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  1. Hi Dogracer,very interesting reading your post,do you have any photos of the track you could let us look at? I remember George Beattie ,I think he had a son named Thomas who helped him running the track.Some of the bookies I remember,Bob Collins and his son Len,Roy Barker,Pat Whealan,Albert Brown and Clarry Woods.The bloke who let the dogs out of the traps was known as trapper Bob and he gave tips in the old post and chronical.Many very good dogs came to park road with top class reputations but they often went home home with their tail between their legs [ sorry,couldn't resist] and the owners money in the bookies satchels after not being able to handle the famous first bend.It would be great if you could share some more info of track with us Dogracer it makes very interesting reading about a subject that played a big part in the history of our great town.
  2. Thanks SWIMMER,nice to be onboard. I remember Dollar well Gilly,a very nice man sadly died not long ago,He had a good dog called Brian [prob after his son]. Brian Parkes coached my lad down at blackbrook ,another nice bloke.
  3. Nice trophy Gilly,did you not follow in your dads footsteps and go into dog racing.In bygone times most familys had some interest in greyhounds but sadly no more.
  4. Thanks for that Phyll,and cheers for the welcome.
  5. Thats the same guy,lives in Blackpool now near his son Dave who played professional football for quite a few teams including Blackpool.He had a good dog called Adams Rib,fawn colour i think.
  6. Would that be Jack Bamber and his son Dave
  7. Sorry I must have missed that.
  8. Anyone have any good stories ,memories or remember some charactors or good greyhounds from the old park road track.Some of the best dogs I remember are Shauns Boy,Sandcastle and Night Flight.Some of the charactors where Vic the hare driver,Farrington,a trainer,Alfie Lowe and often used to see the great Alex Murphy. An interesting story i remember was when the track got burnt down supposed to be over a dog getting disqualified the night before but I dont know if this was true.
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