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  1. Looks like Sonny Bill will be going back to union Johnny!
  2. Chopsticks, I remember when I lived there it was called Lings Fisheries
  3. Rondo

    gas masks

    I remember chopping and bundling fire wood down there and I'm pretty sure it was for the guy who sold the fuel, going back to the mid 60's now! We got some of the gas masks from the school as well.
  4. Yes we moved to Australia in 1969 but my brother Michael who was a couple of years older than David & I returned to live just outside of Manchester, you might remember him as he also went to sjab. I have been back for a couple of visits.
  5. Yiklad, now I know who you are but who is greenbanker ( give me a clue) for a while there I thought he was you lol. Johnny Clisham was the guy who taught us at sjab.
  6. Hi Yicklad, I'm F..and I sure do remember the Pilks St. Johns Ambulance Brigade we had some great times there. give me a clue to who you are!
  7. Hey Clancy, I was telling my wife that I used to go to St Peter and Pauls Primary school with the kids who lived in the Carr Mill Pub. We were friends and used to play in the rooms above the pub and ride a go cart that they had out the back, I couldn't remember their names so thanks for reminding me it was clark of course, I also remember that if we walked to school before they built the subway we had to run across the east lancs rd near the service station.
  8. Hi Olliebeak, My Dad would have known your Grandad for sure, I would have seen him there as well because my mother would send us kids down to see when my father was coming home when he worked very late. I remember the night watchman on duty.
  9. Just looked at the photos of Carr Mill Dam, I can't believe it.. in one of the photos titled kids in boats I'm in one of the boats! my Brother and cousin are in the other boat. This thread brings back heaps of memories as I too was brought up in Clinkham Wood and Carr Mill was a big playground for us even after they closed it down.
  10. My Father used to work as a mechanic for Terry Lennon (Garage Owner) in the 60's before we came to Australia in 1969, They were also quite good friends much to my mothers dislike as they often travelled to France together lol. I remember as a kid chipping the cement from old bricks at Lennons Garage during rebuilding work and also going to the circus in Terry's jag all paid for by Terry to appease my Mother who had gone on the warpath after one of the trips abroad.
  11. Hey Greenbanker Just drew some glasses on your new photo, Yes it is definitely you!
  12. Sorry Phyll can't remember that my memories of going to church are of sore knees but I do remember the bus trips home from school lol. Can anybody tell me exactly when the old school was pulled down and what happened with the pupils? I remember that just before my Family moved to Australia in march 1969 that we had a debate about going co-ed.Is that what happened?
  13. Yes but he was younger when I knew him lol.
  14. Hi Greenbanker, we were in the same class and from my name you will know who I am I have also sent you a message to find out your name even though I have an idea already as I think you look just the same as you did only older like the rest of us..Remember the first week at school when Baines ran a competition to see who could get caned the most by Mr Campsie ( He won of course) lol. Mr Campsie would give us a first warning then a second warning and then we would all get the cane..only a love tap and it was great fun while it lasted. I was also in the choir and remember singing at the opening to the cathedral, Johnson and I were chosen to make the teachers tea and coffee everyday at dinner time so we would be allowed out early from our last class before dinner time, We would also sneak a quick cigarette in the staff room as well.
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