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  1. Hi Hort, and thanks for the Link, so it's where Sherdley Primary School is now, I only knew of Whiston/Prescot Union Workhouse, have to have a nosey on the workhouse website and see if they have a record of this one. I imagine the link between Thieves Lane and Workhouse Lane is when thieves have nowt to nick, no food and nowhere to sleep, they head to the workhouse just round the corner.
  2. That is a brain buster, I don't know as yet, time to get digging.
  3. Thanks for that info Phyll, all home owners on Eaves Lane can have a chuckle at the thought of Michael Hughes gamekeepers chasing after the poachers down their lane.
  4. It seems poachers making their getaway from Michael Hughes Estate Sherdley Park after poaching his game, used thieves Lane as a quick exit, hence present day Eaves Lane, go to www.suttonbeauty. org.uk for more in depth info.
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