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  1. Hello Liz. Did your live somewhere near St Vincent's and used to be in St Helens CND?

    Best Wishes 


  2. aah thanks so much to everyone who has replied - now I have seen the photos it really has helped! I know that Chessies is now converted to houses but the photo has definitely helped me remember what it used to look like. Also I heard the Geraldo is now a gym? .. That photos really brings back memories (and remember it was Lord St now).. . .. always Chessie's first then Geraldo for the Friday rock nights ..some great times in there head banging and great music, those were the days eh?! ..
  3. I know that neither of these places exists anymore .. but I used to go to them both so often between mid 70's and early 80's when I lived there. I live in Liverpool now but passing through St Helens today I tried to locate them and know they were both in the area between North Road and College Street but sadly nothing looked familiar! .. .. can anyone tell me which roads they both were on? I thought Cooper Street rang a bell for Chessie's but found 2 pubs on there anyway - Cowley Vaults and Turks Head so don't think it would have been there .. anyone able to help?
  4. very interested to read this ..as I didn't realise who my old road was named after! I lived in McMinnis Avenue until 1983 - grew up there but haven't been there since my Mum passed away in 2007 .. you learn something new every day to be sure!
  5. brilliant photos!! the bridge is amazing when lit up - as I live away from St Helens I have only seen it lit up once - you have captured everything very well - great too that Saints have their lovely new stadium at last!!
  6. great photos - is ther meant to be a ghost on the 'victoria' pic though or is that just a clever camera shot of yourself?!!
  7. I always remember as a child in late 50's - early 60's walking to school in very deep snow and my dad and other dads in the street digging a trench for all us kids to walk to school! .. no school closures or anything like that in those days! also remember actually walking home from school in secondary school about 3 or 4 miles (eccleston to parr!) quite regularly in knee-deep snow with my friend through recreation park and we would stop at her nan's for a drink before continuing home!
  8. Oh my word! Pimblett's pies were definitely pie-heaven!! they were definitely the best pies ever. When I was a child they were a Saturday treat .. especially the meat and potato and of course the apple .. I know there was a shop in college street, one in Fingerpost and one somewhere else in town (Barrow St maybe?) .. such a shame they all had to close down a few years ago .. due to being undersold by cheaper places I think? last one I had was I think in early 2008. I live in Liverpool but whenever I used to visit my parents I always stopped off at one of the shops for a pie .. Sayers and Greggs etc have absolutely NOTHING on them - you just can't replace quality!!
  9. I think that St Helens is probably the only place where you can get a 'split'! .. like in the Lancashire Hotpots song .. 'Chippy tea' .. 'in St Helens they serve splits..' etc .. I remember when I was at college in Leeds in the '70's my sister came to visit and asked for a 'split' at the local chippy .. they didn't have a clue what she was talking about!!
  10. remember going to the Lingholme quite regularly around 1980-81 when i was doing a youth leader training course somewhere in the Cowley Hill lane area, and we always went in there afterwards for a pint .. good pub .. sorry to see it has gone , but still can't understand why so many new flats and houses are actually needed when there is such high unemployment and jobs at risk etc? what is going on? it seems to be the same everywhere. I live in Liverpool and everywhere I look there are all these new houses which have been up for sale and to let for months?
  11. I was born in Cowley Hill in July 1954 and my 2 sisters after me in 1957and 1961 and my brother in 1965 .. I always remember my Dad telling me that only the husbands were allowed to visit - not like these days when other family and children etc can go in - I remember as an 11 year old seeing my baby brother for the first time when he was 10 days old as Mums had to stay in for ages then - I think about 10-14 days normally even after just a normal delivery! Also I remember my Mum & Dad saying that all the babies were kept in a separate nursery, and only went to the Mums every 4 hours or so for feeding, and when the Dads visited they just had to look through a window at the rows of cots with the 'matrons' watching then sternly - and were only allowed to hold their child for a few mins each visit ! just imagine the matrons of those days trying to cope with the idea of men being at the birth!!
  12. I remember the Lennon's supermarket in Ormskirk St very well for 2 reasons - firstly one of the supermarket owners (Terry Lennon) daughters was in my class at school and at age 17 she used to come to school in her new sports car! there were a couple of other Lennon's girls at my school and also Dr Lennon's daughter also came to my school (Notre Dame as it was then!), (think he may have been Terry Lennon's brother?) - also more importantly we were NEVER allowed to shop there as, before the supermarket was established, the Lennon family had other shops and managed to deliberately undercut other local grocers shops in the area to such an extent that many were forced out of business - including my grandparents little shop - for that reason we were never allowed to shop at the supermarket - and I never actually set foot in the place ..out of loyalty to my family.
  13. I still use 'mither' as in Phyll's post .. usually confuses non-St Helensers .. also remember the old dollytub and mangle - as in Swimmer's posts.. when I was really small my Mum still had one and used to also starch my Dad's shirt collars with a 'dolly-blue'? also my Mum always used to refer to 'soft joe'? as in .. ' your as daft as soft joe' .. or as being 'soft as my cap' brilliant! ..
  14. Oh dear - I certainly don't think we should be considering bulldozing all the old buildings and turning the town into some kind of faceless nondescript copy of many other of the 'new' towns (ref CumbriaKid's comment).. many of St Helen's oldest buildings you have described are amazing in their architecture. I understand Cumbriakid that you are obviously angry and making your point but I also feel that a dangerous building should not actually be left standing just because of its heritage (ref Skyman's first post)- if it cannot be preserved and made safe then unfortunately it may have to be pulled down. There are so many eyesores in all the northern cities and towns including the Edge Lane area in Liverpool where I live, caused by the onslaught of so-called modern advances .. such a shame .. but half-demolished buildings and rubble, vermin-traps etc need to be dealt with somehow ..
  15. am new onto this forum - wish I had known about this before now!! - I was born and brought up in St Helens and lived there up to 1984 and I used to frequent both 'Chessie's' (nickname for Exchange Vaults of course!!) and the infamous Geraldo probably around 1976 to 1983..around the College St / Lord St area? great times, heavy rock stuff at the geraldo mainly - headbanging etc and some great characters. it was always very dark from what I remember probably so you couldn't see the stains and rips in the furniture etc! I used to go along mainly with one of my sisters and in fact when my other sister got married in Oct 1980 they had a 'makeshift reception' at chessies !anyone have any memories of these 2 places ?
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