  

    3. Dave
  6. It's Lomax Testimonial Tomorrow v Hull FC
  7. Tough one that Mark. I would guess that the photo is the 1890's period. Another Clue is that the West Lancashire Railways was taken over in 1897 by the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway. No idea on the actual location though.
  8. Shopping for Cars :waycon:

  9. I doubt it...…….its all about the Wembley Final...…………….most fans would feel short changed I think.
  10. Golden Eagle the finest bird ever in my opinion. (With Wings that is!)
  11. Its a secondary Trophy that has lost its shine in recent years. The clear priority for Liverpool is the Premier League.
  12. Oh and I forgot about this highlight!!!!!
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