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  1. burrowz

    The bears paw inn in Westfield st

    Now the Ice Bar
  2. burrowz

    Old Cowleans

    Dan was in charge of the library. You are right. Great teacher who loved literature.
  3. burrowz

    Haresfinch Park

    I used to play in Haresfinch Park just after it opened . Great daays of footie, rugby,cricket and girls!! Brian Burrows
  4. burrowz

    Old Cowleans

    Sorry to hear about this. A great human being and teacher.
  5. Scene was in Cowley Boys not girls- in a big bath in changing rooms
  6. burrowz

    Folds Lane

    Both pictures I would guess pre war?
  7. Why is the monkey bridge called that?
  8. burrowz

    Monkey Bridge

    Why is it called the monkey bridge?
  9. burrowz

    Laffak - school, bridges and farm

    I'd like some too. Lived in Litherland Crescent and spent a lot of time in Laffak and Blackbrook basin. Pictures in my mind but ni hard copy.
  10. burrowz

    shops in haresfinch

    Ann Duncan was beautiful
  11. burrowz

    ASDA Moving?

    New Tesco too big. If you want to go right on leaving, road takes you in a circle back into Tesco.
  12. burrowz

    Leyland Families on College St

    Jack's daughter was called Rita. I was at Parish Church School with her in the 1950's. Burrowz
  13. burrowz

    Dentons Green

    Isn't Tesco express where Geoff Duke's shop was?
  14. burrowz

    Missing from the shelves

    Bonneys crisps
  15. burrowz

    Corner Shops

    Len Warren the baker in Woodlands rd. Haresfinch. Always packed out and lovely bread

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