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  1. I have a cutting from the Reporter with an account of the funeral at Lowe House church of the three victims . Probably because of wartime restrictions, there is no mention of the circumstances of their deaths. It just says they were 'victims of a recent tragedy'.
  2. Yes Dave, I've seen them on there.
  3. Are civilian casualties recorded on the cenotaph? Three of my relatives, Francis Martha and Veronica Smith, were killed by a bomb which fell on their house Talbot street in September 1940.
  4. FRANK

    Haunting in St Helens Mill Street

    Probably Johnny Welly.
  5. FRANK

    Suggestions please.

    Thanks for the suggestions.
  6. FRANK

    Suggestions please.

    Unfortunately, my only info is from census records which just say born Ireland and with a name like Kelly, I'm at a loss.
  7. FRANK

    Suggestions please.

    I've got stuck whilst delving into my mother's side of the family. One of my Gt.grandparents is Rose Ann Kelly born ca 1851 in Ireland. How do I pursue her lineage further back?
  8. FRANK

    Shaggy Mushroom

    I understood that the rock was not a meteorite, but was a geological erratic deposited in St Helens during the retreat of the glaciers in the last ice-age.
  9. Is St Helens 'twinned' with Stuttgart? Is this the reason for the project? Perhaps Stuttgart council are paying for it.
  10. FRANK

    Norman Harvey VC

    I was going to say cap badge but thought surely they wouldn't have made such a glaring mistake. Has anyone connected to the project spotted it or been informed of the error?
  11. FRANK

    No Bloody Moon

    You've not that long to wait for the next total Lunar eclipse Rob. On Monday 21st Jan 2019 there's another, but you'll have to be up early to see it. The eclipse begins at 02:36 and ends at 07:48. The period of totality - when you might see the blood moon is from 04:41 till 05:43 so set your alarm clock and get your winter drawers on.
  12. FRANK

    bicc transport firm

    I first came across 'calendering' when I worked as engineer for Honeywell Computers. We were getting excessive error rates on a particular batch of reels of 2400 foot half inch wide computer tapes from BASF. After some investigation, I found that there was a repeating pattern on the surface of the recording side of the tapes every 17 inches or so. After consultation with BASF technical people, it turned out that the 17 inches was the circumference of one of the rolls used in the callendering process which was intended to put a smooth fine finish on the surface of the tape. They inspected their production machine and did indeed find a damaged roller. They thanked me and replaced the entire library of tapes original supplied.
  13. FRANK

    Shouldn't Throw Stones

    Our art teacher was a Dickie - i.e. Dickie Boardman. Don't know about his personal life but he was a balding bloke with glasses probably 40ish in '68.
  14. FRANK

    Shouldn't Throw Stones

    Possibly 1968 or 9. It was during the last two years that I was at the new West park in Alder Hey Rd.

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