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  1. A large valve removed recently. Photo by Andrew Gus Gorman.
  2. Cheers Tony I'll see if I can narrow it down further.
  3. Anyone know where this was located? I can't access the St Helens street names database - keeps telling me to log in even though I am logged in.
  4. I enjoyed the game but noticed that the Salford no.10, Ikahihifo was giving the ref a lot of verbal when being spoken to. I think the ref should have been more strict and tell him to button it. Don't want it getting like football.
  5. It's weird on Google Earth streetview. If you look at the location from the main road, the houses have gone, but if you look from the entry road to the retail park, they magically reappear. Different imagery dates - 2020 and 2016.
  6. Is the council recycling facility not open? The people who dumped that must have a vehicle, so why not take it there?
  7. They are in grave 98 at St Peters, Parr, in the 1926 extension. Violet 15/6/1963 Edwin 7/5/1969
  8. Festival was Greenalls answer to Double Diamond - bit on the sweet side for me. It was 2/4d a pint when we first started serving it when I worked at the Huntsman Haydock. Some of the older mild drinkers would finish off their evening with a Chester/mild. When I started in 1968, Mild was 1/7d and bitter 1/8d in the bar - 1d extra in the 'best side'. The only lager we sold then was bottled Tuborg - 2 or 3 bottles a week.
  9. What do you mean by 'crashed'? If the disk is still ok, it could be possible to retrieve data.
  10. Looks like a lifting gantry a the back end - are they going to raise something from the deep? The plug?
  11. FRANK

    The Brook

    Three members of our extended family died as a result of a German bomb hitting their house at 31 Talbot Street on 10th Sep 1940. My Mam's cousin, Martha Smith and two of her children, Veronica and Francis. St Helens Reporter Tue 10 September 1940 AIR RAID CASUALTIES SOME MIRACULOUS ESCAPES During an air raid on an industrial town in the north west area last Thursday night some houses were wrecked, a few minor fires started and shop fronts and house windows shattered, some fatal casualties were caused but there were several miraculous escapes.A high explosive bomb, dropped on a covered brook caused a great cavity in the earth. Two houses near by were damaged but a communal shelter filled with people on the verge of the crater was unscathed.Three people were killed in two houses that were struck, Mrs MARY SMITH 61, her son FRANK SMITH 33 and CONNIE SMITH her daughter. Taken to hospital for treatment were Mrs ANNIE MEASURES 61, Mr HENRY MEASURES 62?, Mrs IRENE DEVANNEY, PETER ANDERS and EMILY MEASURES. In a bedroom of a house opposite two demolished houses, a man, his wife and two young children lay sleeping in bed, a huge kerbstone hurtled through the roof a nd dropped on the bed. All occupants escaped without a scratch. The roofs of several houses in the vacinity were holed. CHURCH ON FIRE An incenduary bomb was dropped at the entrance to a church constructed in part of brick and wood with a corrugated iron roof and sides and was, with a car set on fire, the timber yard next door escaped unscathed. Inside the church nothing but scrap and a few chairs were left, a piano and organ were ruined. Next door to the church a man and his wife were sheltering under the stairs. The flames from the burning church burnt out the woodwork at the gable end of the house, the couple were lifted to their feet by the explosion of the bomb but escaped uninjured, only the fanlight window broken. A 15 year old girl VERA CASSIDY was killed, her brother FRED age 19 owed his escape to the fact he was on night work. Mrs CASSIDY was taken to hospital suffering from shock and leg injuries. She is fairly comfortable. The tennant of one of the houses, Mrs KNOWLES and her five children escaped injury, when Mrs Knowles heard the sirens she sought refuge in a neighbors close by, her own house was unoccupied when the bomb struck it. An incenduary bomb was dropped in the back bedroom of a house tenanted by Mrs Massey and went through the bedroom floor, Mrs Massey wasnt injured, she had taken refuge in an Anderson shelter at the rear. A warden extinguished the bomb with a stirrup pumb. September - a few days later the burial of Martha, Francis and Veronica SMITH, all in the same grave.
  12. Here in Brum, we are still in tier 3 which means no pubs or restaurants are open so no chance of a pint and a scotch egg. What I have noticed is that the takeaway trade is roaring. We sometimes have a Chinese takeaway on a Saturday evening, and last week placed our order at the usual time. I normally give them 15 mins, than go and pick it up. Anyroad, when I got there, there were people queuing out of the door so had to stand outside and wait. I had to wait 30 mins before I got my order. Whilst waiting, 2 delivery lads came and went several times after collecting orders for customers. I've never seen it like that before. Last night, we thought we'd have fish and chips from our local chippy so off I went in the car. On the way there I passed the local Macdonalds drive through. The queue was incredible with cars all the way around the building and back on to the main road. Must have been 30 or more cars. Got to the chippy and there was a queue there - 2 or three in the shop and 8 queuing outside - gave it a miss. There's another chippy a bit further up the road - same there. So I thought I'd give the KFC a look in. Never seen anything like it - queue for the drive through was a mile long and people who'd given up on the drive through were parked all over the place to do a walk in order. Well at that point, I gave up and went home and cooked a meal instead. It seems that folk who would normally go out to a pub or restaurant for a drink or a meal are now doing the takeaway thing instead.
  13. That looks like concrete shuttering. Are they reinforcing the steps Stephen?
  14. FRANK

