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  1. simo very true about about being not confident enough and mentally thinking ourselves into rejection before we have asked the question. thinking back i have been in that situation many times in the past. in hope st the only name that comes to mind was a boy named finney possibly kenny. could be wrong though
  2. bert thanks for memories i think joan jackson may have worn glasses and she may have lived in kirkland st or near talbot think she was another pretty girl . i fancied audrey but never asked her out thought she was out of my league
  3. i recall audrey hickman good looking girl had a friend named joan jackson . i too have lived in penzance since 1972.
  4. the girls from the prescot family moved to cornwall . jean first in the 70 s followed by beryl and doris later and the other sister. jean has died but beryl and the other sister still live in cornwall. doris lives in dorset. i still beryl and her husband ken in penzance where we live. i was brought up in clyde st so know this area well from the 40's and 50's beforee moving to clinkham wood
  5. alf critchley motto "if it swims alf!s got it just below peter st inl iverpool rd. on opposite side Rowland pennington sports outfitter.
  6. was the music shop owned by a son of broughtons motor dealers of Knowsley rd
  7. Eric Gilvary butchers just remembered nevins on the corner of duke st and Talbot st . also burrows the butchers
  8. was one of the butchers called claytons. I seem to recall one named that
  9. sorry about my comments I got my streets mixed up naperst famous for federicks ice cream
  10. thanks for bringing back memories of my childhood in clyde st from the thirtys to 48. on the corner of albion st lived joe ball saints fullback and on the opposite corner was McGills coal merchants.. also just as a correction rigbys shop was in peter st opposite st Thomas church. we used that shop quite a lot you could pay weekly.
  11. in the 50's and 60's swires or critchleys had the corner shop as showrooms. they were plumbers , painters and electricians
  12. Phyll i recall going to th the school dentist here . had two teeth extracted. gas was used then. came around dizzy and being sick as were most of the other children i recall
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