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  1. triumph

    New Whiston Hospital

    Anyone know anything about all the recent works to the outside walls of the hospital , must have cost a fortune.
  2. triumph

    St Luke's (Shaw Lane), circa 1949

    Ratty Hazel Ave is at the top left of the photo the white buildings , they are the homes for Heroes the prefabs now gone
  3. triumph

    St Luke's (Shaw Lane), circa 1949

    Stephen, the two buildings on the field are my old school were i lernt to reed and right proper the feint hut on the left was the infants the hut on the right was the junior school . This was St Lukes school until the mid 1950s when the new buildings were completed They were just two long wooden huts divided inside into four classroms by small screens, so you could catch up on things you missed last year and preview next year by listening to the teacher next door , magic sorry i dont know if it was ever the club i certainly dont remember it as sutch
  4. triumph

    Lyon's Bakery.

    I seem to recognise the corner shop on the extreme right of the photo over the road, but does anyone know what the building is in the background above the bloke in the pony and trap ? it looks like a church maybe ? totally agree about Lyons pies they have never been beat as far as i am concerned.
  5. triumph

    Pubs known by more than 1 name

    The Quarry Inn Casies
  6. triumph

    Fire in "derelict" Prescot Pub - is it the Imperial?

    I misspent my youth in the IMP great lads great times dont regret a minute of it it was run by Jack Green and his wife who we called Ma Green SO SAD
  7. triumph


    glad to see that the building is staying put it has a long and varied history watch factory-ww1 barracks-printing works to name a few oh yes it even had a nut warehouse at the back that we called the nut factory no i did not work there ( sorry i was talking to the wife ) think it might be what's called a truscan building which could be why its listed still i hope its saved

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