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  1. Sadly, remember Grenfell. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/grenfell-tower-cause-fridge-faulty-fourth-floor-london-kensington-disaster-latest-a7792566.html
  2. Skellands concentrated more on pies .....................................but you were never sure how much pepper went into their meat pies - for me, the more the better!
  3. It's not the top surface that's the problem in my view but the regular inserts across the road that create exactly the same vibration and reaction as in Jackson Street. It's been like that since I started driving in 1964 and I probably know the road better than most having been born there over 70 years ago - and I certainly don't treat it like a racetrack as you suggest!
  4. How about doing Greenfield Road at the same time? It's been a mess for over 50 years that I can recall.
  5. hi I've come across Engine Brow, Thatto Heath, on the 1841 census. Any thoughts as to where it might have been please? Ozziew
  6. Was that what used to be referred to as Nurse Tandy's (where I was born) and was there any link to the nearby vets which John Tandy was owner of?
  7. 'Flash' was still there in the 60s and didn't change a bit! I was never much good at Latin but some things you could never forget such as the difference between active and passive. He took great delight in instrucing anybody who got it wrong with two slaps across the head, the first accompanied by the commentary "I hit you -active" and the second, "you are hit - passive". Were those the good old days? I wonder.
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