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  1. caprighia

    Around St.Helens

    It's a Wolseley 1500, 1957-65, so was getting on then. The artic lorry looks like a Commer Maxiload?
  2. caprighia

    Around St.Helens

    I thought as late as 74/5 Jeff?
  3. Going through some old photos from my parents house. St Helens Parish Church 17th June 1920 by Jeff, on Flickr One of the opening but no date. St Helens Parish Church opening by Jeff, on Flickr
  4. caprighia

    Church Street postcards pre WW1

    Thanks. Really, I'm not stalking you Rob.
  5. St Helens. Old Postcard by Jeff, on Flickr St Helens. Old Postcard by Jeff, on Flickr Some from 1983 also on my flickr stream.

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