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  1. These buildings used to be offices for staff working at the depot for years. My old fella told me that his old headmaster at St.Anne's used to like there back in the day when there were houses..
  2. As far as I can see there are only three basic tree settings, Public, Private and Unindexed...... on Ancestry. I am not aware of any further "modifications" that you can make within these classifications. If would be interesting to learn if you can do this from the subscribers of other sites on here?.
  3. Its a "community" thing Dave....I doubt that they would ever go for that.....plus they want you to spread out across the globe and pay the upgraded subscriptions
  4. This is the main reason I suspect. To be honest I have a lot of stuff on my tree, like grave headstones which I am happy to share. Equally I have "taken" stuff from others.......that is the Beauty of it really as people have photographs of the person that no one else might actually have.
  5. There is some stuff on e-bay for sale at the moment that I stumbled across.
  6. Don't tell me the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon.

  7. Quite a lot of people have locked trees and data. ...........They like to keep it private.
  8. I must admit Woodsman, I do not reply to all of mine
  9. Hello Adam, if you move just a little further down the street and look at the house opposite the Bowling Club, the one with the turret on the side than that was where the Gamble family lived. This is the original house, the building which you mention being the lodge/gatehouse.
  10. When they put the bridge in it meant that you could drive a car from Sherdley Road, across the bridge, around the Golf Club, past the car park and directly onto Elton Head Road and vice versa.
  11. Its a good question and worthy of more research ...I believe that the Linkway itself opened in 1993.
  12. They was still making Bargain Hunt in the summer......socially distanced of course....but no masks.
  13. Fantastic achievement - something positive for a change Nice find Phyll.
  14. Hi,......You literally can be buried anywhere ..........have you checked St.Helens Cemetery if they have been cremated? Nearest church to Neville with a substantial grave yard would be Parr St.Peters.
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