    Wigan v Saints final

    I was wondering the same thing.
  15. FRANK

    Wigan v Saints final

    Brilliant game, superb advertisement for Rugby league. It could've been anybody's game but the best team won. Nice to see James Graham and O`Laughlan both get a good send off.
  16. Ozzview, I produced this a while back from census records. West End Road has been known under various names in the past. In early censuses (1841/51) there were very few houses on the road. The top end near the Huntsman was known as 'Toll Bar' after the turnpike Toll Bar which used to be where Dr Conolly's surgery was (359 WE Rd). Further down in the area of the Owl's Nest, houses are referred to as being in 'Boarded Barn'. Houses lower down were simply 'Blackbrook'. By 1861, we have 'Blackbrook Cottages' (1 to 11 WE Rd) which stood opposite the 'Ship Inn'. The lower part of WE Rd is now called 'St Helens Rd' with a group of cottages where the Lanour Club No1 stood known as 'Old Fold'. By 1871/81, we still have Blackbrook and Old Fold Cottages, but we now have 'Florida Cottages' known to older yickers as 'Diamond Window Row'. In 1891, 'Ebenezer Place' appears. We still have Florida Cottages and Old Fold, but now the lower part of WE Rd (below the Owl) is known as 'Blackbrook Rd'. At this time, small groups of 3 or 4 houses were referred to as e.g. 'Picton's Property' after the name of occupants or possibly the builder/owner. There were also groups known as e.g. 'Parkfield Terrace', 'Melbourne Terrace' etc. By 1901 houses are listed with addresses as in use today, although WE Rd is still called 'Blackbrook Rd'. In 1911, the main road from the Huntsman to the Ship is still known as Blackbrook Road. As you say, by 1939 we have West End Road, don't know exactly when the change occured.
  17. Yes Brian, Phyll's photo is a rear view of the 'new' school on Alder Hey Road.
  18. FRANK

    St.helens v Wigan

    I think I remember reading somewhere long ago that in RU, the ball s only in play on average, 22 minutes out of the 80.
  19. I think you're right Tony - he taught us A-Level Chemistry - quite an amusing chap. I remember he'd been synthesizing Dinitrogen Pentoxide in the lab. There was a small piece on top of one of the storage radiators and he just touched it with his cane. The substance is so unstable that it exploded in a brown cloud and blew the end of his cane to bits.
  20. He's on Brianza's photo as I mentioned above - ps , I thought is surname was Coan rather than the Jewish Cohen. He was Saints coach as well as school games master in 1966 when they beat Wigan 21 - 2 in the Challenge Cup final. He brought the cup to school and it was on display in the foyer for a while so the lads ( me included ) could hold it up.
  21. You're right Brianza, He was an excellent teacher with a dry sense of humour. He was teaching us maths in Upper 6th when he took bad. Whilst giving us a lesson, he came forth with an uncontrollable bout of wind - presumably due to his condition. He had to leave the classroom, and Mr Carlisle (Jasper) took over the lesson. Jack never came back and he died shortly afterwards.
  22. Great photo's Brianza. I only started there in 1962 so am not on there. I do recognise a lot of the teachers. Mather (music), Rogan (latin - crap), Jones (sports), Coan (Joe, Games ), Mr and Mrs O'Reilly (maths and French resp.), Mrs McLoughlin (German), Tibbins (maths - died of cancer while at the new school), Platt (physics), Mc Donagh (Physics), Boardman (art). The only brother I can spot is Augustine - don't know the others.
  23. Sorry Phyll, I didn't click on the link so didn't see the second photo of the new school. I'd say the photo of the old school was taken from the top of Pilks Head Office block. They were building it while I was at West Park from 1962 in forms 1,2 and 3. They had big numbers on the side indicating the floors and we'd look each day to see if a new number had gone up. If I remember rightly, they got as far as floor 14. As Phyll says, the new school opened in 1965 when I went into form 4.
  24. That photo is of the old West Park on Prescott road. By 1978, when David was at West Park, the school had moved to Alder Hey Road. I was at West Park from 1962 to 1969, the first 3 years at Prescott Road then after form 4, at Alder Hey Road.
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