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  1. There is a topic on the Camp on this forum from 2010 https://www.sthelens-connect.net/forums/topic/52889-the-camp-off-kemble-street-prescot/
  2. This may be of interest to you. It is on Prescot Roll of Honour WW1 Casalties http://www.prescot-rollofhonour.info/casualty-216-James_Lyon.html You may recognise the address added 23 minutes later also a marriage between Richard Lyon and Margaret Gore Q4 reg in Prescot.... this may/may not be helpful
  3. Marriage of James Lancaster and Ann Cosgrove 12 Mar 1898 at Parr Mount Holy Trinity C of E
  4. Hi - marriage of Patrick Mulvihill to Ellen Scully 10 June 1899 at Sacred Heart RC St Helens
  5. Made some progress ? with Canning RAF. WW2 POW records have an entry for a Warrant Officer R Canning RAF. His service number is 1238290, prisoner number 27414 and he was held at Stalag Luft L3 in Poland. No guarantee that this is the Canning you are looking for. This may be of help birth of a Robert Canning Q1 1923 at Prescot which at that time was registration district for St Helens. Mothers maiden name Brown. Other siblings possibly May 1913, Margaret D 1915, William F 1921, George 1926, Edward and Herbert 1928 (probably twins) and Margaret A 1929. All these have a father Canning and mother nee Brown 1939 register has George Canning as father and Mary Alice as mother living at 50 Raglan Street, St Helens. Children are William F b 1921, then 2 whose records are officially closed, Margaret Annie b 1929 then 4 other children whose records are officially closed.
  6. Frank Lee is the subject of an article in the Sunday Pictorial April 22 1945. Sadly it does not contain any info that you do not have added 4 minutes later The item on Frank Lee in the Birmingham Weekly Mercury 22 April 1945 mentions that all the pall bearers where St Helens men and all former Pows
  7. jvy20

    Yew Tree

    The Yew Tree school in Prescot was a school for Roman Catholic children. It was probably situated on the corner of Ward Street St Helens Road opposite Yew Tree Terrace. As far as I am aware that plot is where the present day Roman Catholic junior school is John
  8. Hi - I think you are after the birth registration number - Prescot Vol 08B page 1295. Edith not mentioned as living in Waine Street with family - do you know her birthday ? If so will look at 1939 register again and see if I can find her. John
  9. Hi - welcome to Connect. I have located a birth for an Edith Holden Q4 1922 reg Prescot - mothers maiden name Farrell Other Holden with mothers maiden name Farrell are Bridget 1925, John 1927, Margaret M 1929 and Margaret M 1930. 1939 register has the following 27 Waine Street St Helens Edward Holden dob 18 Nov 1893 General Labourer Widowed Bridget Holden dob 14 Aug 1925 seeking employment John Holden dob 4 Jan 1927 at school Unable to locate Edith anywhere in St Helens - had she married by 1939 ? John
  10. Hi Need more information please. Was Elizabeth ever married ? Approx year of death ? Any other info you have to share ? Regards John
  11. Hi, Military records show that D. L Jones served with 5th Bn Green Howards and taken prisoner on or around 4 June 1942. His service No was 4393803 1939 register has an entry for Daniel L Jones living at 93 Westfield St, St Helens dob 8 Nov 1912 living with wife Ellen and daughter Patricia. This man died aged 83 reg Q3 1996 St Helens. Is this your man ?
  12. jvy20


    Have you seen this ? http://www.sthelensrollsofhonour.co.uk/gfx/Poppy3.png Driver 92879 Thomas Lane - St Helens Rolls of Honour WWW.STHELENSROLLSOFHONOUR.CO.UK
  13. Marriage of a James Kelly to Winifred Gallagher 1917 reg Prescot. Presume grave occupants are husband & wife and wife's mother ?
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