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  1. Degsy

    The Hotties Culvert

    Been thinking about it for a while Guwop but I was waiting for one of the warmer months in summer during a prolonged dry period but we don't seem to have had one this year. I'm not sure how deep the water is at that point but it looks quite fast flowing when its been raining.
  2. Degsy

    The Hotties Culvert

    I have considered going in there in the past Guwop but thought that it was inaccessible and that the height of it on the inside was all as low as is shown in your first picture. Also, did you know that there is something similar in the woodland behind Matalan just off the canal where the disused railway line is? The entrance to it is quite high and from the looks of it is an easy walk through.
  3. How did you manage to get in there Guwop? I approached Pilks earlier this year with aview to getting some photos but they wouldn't allow it due to health and safety reasons.
  4. The following are a series of photographs taken at a location off the Rainford Bypass and Dairy Farm Road. During the war this area was used to store vast amounts of ammunition in a series of bunkers set in a circle round a central field. Surrounding these were a number of pill boxes, a couple of which are shown in the first few photos. The photos towards the end are of one of the actual bunkers. The photos of the bunkers are from the rear as they are now used as indusrial units so the fronts have modern metal roller shutter doors which spoil the effect. The bunkers appear to be brick buildings protected by concrete walls and mounds of earth round the perimeter. DSC01103 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC01102 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC01101 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC01100 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC01099 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC01088 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC01083 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC01074 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC01073 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC01071 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC01070 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC01069 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC01089 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC01091 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC01093 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC01094 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC01096 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC01097 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC01098 by Degsy, on Flickr
  5. Degsy

    Old Prebytery Pictures

    I'm not sure. Probably, round the back but I haven't been there since. It isn't easy but as long as its not been boarded up again its possible. By the way, was that you taking photos of the front on Borough Road earlier this afternoon?
  6. Degsy

    Old Prebytery Pictures

    The 22nd picture from the top shows the roots of one of the buddleia plants that is growing on the roof, Its just worth bearing in mind if you see one starting to grow on your own house. Best to get rid of it as soon as possible before it takes hold. I've seen the these plants literally rip walls apart in some places. I lot of the inside was completely dark. The pictures show it to be a lot lighter than it actaully is but that is just as a result of the flash on the camera bringing it to life. The picture with the big orange tank and the one beneath it for example are the basement which was pitch black. It was very spooky down there!
  7. Degsy

    Old Prebytery Pictures

    DSC00940 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC00939 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC00938 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC00937 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC00936 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC00935 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC00934 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC00933 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC00932 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC00931 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC00930 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC00929 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC00927 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC00926 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC00925 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC00924 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC00923 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC00922 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC00921 by Degsy, on Flickr
  8. The following are some photos of the inside of the old presbytery building on Borough Road. They were taken in January this year but I have only just learnt how to post them on here. Special thanks to Robbob for his assistance. DSC00963 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC00962 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC00961 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC00960 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC00959 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC00958 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC00957 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC00956 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC00954 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC00953 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC00951 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC00950 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC00949 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC00948 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC00945 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC00942 by Degsy, on Flickr DSC00941 by Degsy, on Flickr More to follow.
  9. Degsy


    I have an idea about what's being built there but Dave won't let me tell you!! Sorry Dave, joke.
  10. Degsy

    Clean-up Operation for what?

    I heard they are building a refuge for asylum seekers!
  11. Degsy


    A refuge for asylum seekers. You heard it here first folks.
  12. It looks like a camp that the kids have made to me. Used to do a similar thing when I was a kid.
  13. Degsy

    WW2 Pill Box?

    I tried to PM you Robbob but got a message saying that you could not take any new messages.
  14. Degsy

    WW2 Pill Box?

    I was out riding my bike yesterday up the Rainford bypass and came across two more pillboxes by accident. I rode through one of the farms via a public footpath that I had never noticed before. The path just seemed to come to a dead end and didn't lead anywhere but just as I was turning round to leave I noticed one in the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere. I went and spoke to the farmer and he told me that there were two of them. They are there because there used to be an ammunition dump nearby during the war, the buildings of which are also still there. Apparently there was a railway line to there that used to carry the shells to the buidlings which were, and still are, hidden amongst the trees. He also showed me one of his farm buildings in which one of the walls and part of the roof is bellied out. He said that was caused by one of the German planes dropping a couple of bombs in a field on the way back from Liverpool. They weren't targeting the ammo dumps, just releasing bombs they hadn't used. One of them apparently blew the roof off the post office in Rainford village. Anyway I managed to find a way to get closer to the pillboxes and the ammo dump buildings. It was via a private road off Dairy Farm Road. The buildings that kept the shells are still there but look to be used as industrial units now. I managed to get a close look at the pillboxes which are in really good nick, although one of them is stuffed full of old rusty fence wire. I managed to get some picture of them all but I have no idea how to put them on here now since the rules changed so if somebody could give me a clue how to do it I'll give it a go.
  15. Degsy


    I don't think it is anything to do with just slagging off Parr for the sake of it but just stating fact. It wasn't that long ago that a wheelie bin was put inside the five a side pitch in Nanny Goat Park next to the fence and set it on fire. The children's playground has suffered a similar fate over the years. I know that these things happen everywhere but its just simply a fact that Parr suffers worse than most places.

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