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  1. Dickie Guest great rugby player Jeff Duke motor cycle ace Both attended Cowley Grammer
  2. Does anyone know where Derbyshire.Rovers fitted in
  3. I used to go with my brother Ron to the Melody maker band contest. I stood within 2ft of George Shearing the blind pianist.it was held in Blackpool. George played in the intervals Ken Carpenter was one of the compares.I was raised on Tommy Dorsey, Harry James, Benny Goodman.always thought that Joe Loss could hold his own with these. I still download this music on Spotify at the age of 85
  4. My brother Ron Rhind ran the Ammies cc for many years.if you are interested I can send you a photo of the team if you have an email adress. Ron played in a football final at Sutton at the age of 53. I am at present wearing a Seiko watch of Ron's presented to him by the Ammies.The inscription on the back is "To Ron a true sportsman and gentleman from all the Ammies Regards Ron's brother Jack Hi I'm Ron Rhinds brother.the Ammies started off in the workshop of the Foster brothers who both played for the Ammies.It was started by Harold Hunt. We played darts and billiards and it took off from there.We used to pay a weekly fee to buy equipment.we later acquired a large hut which was erected on the licker It really took off when Ron took over
  5. Hi Rob I haven't been on the sight for ages.cannot believe your work rate The photos are as usual fantastic.when you mentioned the official photographer taking you under his wing I thought there is nothing he could teach you many thanks Rob
  6. Rob you've surpassed yourself with these photos. Never seen better
  7. Rob the professional ever. Never seen better.your a genius.It's great to know you
  8. I was at Cowley from 1940-45 I remember Kipper Adshead well. He got me through the exams.Brilliant teacher.Tom Smith the Janitor was great. I think he lost both feet in world war 1. The headmaster was Gerald Dowse a strict disciplinarian.He once caned the whole of my class because a boy who had committed a misdeamener didn't own up. I had three stripes just at the base of the spine which my mam discovered from the blood on my vest. He died on stage giving his retirement speech Jock Stronach taught alongside Swiney Jones
  9. Are the names of sutton harriers in the book My dad Jack Rhind ran with then in the early 40's and later a friend Joe Harrison
  10. Does anyone remember Hayes ice cream the family loved in Gaskell street and made the ice cream in a shed behind the house.they used to sell it from a hand barrow through the streets, or you could buy it over the fence at the back of the house.
  11. Unbilievable Rob Like I said give you a canvas and you will paint the picture. Where as it Rob?
  12. My mam's day started by carrying hot Coals from the fire through the house to the copper,then it was into one tub to be worked with the dolly, then into a second tub for rinsing, then through the mangle then hung over maiden in the front room for drying.next was clearing up in the washroom.then cooking my dads tea at the same time as scrubbing the floor.her day started at 7 am and finished at 6pm.then followed days of ironing. She washed for four adults and four children.Eventualy she was bought an Ada washing machine with a built in mangle with rubber rollers We're certainly spoiled these days Dickie D if you read books about the 1st world war and world war 2 It's all about death and graves on a massive scale. It's history and everyone should be made aware of it.men were shot by their own for cowardis.and traitors were hanged. It's life
  13. This video is fantastic.as an expat I got a great view of Saints new ground ad a nice run round town and Vicky park Nice one Phyll
  14. These last two are pieces of art Rob your'e like an artist Give you a canvas and you paint a picture and like someone said great for us ex pats That Phyllis is one educated lassie,
  15. my mam used these two expressions regularlyWe are talking 1930's onward
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