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  1. Seen the one at Haresfinch yesterday. It already has what looks like a couple of airgun pellet type 'dings' in it. Also seen the one on the overbridge as you approach the retail park island from Linkway W. Nice idea.
  2. Haven't posted in this thread for years and I don't think I ever tried to disguise my scepticism over some of the more wild claims. Also, despite all reports of streams, underground lakes, etc., nobody has posted much in the way of photos. That shouldn't be difficult in this day and age. I was last up there a year or so back and I saw nothing to change my opinion, but I am ready to be convinced. The bad knee which prevented me from getting deeper into the caverns on my only attempt at a 'deep' visit in the 1970s has returned with a vengeance so I'm struggling a bit, but I'd be happy to meet up with anyone who knows their way about and have another look. I'm very wary though. There are many loose blocks in the roof of the main entrances and it only takes a decent frost to bring such things down. Talk of recent subsidence only adds to my concern. Let's be careful out there folks! Col
  3. Whilst I would never harm, or condone harm, to any animal, I'm going to be controversial here and state that IMHO, there are too many dogs and far too many cats in this country. If cats had to survive entirely in the wild, instead of being the selfish, self-interested, aloof, freeloading little furballs they are, there woudn't be nearly so many. And another thing! If I had a dog and allowed it to wander about digging up people's gardens and shitting where it liked, I would rightly get into bother. The same should aply to cats. And another thing! Why should I have to see bright red 'Dog Shit Bins' dotted around the village? It makes no sense at all. If people can be bothered to pick up the dog shit from the paths etc., why can't they take it home? Why put it into 'strorage' on the roadside? Total bloody lunacy..
  4. Morning Steve, This is their web site: https://zygone.co.uk/ They appear to be already operating in Kirkby and Huyton. Why not call or email them? Col
  5. Couple of friends of mine did their Laurel and Hardy act there on one of the presentation nights. Possibly 2015.
  6. I knew a chap called Lambert Clayton who is likely to be the same one as discussed here. It's hardly a common name. The chap I knew was introduced to me in a Billinge pub sometime in the 1980s, by a mutual friend. If I recall correctly both were working at Nugent House in Billinge. I think Lambert may also have been into caving.potholing at some time, like myself and our mutual friend. I certainly recall discussing it with him. I hadn't seen Lambert for many years but am obviously sorry to hear if he has left us. Col
  7. When ahh wur a lad.. Breakfast was usually Cornflakes. I liked 'em with hot milk and sugar. Porridge was also often on the menu.. and I recall my old Mum giving me a spoon of Malt every morning. If the milkman didn't make it and there was no milk.. it would be fried bread, done in Beef Dripping. Gorgeous. I used to come home from school and there was always a 'hot dinner'.at 'lunchtime'. My favorites were 'Pea and Ham' made with dried peas and a boiled ham hock. ( You lot would call it a shank.. ) Other favourites.: Apple Turnover. Basically a basin filled with suet pastry and apples, then steamed. Potato Pie. A wartime recipe. Sliced spuds, cheese, egg etc. with milk. Cooked in the oven. 'Rissoles' Made from the remains of the Sunday Beef. Beef was much cheaper than Chicken back then. Tea time would often be a tin of Heinz tomato between 3 but with loads of bread., or Banana Butties, or even Apple Crisp and Cheese.. on a good day. Them wert days.
  8. Sounds like a pretty stout fellow! Good on him.. My Grandad got the 1914-15 Star, The British War Medal, The Victory Medal, and most importantly, the Military Medal (For Bravery in the Field.) Arch
  9. Even I went into Chessies a few times with a workmate from Holman Michel's Lead Refinery on Chalon Way. He lived in Cooper St. It would prolly have been around 1976-1980. Our other haunts at the time were the Raven, The George and the Alfred. but, there was another, which was also in Shaw St and went 'Bang' one night due to a gas explosion. Was it the Railway? Arch
  10. I wasn't in 'Tellins in the 1950s and in 1959 I was only 10., but I remember a few crackers in Nottingham. We used to favour a place called the Mayfair. For a long time in the last couple of decades it must've been doing badly because bits of the sign fell off and it was just the Ma Fa Still, it is now back up to full Mayfair status and every time I'm in Nottm. I promise myself I'll go back in there, but it doesn't happen. My mate Rog.. who was a big bloke.. used to like having a bit of a pretend 'kung fu' sparring match with one of the waiters. All good fun. One night though, we were all upstairs and Rog caught the waiter unawares on the stairs. Next thing, Rog is in a heap at the bottom of the stairs and the waiter is all over him with a 'Aaaghh Mr Log, me very sorry, you suplise me!. Mr Log got a free meal and there were no hard feelings.
  11. Thanks Ollie, very interesting. The talk I went to was by a chap from St Helens libraries and was held by Billinge Local History Society at Billinge Labour Club. Arch
  12. Robbob. I went to a local history lecture on Carr Mill Dam. It seems there was a boathouse on the point on the left in my pic. Some folk said the footings are still visible, though I can't comment. News to me was that the Dam originally was on two levels, with weir across roughly from the point to the opposite side. Weir is supposedly still there underwater and was just submerged when the overall level of the Dam was raised. Arch
  13. Correct! Was that you I was chatting to on Sunday before last? Actually, I believe there useter also be a boathouse on the left.. on what you call the point. Pedantic? Moi? Arch
  14. This one was taken to the brief of 'Moving Still' in the photo section of another site wot I visit. There's a theme every month with the winner getting only glory and the task of setting the next theme. I drew the short straw with this one.. Anybody like to take a stab at the location? Arch
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