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  1. Can anyone tell more , was it a shop and if so where was it.
  2. Sorry but they now have gone
  3. Is anyone researching their family history in Lancashire. I have boxed CDs of 1841,1851,1861,1871,1891,1901 which I have finished with, if you are interested please pm me
  4. I have a photo of players 1902/3 from the Prescot cricket club and wanted to know where they played and I know they are still going but don't know how to contact them
  5. does anyone remember my mother Muriel Rigby who formerly lived at 162 kiln Lane before coming to live with me in Kent. Sadly she passed away on Wednesday 5th September, she had a long life but her ashes will be coming back to the town she loved and will be with husband Ossie again.
  6. Thank you to Kizzy for the link to the recipes. I've been out and got the ingredients ( going for lamb not beef ). Just hope it tastes ok, also bought some red cabbage thanks to Stephen for that hint.
  7. My mother used to make it when I was small and I am ashamed to say I don't know how to make it. If anyone can tell me the ingredients and how to make it I would be so grateful.
  8. thyme

    Jumble sales

    I live in Kent and we still have Jumble sales here as well as boot fairs
  9. I think it was a brown van that used to travel round selling bedding ( sheets, pillow cases etc ) and pinafores, clothing. The customer used to pay so much a week and Mr Clitheroe used to mark it down in his little book. This would have been in the 50s and early 60s.
  10. I have an old receipt which names my Great grandfather. William Rigby & Sons Monumental Masons Eccleston Hill Quarry Prescot Road. St.Helens Residence 46 Knowsley Road St.Helens Does anyone know where this quarry was and what happened to it. William died in 1943 and I think his son Henry took over. Any information would be great as I'm doing the family tree and don't live in St.Helens anymore.
  11. I don't know if this will interest anyone but my aunt Lilian Scott Cartledge married John Wilson on 13.7.1926 at the Parish Church On the marriage certificate her residence was Plumb's House Chorley Place Prescot
  12. My father Oswald Rigby was born in 1916 and was living at 24 Thomson Street, Toll Bar. I want to Know which Roman Catholic Church is the nearest as I want to find out his baptism details. Also as I don't live in St.Helens, how do you go about doing that. Hope someone can help.
  13. Thomas was found guilty of manslaughter on May 10th. 1887. On the 1891 census Thomas was in prison in Gillingham, Kent not Maidstone. Hope that helps.
  14. the attachment is a photo taken in 1905 , it says Champions West Lancashire Cricket League, Second Division. Names J.Birchall P.P Mercer J Whitfield R Birchall J Davies A R Watson W King A Simm R Mercer J P Preston J Rogers W H Mercer umpire scorer captain D Prescott J Stockley
  15. I have a small card, the ones they use to give out at funerals. It says in your prayers remember Lionel Swift who died 21st January 1968, age 69 years, interred at St.Helens Cemetery on 25th January 1968, plus more prayers. Its in perfect condition and if its the same Lionel Swift as above and any of his descendants want it, I'm happy to pass it on
  16. halj I have that CD and could send it to you. Just need name & address halj I have that CD and could send it to you. Just need name & address
  17. Thanks Phyll for the information. I don't want to sell it but was hoping to give it to someone who collects or interested in these medals
  18. My Grandfather was Henry Rigby and was married to Margaret Dennett, Its not the Henry you are looking for but just another Rigby
  19. I read with interest the post about these medals in the photograph section, the pictures were of an 1934 one. I'm in possession of a medal on the front it says, celebration of centenary of, Prescot Church Sunday Schools 1884 , H.A. Macnaghten MA. Other side says S. Sewell 1784. Unfortunately it does not have the safety pin. Question --- are these quite common or would it be of interest to someone.
  20. I'm in possession of a stone jar ( that would have had liquid in, cork still on top ) the name William Glover is on it and herbal brewer. Would love to know how old it is, and more about this brewer.
  21. I grew up in Kiln Lane and across the road used to be a farm I think it was Cooks (but not sure) my mother used to put all the peelings in a bucket and we'd take them for the pigs. Just along was the smithy and remember seeing the horses and how smelly it was. I'll have to ask mother (she is 93 ) what she remembers and has she any photos.
  22. Thank you so much for this information, I found that Theresa Josephine Rigby nee Parr named a Bernard John Phelan and didn't know where the name came from. Hope I'm on the right track.
  23. Does anybody remember listening to radio Caroline in the 60s. I only remember the DJ Tony The Prince.
  24. I've found a Walter Rigby who married Teresa Josephine Parr in 1913, does anybody know anything about her. I think she was born about 1881 but not sure.
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