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  1. They have now submitted accounts for 2018.https://apps.charitycommission.gov.uk/Accounts/Ends95/0001121395_AC_20181231_E_C.pdf £450K income, £168K to charities 10K run income £41K, Cost £36K Everest £193K income, Cost £93K (but running the charity costs £77K) Race across Europe income £65K, cost £51K The costs of the events are just too high in relation to the donations received.
  2. In the past I've given to the Steve Prescott Charity but I now question what exactly they actually donate to charities? Their accounts for 2017 (they have not submitted accounts yet for 2018) puzzle me. https://apps.charitycommission.gov.uk/Accounts/Ends95/0001121395_AC_20171231_E_C.pdf The Kilimanjaro trip generated donations of £233.000 but cost £133,000. The 10k run generated £46,000 but cost £33,000. Overall from £438,000 in donations only £119,000 went to charities. Charities like Cancer Research UK and the local Willowbrook Centre donate a higher percentage to direct charitable activities, after taking out their costs. Currently some people are doing a Grand Canyon Trek for the SPF. They had to raise £4,700 to take part but it not clear how much of that will be taken up in the cost of flights, accommodation, food, equipment etc. We will not know how much will actually go to charities until they submit the 2019 accounts to the Charity Commission in two years time. Same for the much publicised trip to France last summer. Similar comments to mine were posted on the St Helens Star forum but got deleted after two weeks. The Star are partners with SPF.
  3. It's a Wolseley 1500, 1957-65, so was getting on then. The artic lorry looks like a Commer Maxiload?
  4. Going through some old photos from my parents house. St Helens Parish Church 17th June 1920 by Jeff, on Flickr One of the opening but no date. St Helens Parish Church opening by Jeff, on Flickr
  5. Thanks. Really, I'm not stalking you Rob.
  6. St Helens. Old Postcard by Jeff, on Flickr St Helens. Old Postcard by Jeff, on Flickr Some from 1983 also on my flickr stream.
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