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  1. Children of Daniel & Jane William Henry died 1887. Henry William reg Q4 1889 Prescot, Alfred reg Q3 1891 Prescot, Fred reg Q2 1892 died 1893, Fred reg Q1 1894 1939 register Henry William dob 30 Nov 1889 butcher living 25 Bridge St Newton - Le - Willows , wife Mary Elizabeth Alfred Gilvray dob 16 July 1891 master butcher living 11 Wolseley Rd, St Helens, wife Clara No sign of Fred Gilvray added 33 minutes later Child of James & Alice - William Henry reg Q1 1893 Prescot
  2. Daniel Gilvray married Jane A Blanshard 30 Nov 1885 at St Helens Parish Church. James Gilvray married Alice Blanshard 7 Apr 181890 at Eccleston Christchurch CE
  3. Lancashire Online Parish Clerk has a baptism for a Thomas Mollineux 13 Feb 1785 Prescot St Mary. Dob 14 Dec. Son of Humphrey & Margaret abode Sutton, occupation collier
  4. Hi, There are 2 burial areas in Prescot - 1 is Prescot Churchyard which is at the rear of St Mary's Church. The other is Prescot Cemetery which has its entrance on Manchester Road. this cemetery was first used c `1922 and is now full
  5. There is a birth of a Thomas Jones reg Q2 1910 Prescot - mother's maiden name Dixon
  6. Hi, Came across this in 1939 register James Jones dob 10 Mar 1886 shop keeper general dealer, wife Jane Jones dob 11 Apr 1886 and Elizabeth Jones dob 8 Apr 1914 grocery shop assistant. Living 125 Cooper Street, St Helens. After this date Elizabeth married a man named Spark
  7. Hi, Welcome to connect. Saw 1939 register where dob of Thomas Jones is given as 8 May 1911 which may be an error. Do you have a marriage cert for Thomas & Annie Glynn ? - this would give you name and occupation of Thomas' father. Regards
  8. Hi Alan, Do you have access to Ancestry ? Jesse Varley b 1810 is 45 Family Trees although cannot guarantee that the trees are accurate. You can view them on Search Public members Trees
  9. Any other help you need just give us a shout
  10. Hi, Welcome to connect. 1901 UK census has an entry for George Arnold 46 a house painter living with his wife Ann 45 and child Nellie 10 living at 67 Brook Street St Helens along with George's brother William 43, single foundry labourer. - is this the correct family ? Margaret Arnold married John McArthur 18 Apr 1900 at St Helens Parish Church
  11. Marriage of Thomas Woodward and Mary Jane Greener both 20 married married 14 May 1888 at Prescot St Mary. Thomas a collier son of James Woodward collier. Mary Jane daughter of Nicholas Greener, glass blower. Both bride and groom sign with X
  12. OK - when the 1939 register was eventually published it was decided that those people who may well be alive at that time would be redacted. Must admit that 'rule' was not strictly adhered to. If you can click on to see the image then you ought to be able to see how many people in the household were redacted
  13. They may be redacted as they are possibly still alive
  14. Found Cornelius Lennon's Army Service Record. from 1890 to 1902. Details if your pal would like them.
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