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  1. sorry Phyll - missed that bit xx
  2. Richard Kinder is on St Helens Rolls of Honour http://www.sthelensrollsofhonour.co.uk/worldwarone
  3. jvy20

    Suggestions please.

    Do you have any idea where in Ireland Rose Ann Kelly was born ?
  4. jvy20

    Unsworths of Rainford

    Hi, Certainly a tricky one. Judging by the births of his children he was certainly around up until at least 1902 but no idea where. I have located a possible death for him on Lancs BMD. Ralph Unsworth died Q3 1905 age 36 reg Atherton Lancs. Registers now at Leigh Lancashire. Struggling to find Alice and children in 1911 but I think she may have remarried 1905 - 1911 and her and children listed under new surname
  5. jvy20

    Unsworths of Rainford

    Hi and welcome to connect. Not a relative but happy to help. What is it that you are looking for ?
  6. jvy20

    139 Bus Service Prescot to Liverpool

    Bit out of order NSSO - none of those millions go anywhere near Huyton Bus Station
  7. jvy20

    Norman Harvey VC

    Norman served in Royal Artillery in WW2
  8. jvy20

    Liverpool PALS! Does this refer?

    I don't think it does refer to Liverpool Pals. The pals are officially 17th, 18th, 19th & 20th Battalions. From what you have posted it would appear that William Hodgson was in 7th Battalion
  9. jvy20


    Afraid not - I was telling you what a PM was - go to the home page of who you wish to contact and send them a message from there
  10. jvy20


    A personal message
  11. Jeff - checked AVL - thanks for the tip. There is a Harry Bennett on the list living 126 Nutgrove Road but as yet not found a connection between Harry and Austin.
  12. Looking at POWs from St Helens WW1. One man is Lance Corporal Austin Bennett of Royal Irish Regiment taken prisoner 5 Sept 1918. His POW record has his next of kin - mother Agnes - living Colliery House Thatto Heath, St Helens. His service record has him demobilized to Colliers House. Nutgrove, Thatto Heath, St Helens. Looking for any info on Colliery/Colliers House Thatto Heath
  13. jvy20

    Bradley Family

    OK - I have Isaac on 1871 Census living Queen Street Preston with sibling Daniel. Isaac's birth reg Q1 1863 Manchester - mother's maiden name Carr. Daniel reg Q1 1856 Lancaster again mother's maiden name Carr. Dates don't tally exactly with what is on 1871 Census although place of birth does. Assuming that Jane Barnes is mother of Isaac then his parents were a male Bradbury & Jane Carr. A possibility is the marriage between Thomas Bradley & Jane Carr reg 1857 Garstang Preston. Checking on 1861 Census living at 39 Rose Entry, Wigan is a Thomas Bradley boarder married aged 38 miner b Lancaster, Jane Carr transcribed as Caret married aged 30 spinner in factory b Lancaster and amongst others Daniel Bradley nephew to head of house aged 4 b Lancaster and William Bradley nephew aged 1 b Preston. Birth of this William reg Q2 1860 Preston - mother's maiden name Carr
  14. jvy20

    Bradley Family

    For starteres the Bradley family left the UK on 23 Apr 1927 out of Liverpool bound for Melbourne. Frank is 40 a miner, Ann is 41 a housewife, Herbert is 14 and Francis 11. Last address in England : 52 Knoll Beck Road, Wombwell, Yorkshire. Are you looking for info prior to 1927 or after ?
  15. jvy20

    Heyes Family

    Articles of Clerkship 21 Apr 1810 Ormskirk Lancashire. John Heyes son of James Heyes of Knowsley bound to Harvey Wright attorney of Ormskirk for 5 years. 1841 Census shows John Heyes 48, Attorney at Law living with wife Ann 42 and children James 19, Elizabeth 16, Ellen 11, Sarah 9 & Margaret 3 at Elm House, Huyton, Prescot. GRO has birth reg of Margaret Q2 1838 at Prescot, mother's maiden name Wright. There is a marriage between John Heyes of Prescot and Ann Wright of Ormskirk 18 Oct 1819 at St Peter & St Paul, Ormskirk added 34 minutes later Just found an article in Manchester Mercury dated 26 Oct 1819 which refers to the marriage in Ormskirk of John Heyes of Prescot, attorney at law, to Ann Wright eldest daughter of Harvey Wright of Ormskirk added 47 minutes later Manchester Courier & Lancashire General Advertiser 18 Aug 1827. In the county court at Preston Mr John Heyes of Prescot was unanimously elected as one of the coroners for this county. The vacancy arose as a result of the death of Mr Harvey Wright. Mr Heyes was proposed by Mr Rawstorne of Preston and seconded by Mr Johnson of Prescot

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