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  1. Big_Jeff_Leo


  2. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Around St.Helens

    Very Much so Oliie..................................still with the hissing Gease!!!
  3. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Inside St.Thomas Church, Eccleston

    Does anyone recall the 1960 Fire?...............there was this small exhibition inside.
  4. This church is located on Westfield Street at the beginning of what is the Eccleston Ward. Everyone from St.Helens either knows or passes it as it is built from a striking red brick. The Church was founded in 1839 but I know that a lot of people have never actually been inside. Here are some images that I took during an official "open day".
  5. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Wane resigns at wigan.

  6. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Wane resigns at wigan.

    Going to the South of France with his boy!
  7. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Unidentified Soldiers from Family Photos

    Hi Mark, have you any addresses in Parr, even the street and the names of your relatives?
  8. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Wigan v Warrington.

  9. Off out to give the new Frankie & Benny's a whirl!  🍽️

  10. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Around St.Helens

    Taken this evening as the sun was setting.
  11. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Sutton Library

    Hello Mark, I have a lot of memories of Sutton Library. I am not certain what you know of its history, but it was opened on the 16th November 1905. The construction was paid for by a £3000 donation from the Andrew Carnegie Foundation. The plot on which the Library stood was paid for by a donation of £214 by Sir David Gamble who had previously presented the Gamble Institute to the town a decade before. The Terraced houses to the side of the Library where built by Pilkington's the following year and the street was named Carnegie Street, to be followed later by the construction of Carnegie Crescent by the Council.
  12. Big_Jeff_Leo

    Spectator disinterest in Challenge Cup?

    Well I will be getting my tickets tomorrow for the next round...............the Hull Game
  13. Putrid stench of manure everywhere

  14. Big_Jeff_Leo

    St Helens Rolls Of Honour.

    I'm in OK Ste and everything seems to be running normal?

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