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  1. king kenny

    Shouldn't Throw Stones

    i recall working for cubitts as a carpenter during the construction of the site i stood on top of the tower block and could see into the saints ground knowsley rd.. the construction industry has changed vastly since those days not many men on site now thank goodness i am retired
  2. king kenny

    Classic Car show - Victoria Park 2018

    thanks for these excellent pics . superb cars on display
  3. king kenny

    For over 45 years....

    i recall in the 50's a sign or poster in the alfred Free beer tomorrow. of course tomorrow never comes
  4. king kenny

    The water rat

    this has been discussed previously i think his name was garnett dennett or similar he worked for the electric board . relatives of his replied and comented on here in the past
  5. king kenny

    Old cobblers

    dont remember this one but recall a couple in peter st in the 40's between wilson st and clyde st was a cobbler called hume . spent many a time watching him repairing shoes in his shop window. the other i recall was on peter st btetween westfield st and liverpool rd he used to make clogs. recall a very tiny pair on display in his window along with children and adults clogs. their was also clares leather shop that sold leather clog irons laces nails etc for shoe repaing. this was also on peter , corner of lyon st. trip down memory lane
  6. king kenny

    The New WHERE'S THIS then? Thread!

    the building next to st marks used to be the men's club in the 50's snooker and table tennis played there. the house in front was occupied by a man named alf sadler and his sister
  7. king kenny

    Around St.Helens

    thanks for that pic ,phyll brings back such happy memories of such happy years
  8. king kenny

    Around St.Helens

    the pic "towards bridge st" this shop was formerly jack barnes. the mecca for the towns young men in the 50's/60's for the latest fashion in trousers , shirts jeans etc. it was owned and run by jack jones a well known local golfer. happy memories buying from there.
  9. king kenny

    Learning to drive

    my sister attended a driving school in Liverpool where they a machine you could learn to steer and handle a car prior to going on the road. trying to think of the name but will put it on here if I do recall
  10. king kenny

    Bird Photography in Wales

    excellent close ups[ and great to see them in there natural environment. must have taken great patience getting these pics
  11. king kenny

    Remembering Voll

    I lived in windlebrook cres when voll lived on the corner of calderhurst drive so had to pass his home . he always had time to pass the time of day or have a chat. a real gent .
  12. king kenny

    Remembering Voll

    long time now since he signed but I have a feeling he play in the first team for his first match scoring one try and in his second match scored two tries. as I say memory is not what it was and also such a long time ago/
  13. king kenny

    Remembering Voll

    I recall his first game and his first try what a spectacal to see him in full flight hugging then touch line.superb
  14. king kenny

    St.Thomas Eccleston Church

    superb pics robbo many thanks again. i was baptised in this church in 1937. lived in clyde st from 1937 to 1948, i t has certainly changed since then. still prefer the old style terraced houses and shops , more interesting
  15. king kenny

    Lesters in St Helens

    boundary harry brown married my cousin helen gray and lived in atlas st. if we are talking about the same harry brown

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