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  1. Where is Robster? Seems he has not been about for sometime now.
  2. Drunk...….but still celebrating!!! :thumbup:

  3. No Hort and anyway he could not be run over again as the train was fixed firmly to the rails
  4. This is a new book on Rugby Grounds. http://footballgroundsfrenzy2.com/home-page---new-books
  5. It was a great day. thoroughly enjoyed it, hope that is there for a couple of seasons.
  6. We have bought well this season, must have learned a few lessons!!!
  7. Flickr is now finally back up and running :wt-hell:

  8. You can Alan, just get in the car and come down People where there from all over the Country!!!
  9. Here are some images taken earlier today of the event which runs from Today, Tomorrow (Sunday) and Bank Holiday Monday. The event in Rainhill Village is a culmination of more than four years of work by the Rocket 190 Steering Group and local voluntary groups including Rotary, Rainhill Gala, Women’s Institute and many more. Events on Saturday include: a model rail exhibition, flower festival, vintage motorcycle exhibition as well as exhibitions organised by the Railway & Heritage, Civic Society and others. The highlight however, will be the unveiling of a plaque to signify the importance of the trials. This is being installed on the platform at Rainhill station. All events taking place on Saturday, including the display of the Rocket, will be from 10am until 4pm with a special musical concert in the evening. Tickets are available. On Sunday be prepared for a spectacular parade along Warrington Road from Rainhill Stoops through to the village which will include floats, marching bands, dancing groups and vintage vehicles – and of course the Rocket will be joining in. Once back in the village the parade will lead everyone to a giant tea party where there will be live performances and entertainment. Finally, on the Monday the annual Rainhill Gala will take place in the village centre with even more attractions for the family.
  10. This is the only early Photograph that I could find.... this is circa 1910. Rivington Road Council School opened in 1909 as a result of the Education Act 1902. It provided for the education of Infants and boys and girls from 7 to 12 years of age. In 1935 the Rivington Boys and Girls' Schools were designated 'Senior' schools and took pupils from the age of 11 to 14 years, while the younger 'elementary' pupils were transferred to Windlehurst, Knowsley Road and St Luke's Schools. By 1968 the two schools of boys and girls were amalgamated into one new school called Rivington Secondary (Comprehensive) School, later known as Rivington High School, which eventually closed in Jul 1991. The other photo above is actually of St.Teresa's school.
  11. Hi Alison, what is Williams Service number and unit please? I presume that he is either an MM or a DCM?
  12. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Catalan v Wigan

    Apparently Wigan where really pumped up for the game...…………………….imagine what would have happed if they weren't!
  13. Its a shame that they brought such a small crowd but they where very vocal and intense...……..until that last try went over
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