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  1. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Windle Crossing Roadworks.

    It is although I tend to go M6 South more myself.
  2. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Ben Barba

    Clearly you have absolutely no idea about physical competitive sport.
  3. Another great Selection Robster……………
  4. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Celebrity Bowling 2018 at Ruskin

    Fantastic day, really great shots Robster, thanks for bring it to us!
  5. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Suggestions for gggrandparent's name

    Name: Jane Sharples[Jane Pickavance] Gender: Female Age: 34 Birth Year: abt 1823 Event Type: Marriage Event Date: 30 Aug 1857 Parish: Prescot, St Helens, Lancashire, England Search Photos: Search for 'Prescot, St Helens' in the UK City, Town and Village Photos collection Spouse: James Chadwick Spouse Age: 38 Father: William Spouse Father: William Chadwick Register Type: Parish Register
  6. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Ben Barba

    Players have such things as last minute fitness tests. You carry on believing what you want to Hort but it does not make it right.
  7. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Ben Barba

    You just keep persisting with these same things over and over again Hort. Being dropped means that you have not been selected but you are fully fit to play. You also have to be a regular i.e. that you usually play. You might be dropped because you are out of form for example. Being rested due to not being fully fit is a means of enabling the payer to sufficiently recover to a higher level of fitness by not playing. Playing may exacerbate the injury further or there may be a higher chance of getting further injuries in a heavy contact sport like Rugby. You can also be rested in the less important games due to a very long and congested fixture list. This often happens in Football i.e. your top striker may not be played during a cup game against lesser opposition as you want him to be full rested and fit for the big top of the table clash at the weekend. This happens all the time and has done so for years.
  8. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Norman Harvey VC

    Does not look like it Frank....sadly.
  9. It is much older than most people suspect and this monument has stood proudly on the Junction of St Helens Linkway and A58 for a number of years now. ‘The Miner,’ also known as the Anderton Mining Monument, was commissioned from the sculptor Arthur Fleischman by Lord Robens, Chairman of the National Coal Board, in 1964. The sculpture was intended for Anderton House then being built in Lowton, Lancashire, as the headquarters of the North Western Division of the National Coal Board. It marked the invention of the Anderton Shearer Loader, a cutter loader machine which revolutionised the industry in the 1950s. The shearer loader was first used in 1952 at the Rushy Park seam at Ravenhead Colliery in St Helens. It was then used at Cronton Colliery in St Helens and Golborne Colliery, Leigh, Lancashire and was soon being used throughout the world. added 3 minutes later The statue is sculpted in a heroic and monumental manner, depicting a realistic bronze bust of a miner’s head, shoulders and raised arms holding a large lump of coal above head height. The miner wears a mining helmet with attached light, and his physical strength is shown by the muscles of his unclothed body. The bronze bust is set on a column divided into two equal parts by three circular discs. The upper part is formed by a steel cutting drum; the lower part is formed by a bronze-coloured spiral screw of fibreglass. The statue now stands on a high, square pedestal formed of railway sleepers standing on a railway sleeper plinth*, which is a later C20 addition. The monument is Grade II Listed
  10. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Norman Harvey VC

    He won his VC In WW1 Serving with the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers...……….Harvey enlisted into the Royal Engineers in 1939 and joined 199 Railway Workshop Company. He was promoted to Company Quartermaster-Sergeant in April 1941. He was killed in action, near Haifa, Mandatory Palestine (now Israel) on 16 Feb 1942. His CWGC grave features the Royal Engineers Cap Badge.
  11. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Norman Harvey VC

    Er the Cap Badge!!!!! Its Royal Artillery!
  12. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Newton Show 2018

    Sorry I missed it this year as it seems bigger and better than ever.! The old fella will be gutted that he missed the 25pdr as he was on them when in the Royal Artillery. Love them truck shots as well.
  13. Big_Jeff_Leo

    its who really wants it?

    Catalans played brilliantly, congratulations to them on a superb performance.
  14. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Inside St.Thomas Church, Eccleston

    I am glad that you enjoyed them.
  15. Quick someone pass me the tight white jacket..... you know the one with all of the Buckles on!.


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