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  1. Never forget my Father's first car, 128 JAA a powder blue Morris Minor.
  2. I went to Cowley Girls in the 1970's, teachers included Mr Bean, Miss Bannister, Mrs Hyde, Mr Gallagher to name but a few, but my favourite was the German teacher, Mr Bent - he was gorgeous, huge sideburns and he permanently smelled of Brut!
  3. With just a gate of over 11,000. Perhaps it was the timing, with all this dreadful association football on the T.V.? I'm not a League fan myself, not enough men on the field for my liking. As it was England that was playing surely there should have been fans from all over the North West?
  4. I was born there in October 1957 and my sister 10 years later. Strangely my husband's Father worked there at the time, I wonder if we ever met.
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