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  1. When we were kids, we used to call it the white hospital.
  2. The pool was for the exclusive use of West Park boys. It was opened when the ''new'' school was opened on Alder Hey Rd. The school moved there when I went into the fourth form, 1965. Previous to its use as a pool, it had been used as changing rooms for sports. Before moving to Alder Hey Rd, on games days we boys would walk down from the old school in St Georges Rd/Prescot Rd, around the lake in Taylor park, down past Fibreglass and round to Millbrook lane.
  3. Different pubs surely? The Fingerpost is deffo curved - the other pub says it's the Locomotive, wherever that was.
  4. I'd say that the apparent curvature is just an artifact of the lens used to take the photo.
  5. FRANK

    Wigan v Hull kr.

    As the proverb suggests: Rules are for the guidance of wise men and the blind obedience of fools.
  6. Does my bum look big in these shorts?
  7. Apart from Germaloids 😀
  8. Not sure where the Palm House was ( probably attached to some local mansion ), but there was a pipe manufactory in Ackers Lane according to the 1850 OS map.
  9. This is a poster from 1913, when Haydock Conservative club was called the ''Electraceum'' - a very early cinema. I was given the poster by Arthur Storer who was secretary of the club in the 70's. He'd found a number of the posters in the club attic. Some of the films listed are described on IMDB - most are only 5 or 6 minutes in duration. added 7 minutes later Here's a photo of Haydock ''bug'', the other picture house of Haydock, on Clipsley Lane.
  10. What a cracking performance by the girls to beat the Aussies on their own patch. Hope they can do the same to Spain in the final.
  11. Wen I first looked at the photo, I thought that the pole holding the tram wires up was a tower crane in the distance. 😄
  12. On the 1938/44 map, where you described is a place shown as ''Windlehurst Mansion (school)''. On earlier maps, the building(s) are shown as ''Windlehurst''. Current maps show Cowley International College on the site but with an entirely different footprint, so it looks like the earlier Mansion school is no more.
  13. Used to go in there many moons ago - nice pub back then.
  14. Isn't the pub the ''game bird'' rather than ''bird game''?
  15. The Prescot road school was a mish-mash of old buildings past its sell-by date. It was good to move into a new light and airy place. Only downside for me was having to get 2 buses to get there from Haydock - I used to get the 320 from Haydock to the old place.
  16. When I was at West Park, we moved to the ''new'' school on Alder Hey Rd around 1965, where we had our own swimming pool across the playing fields on Millbrook lane.
  17. I've been suffering a bad cold over the last few days, and my brother unsympathetically said I must grin and bear it. For some reason it brought back memories of my dad - a yicker pitmon - who would have said '' well, what cont do when thi clogs let wayter in? ''.
  18. I agree Alan, one of the best matches I've seen for a while. As you say, lots of butterfingers - Welsby in particular had a bad un.
  19. Yeah Alan - I remember on the club trips to Blackpool, the first kid who spotted the tower would get a tanner.
  20. Here's some info from the census returns. In 1841 it's listed as Worsley's farm with Peter Worsley ( farmer ) in residence. On the 1849 O.S. Map it's shown as Haydock House. In 1851 It's listed as Blackbrook House farm with Peter Worsley (aged 70) and his son Peter (22) in residence.. In 1861 listed as Blackbrook Farm with Peter Worsley (80) and son Peter (45) described as farmer of 71 acres. In 1871 Listed as Blackbrook Farm, now with Henry Pimblet ( agricultural labourer) , his wife Eliza and daughter Mary. In 1881 Listed as Blackbrook Farm, now with Thomas Parr (38 – Agricultural labourer) his wife Ellen and family. In 1891 Thomas Parr and family still in residence. In 1901, listed as Worsley brow farm. With Thomas (58) and son William (25) descibed as Teamsman on farm. Also listed at the same address was Thomas Topping (26 – Insurance agent), wife Agnes, 3 kids and a domestic servant Alice Lowe (16). In 1911, the 2 families, Thomas Parr ( now Farm Bailiff ), and Thomas Topping still in residence, along with 2 boarders. In 1939 register, Joseph Hurst and wife Marion now in residence. Back in the 1950's and 60's the property was owned by Davvy Foster who had a garage in Worsley st.
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