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  1. FRANK

    bicc transport firm

    I first came across 'calendering' when I worked as engineer for Honeywell Computers. We were getting excessive error rates on a particular batch of reels of 2400 foot half inch wide computer tapes from BASF. After some investigation, I found that there was a repeating pattern on the surface of the recording side of the tapes every 17 inches or so. After consultation with BASF technical people, it turned out that the 17 inches was the circumference of one of the rolls used in the callendering process which was intended to put a smooth fine finish on the surface of the tape. They inspected their production machine and did indeed find a damaged roller. They thanked me and replaced the entire library of tapes original supplied.
  2. FRANK

    Shouldn't Throw Stones

    Our art teacher was a Dickie - i.e. Dickie Boardman. Don't know about his personal life but he was a balding bloke with glasses probably 40ish in '68.
  3. FRANK

    Shouldn't Throw Stones

    Possibly 1968 or 9. It was during the last two years that I was at the new West park in Alder Hey Rd.
  4. FRANK

    Shouldn't Throw Stones

    Whilst at West Park, our Physics teacher Mr Platt had a bloke from Pilks bring a load of samples of the different products that they produced at the time for our edification. Among the items was a sheet of toughened glass about 5' by 2'. He place this on 2 pieces of 4'' by 4'' in the form of a bridge and invited several lads to stand on the glass to demonstrate its strength. Despite showing a good degree of bending, the glass held up - until the lads being lads started jumping up and down. Suddenly - bang! - the glass shattered into thousands of pieces, flying everywhere. No elfin safety then though but nobody was hurt and we all had a good laugh.
  5. FRANK

    St helens cemetry records

    Cheers Phyll, I'd already found those cuttings thanks to mister Google.
  6. FRANK

    Shouldn't Throw Stones

    I started at the old West Park grammar school in 1962 and remember watching the building rise floor by floor. They had big numbers on each floor - I think the top floor was labelled '14' - would that be correct or is my memory playing tricks.
  7. FRANK

    St helens cemetry records

    Cheers Ratty, I live in Brum but come up to St Helens to see my brother and sister about every month. I'd ask one of them to check out the grave but they are both in a bad way mobility wise.
  8. FRANK

    St helens cemetry records

    Since the above, I've found out that my mam's Aunt and 2 cousins (Martha, Francis Patrick and Veronica Smith) were killed by a German bomb in Sept 1940 at 31Talbot Street. They were buried together in grave 25/458 in the cemetery. I've read that the grave is in the care of the CWGC and wondered if that means that the grave has been looked after all these years. Do you by chance have a photo of the grave Ned?
  9. FRANK

    St Helens Cemetery - Civilian War Graves

    Cheers BJL - I'd already seen those.
  10. FRANK

    St Helens Cemetery - Civilian War Graves

    I've just found out that the three Smiths who were killed at 31 Talbot St in the bombing described above were relatives of mine. Are there any photographs of Talbot St, or photo's of the destruction brought about by the bombing?
  11. FRANK

    St helens cemetry records

    Thanks very much for the Photo Ned, It will make it easier to find when I visit.
  12. FRANK

    St helens cemetry records

    Thanks both, I'll check it out next time I'm up from Brum.
  13. FRANK

    St helens cemetry records

    I'm trying to find info on a grave in St Helens cemetery - Section 19, No23. I have a copy of the burial records for both of my great grandparents on the Smith side of my line. Robert Smith aged 57 and his wife Rose Anne Smith aged 59 were both buried in 1908 in said grave. According to the cemetery website, the grave was purchased on a 100 year fixed period which terminated in 2008. What would happen to the grave after the termination of the ownership term? Is it possible to locate grave no 23 in section 19?
  14. FRANK

    Spring Equinox 2018

    The days have been getting longer since December 21st ish.

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