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  1. Hi, I hope I can call you Kev too, As it is much quicker. I am on Ancestry, and find it excellent in the way I use it , But the one thing I do not use is the family tree search unless i can study and verify the content myself. Ancestry is run by the Mormon Church who try to prove that everyone is related, so they have a section where they take information from all Public trees that look as if they may have a connection, Despite the fact that some of the trees are more wishfull thinking than actual fact! ! ! , and sort of piece them together. It happens a lot the farther you go back. To be honest, there is probably more fact in the information that Phyll has found for you
  2. geneseek

    Where were you born?

    my birthplace isn't on the list either. Lancaster. I am a true lancashire lass, married to a St Hellenser
  3. geneseek

    Wood family

    Hi Phyll, You are Right , Thats the family, it's just me losing it. They lived in Shaw Street Previously, but were living in Grove Place in 1911. Thanks for the info. This is my Husbands side of the family and I am finding it a lot more difficult, I can't seem to get my head round it. I have just been in touch with a lovely lady from America in connection with my side. she found my Grandfather for me, as we never knew what happened to him. He went to America when my Father was seven and lost contact when he was fourteen. Can't believe how nice people can be when doing geneaology.
  4. geneseek

    Wood family

    Thanks all, Ant, The grave you mention is the right one, but the information on Alice I didn't have, so I can follow that lead up, it's just finding what happened to the rest of them now ! Hi Swimmer thanks for the welcome, joining something like this is nervewracking, considering I was a total technaphobe until two years ago. Great fun learning though. I don't think that the lady you mention is connected though, the family name is Wood, no s. you would be surprised how often this happens even now, but thanks a lot for the info. Jan.
  5. geneseek

    st helens ghost stories

    Hi Sorry if I go Wrong But I'm new to this, just had great fun reading about the Ghost stories, but I'm afraid handsome Johnny must be some age if he thinks that he started the story of the White Rabbit of Crank. It can be found going back at least 200 years. The story ( with variations ) goes that two men plotted to rob an old lady who lived near the caverns, claiming that she was a witch to cover themselves. They broke in and attacked her, but her small Grandaughter with her pet Rabbit, escaped to take shelter in the caverns, some versions have it that none escaped. They thought that they had got away with it, but one night, on his way home one of the men was confronted by a large unearthly white rabbit which stayed in front of him until he was in sight of his home where he collapsed and was found the next day near death. He had time only to tell what had happened before he died. The other man lived in fear untill the following year when the same thing happened to him, but this time he admitted what they had done before he died, clearing the old woman of the stain of witchcraft. Ever since, the appearance of the White Rabbit is a bad sign for anyone who sees it. ( Guilty concience methinks ! )
  6. geneseek

    Wood family

    Hi I'm afraid I am very new to this so I hope it's done correctly, I have reached a block in researching the wood family who were living in Shaw street in1911. Father Arthur and Mother Alice born Manchester 1869, and Barrow in Furness 1875, I know what happened to their youngest child Charles, born About1908 in St Helens but not his Siblings, Alfred 1894, Alice 1896, William 1899, Richard 1900, Annie 1903 and Arthur1905, All born St Helens. I am hoping some one has one of them in their Family Tree or Knowledge of them, Here's Keeping my fingers crossed !

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