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  1. For many years, I've have had in my possession, what is best described as a 'promotional' book showing photos of buildings. The creators of this book were : John Lucas & Son (Builders) Ltd. Prescot I assume that the company is no longer in existence - or has it been renamed ? Anyone know anything, about John Lucas & Son ? I'm certain, that some of the photos will be of interest to some on this forum. The following images were as they were taken (in numerical order) from the book. It is interesting to note small details, such as overhead cables - for trams or trolley buses ? (Click the thumbnails) Cover Title Forward John Lucas WJ Lucas Directors Admin Staff Joinery Works Joinery Works Swimming Baths for Girls' College Huyton Prescot Council Offices Gas Offices, Prescot County Mental Hospital, Rainhill County Mental Hospital, Rainhill County Mental Hospital, Rainhill Gas Showrooms, St Helens Offices British Insulated Cable Co. Curzon Cinema, Prescot Road Lyme House Cinema, Prescot The Hippodrome, St Helens Rivoli Cinema, St Helens Eagle & Child Hotel, Prescot Eagle & Child Hotel, Prescot Oak Tree Hotel, Huyton Oak Tree Hotel, Huyton Ship Inn, Rainhill Rose & Crown Hotel, Huyton Rose & Crown Hotel, Huyton Rose & Crown Hotel, Huyton Rose & Crown Hotel, Huyton Old Omnibus Inn, St Oswald Street, Old Swan, Liverpool Bottling Stores for Bent's Brewery Co. Ltd, Liverpool Hillside Hotel, Prescot Hillside Hotel, Prescot Bowring Park Hotel, Roby Coronation Hotel, Childwall Valley Road, Liverpool Wellington Hotel, Prescot Wellington Hotel, Prescot Blue Bell Inn, Huyton Yew Tree Hotel, Huyton Grange Park Hotel, Toll Bar, Thatto Heath, St Helens Church Hall, Christchurch, Eccleston Recreation Hall etc, for Messrs. Pilkington Huyton Lane Housing Scheme 'Parklands', Central Avenue, Eccleston Park, Prescot Fazakerley House, Parkside, Prescot 'Penbury', Central Avenue, Eccleston Park, Prescot Oak Tree Cottage, Central Avenue, Eccleston Park, Prescot 'The Limes', Parkside, Prescot 'Edenhurst', Part Street, Prescot
  2. Many thanks indeed, Alan ! I wonder where he lives ? It would be great to give him an interview. I trawled all over the Internet looking for him, and you've found him so quickly . . . impressive stuff !
  3. Whilst researching my family history, I've found that my grandfather (who was called John S. Heaton); had a cousin also called John "Jack" Heaton. I'm told that Jack Heaton played for Waterloo & England (Rugby). I've also been told that Jack Heaton had a cousin (on the other side of the family) called 'Dickie' Guest who also played for England. Jack Heaton died some years ago; I wonder if Dickie Guest is still alive ?
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