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  1. Whilst I never saw who was responsible for causing the damage, I do remember that it did happen regularly after Moss Lane dances.
  2. Seems pretty clear in the email they sent out: During the shutdown you have the option to take your garden waste to any one of the Waste Reception Centres. These are located in the Town Centre, Newton and Rainhill.
  3. Yes. https://www.sthelenscommunityarchive.org.uk/item/99/St_Helens_Rugby_League_Team_1959 https://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/news/10438772.yes-its-bickerstaffe-street/
  4. That shop was better known by its original name of Dromgooles in Bickerstaffe Street. John Woodcock was also organist and choirmaster at St Thomas's Church. A nice man.
  5. We're both right - Buckleys was were you said and Lancasters (which had nothing to do with Windle Motors) faced it on the other side of Duke Street. Windle Motors was on the next junction down Duke Street from Buckleys - both on the same side. I think that between those two was a men's outfitters also trading under the name Lancasters but I'm not sure if there was any family connection.
  6. Lancasters sold car parts and spares mostly to the motor trade and were on the opposite side of Duke Street from Ernie Buckley's shop and what was the original Ford supplier called Windle Motor Co. Ashalls basically put them out of business because of that location not unlike G.B.E (Garlick, Burrell & Edwards )putting an end to Gavin Murray's Vauxhall dealership in Boundary Road. Lancasters moved premises to Peasley Cross Lane and were one of the first occupiers on the little estate opposite what is now Saints stadium.
  7. Wasn't that The Wheatsheaf further along Mill Lane? Especially noticeable playing pool - mind you that was about 40 years ago for me!
  8. Sadly, remember Grenfell. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/grenfell-tower-cause-fridge-faulty-fourth-floor-london-kensington-disaster-latest-a7792566.html
  9. Skellands concentrated more on pies .....................................but you were never sure how much pepper went into their meat pies - for me, the more the better!
  10. It's not the top surface that's the problem in my view but the regular inserts across the road that create exactly the same vibration and reaction as in Jackson Street. It's been like that since I started driving in 1964 and I probably know the road better than most having been born there over 70 years ago - and I certainly don't treat it like a racetrack as you suggest!
  11. How about doing Greenfield Road at the same time? It's been a mess for over 50 years that I can recall.
  12. 'Flash' was still there in the 60s and didn't change a bit! I was never much good at Latin but some things you could never forget such as the difference between active and passive. He took great delight in instrucing anybody who got it wrong with two slaps across the head, the first accompanied by the commentary "I hit you -active" and the second, "you are hit - passive". Were those the good old days? I wonder.
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