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  1. Old maps seem to show an entrance on Lancots Lane just south of the low (ex) railway bridge. Side by side georeferenced maps viewer - Map images - National Library of Scotland MAPS.NLS.UK
  2. If somebody was being a bit stingy and mean, they'd a good chance of hearing '' Bloody hell, they're not all in Palestine!''.
  3. Do you mean ''Who's in who's out''?
  4. You must have led a sheltered life Hort.
  5. People saying ''it's like Fred Karno's army'' to describe a chaotic situation - such as our present government.
  6. Pitmen walking home from work with snap tins hanging from their belts.
  7. You don't see cars with earth straps dangling off the back bumper. Were they supposed to prevent car sickness or summat?
  8. FRANK


    there's a bloke on YT - John Kirkwood's his name - he's a retired baker from Geordieland and he shows how to make really tasty pies and pasties. I've tried his recipes and am well please with the results.
  9. How come Parr has become a site for these amazing murals?
  10. Get Banksy round, let him do a bit of graffiti art on your walls and it will raise the value of your house by £100k.
  11. I like the 'muriels' Rob - brightens the place up.
  12. I didn't expect Saints to lose to Toulouse. They had played 5 and lost 5 up to yesterday. Most strange.
  13. FRANK

    shane warne

    Wow! 52, and still a fit bloke. Probably one of the best bowlers of all time. I see his compatriot Rodney Marsh (74) has died on the same day. Sad day for Aussie cricket.
  14. On the old map of 1849, Billinge Rant is shown in the area where the Brown Cow pub was located on Rainford Rd, (now a private house ), with Lower Rant just a little bit to the south. View map: Lancashire CI (includes: Ashton in Makerfield; Billinge and Winstanley; Haydock.... - Ordnance Survey Six-inch England and Wales, 1842-1952 MAPS.NLS.UK
  15. They did everything but score in the first leg - played a blinder last night even without 3 of their top men.
  16. You mean the grassy part to the right of stinky brook in the photo?
  17. I've heard of the 'blunder' - what/where was it?
  18. Thanks for the photo Phyll. I'd love to see one which shows the gap in the houses where no.31, ( and next door ) used to stand. added 22 minutes later Google Photos PHOTOS.GOOGLE.COM Home for all your photos and videos, automatically organised and easy to share.
  19. Great pics Jeff. Do you know of any of Talbot St? In Sep 1940, 3 of my relatives, Francis, Martha and Veronica Smith, were killed by a German bomb which hit their house at 31 Talbot St.
  20. I bought a copy from Amazon in 1995(ish) - probably the first thing I purchased on the net. Amazon had only just started up and my book came from Seattle where they had their first operation. It cost me around £25 back then (including postage). The flyleaf on my copy says first published in 1954 with reprints in 1959 and 1993.
  21. For industrial history of St Helens, you'd be hard pushed to beat this: Amazon.co.uk : st helens a merseyside town
  22. From the position of the gasholder in the distance which was between Standish St and the new double locks, I'd say the photo was taken between Corporation St and Standish St looking north-eastish. The Standish St. swing bridge being at the left hand edge of the photo.
  23. FRANK


    Sad to see him lose, but hey - £200,000 smackers aint bad for chuckin a few darts, is it?
  24. FRANK


    Any darters out there? St Helens local boy Michael Smith is just about to start in the final of the World Championship against Peter Wright. Good luck Michael.
  25. ''Please BARE with us....'' - are they having topless bar staff?
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