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  1. vinceprince


    Alan Chew played in the same darts team as me, it was the Kings Arms in Prescot
  2. It is still very popular though Alan there was a crowd of 40,000 at Anfield, I am not sure NZ should have even been there, they beat England by only 1 point & then only drew with Scotland
  3. The price of coal = so many deaths & injuries & horrible diseases like Pnumoconiosis, silicosis, astigmatism, emphasisma ( spelling) !
  4. Just been speaking to someone about this, they say a bomb landed in Oliver Lyme Road but, again, didn't explode, it demolished part of the school wall opposite Tinlings.
  5. Fascinating stuff, thanks all, did Prescot ever get bombed? The BICC must have been a tempting target
  6. I was at Stoves Ltd in Rainhill & that show used to come around pretty often, Morecombe & Wise were regulars ( I think they had shares in the Company) , Bert Weedon & his guitar , plus Jimmy Tarbock ( he was on one week & then the main compere at the Londoon Palladium the following week), Ken Dodd, so many others
  7. "Joint Enterprise" is the reason Derek bentley (aged 18) was hanged, even though he was in police custody when his mate Christopher Craig ( aged 16) shot a policeman whilst the pair were attempting a burglary.
  8. Is there any BICC at all still left in Prescot?
  9. The external cladding tiles were affixed upside down, which allowed the rainwater to get in behind them & would have caused extensive damage costing an arm & a leg to repair so they decided to remove them all & install new ones the right way up .
  10. My aunty was run over & killed on the pedestrian crossing near there ( it was further along towards Liverpool) subsequently, the crossing was moved to outside the H&A to give drivers more sight of the road ahead as they came up the brow. A group of them were going to the Bingo, those who used the proper crossing were run down whilst those who just crossed where they were wer eok, fate I suppose
  11. I worked at Cronton on occasion & note that there was a brickworks attached to the colliery. My mate was the Head Timekeeper, named Ken Hazelden ( a lovely person), he played crown green bowls for the Cabbage Hall pub (near to Liverpool's Anfield Ground). When he knew he was finishing he & his wife bought a bungalow in Rhyl, & they had only lived there a couple of weeks when Ken signed on to play Bowls at a club there. After signing on he sat on a bench on the seafront ( it was a warm sunny day) whilst his wife went to get 2 icecreams & when she came back he was dead (still sitting on the bench)!
  12. My guess is they were going to the races at haydock
  13. Those buses from Whiston , car park near the Green Dragon, were the Hospital Vistors' buses. The Rainhill terminus for the "normal" Widnes buses was the Victoria pub
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