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  1. JFM

    Alma s cafe fingerpost

    Newbie You are quite right there was a pawn shop next to the Little Horsehoe pub. My mam bought me a pair of size 9s footie boots (great except I only took 7s shoes) (also quite possibly a pawn shop near Almas) there was a decent forum about Almas a year or two ago Firemansam your missus would'nt be Margaret would it?
  2. Broken Prop (I think it was in Traverse St at Fingerpost) I was 15/16 and an apprentice painter and decorator, washing down the nicotine covered ceilings and walls (horrible job) before redecoration and the landlord gave us a pint at dinner. (think real name of pub was The Royal?) Also memorys of working in the celler of the Haydock C and B in about 1965 when one of the old painters showed us his skill at "Tapping The Barrels" HAPPY DAYS
  3. Hi Kneeshin Sorry it as took a while to get back to you following our chat at the Abbey The two people I was talking about are Billy Maleedy (May be spelt a different way) He is the guy that it was said ran in the Olympics James W Sephton (He was the monumental mason) who put in place many of the stones in the cemetary during the 1950s and 1960s. He also owned the Mayfair shops and I believe Ellesmere Port speedway track. (Not Belle Vue as I first thought) Also as discussed Robert Patrick Leyland MM (Millitary Medal) still trying to find out exactly what he was awarded this for. You mentioned that we have 3 VC holders buried at St Helens Cemetary. It would be nice someday to have a memorial somewhere in the cemetary to these three brave people. In widnes at the entrance to Victoria park and quite near to the war memorial is a memorial dedicated to the three VC holding sons of Widnes and Runcorn. "Least We Forget"
  4. JFM

    New Years Eve and Hot Pot

    Thanks Swimmer and the same to you and yours will try and find that post
  5. JFM

    St.Helens Disasters.

    Real Disasters 1979, 18th. March. Golborne Colliery, Lancashire. 10 killed. (explosion). All the Good men , women and children who lost their lives in all conflicts and in Industial Accidents Miners, Glassworkers, Building workers, Farmers So easy to forget how easy it was to die in the not to distant past and the employers who really "Did Not Give A Damn" My grandad died as a result of a roof fall in Southport Colliery Parr, My grandmothers compensation? Zilch, and left with kids to bring up Extract from History of Bold Colliery Bold colliery (1881 - 1986) http://www.suttonbeauty.org.uk/suttonhistory/bold_colliery.html Bold Colliery was a major pit within the South Lancashire Coalfield, extracting high quality coal for over 100 years. The cost of coal has historically included loss of much human life and 70 men and boys died at Bold during this period.
  6. Following on from the Christmas Past theme 1 What is the Ultimate recipe for "LANCASHIRE HOT POT" to be dished up on New Years Eve? 2 What time do you eat it? 3 Do you have a Crust or not? 4 What go's with it? 5 What drink's go best with it? P.S HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL P.P.S Are tere any other hot pots to match a Lanchashire Hot Pot? (I doubt it!)
  7. JFM

    Christmas Past

    Now that another Christmas Day is over what are your best / worst memories of this or any previous Christmas Past. 1. Getting a Torch and having to wait for two days to buy batteries. (agony) 2. Christmas day with Grandparents and parents now long gone (Paradise but we did'nt know it) 3. Family fun games (No Telly) 4 Carol singing after dinner (lunch) with dads and uncles in good form from their pub visit 5 and yesterday being almost a summers day. (What is happening)
  8. JFM

    Royal Oak Pub, Chancery Lane

    Not sure about Parr Silver. I only remember Parr Public and Parr Temperance There was Redgate Silver at the bottom of Boardmans Lane (Used to be called something else before Redgate! was it Blackbrook Silver band?)
  9. JFM

    The Outside Loo

    We had chickens in our back yard to, I used to crack open the back door and peep out to see if the "cock was looking" then run like hell for the loo slaming the door shut stright away. Ditto for the return trip. Then one day I cracked the door and there was the cock with its legs tied either side of the washing line and being made ready for the pot. Well Done Grandma PARADISE, I strutted manfully to the lavi (probably all 2ft of me) looking it in the eye (enjoyed my dinner to)
  10. JFM

    The golden age of tut tuts

    I wonder what Sister Duffy at providence hospital thought about them all I bet she had her own "Unique" name for them every time she sorted out the plaster of Paris
  11. JFM

    The Outside Loo

    Now that the cold weather is back distant memories of our outside loo come flooding back (Oops that was usually about Springtime when that happened) Are there any house in St Helens that still have only an outside loo? What are your memories? When was the last muck wagon collection? My aunty lived in Ashton and was still getting a muck wagon collection well into the 1960s
  12. JFM

    Childrens matinee at the Capital cinema

    Who else remembers getting in for three jam jars (Parr Dog was only two) And part of the fun was the twenty mile walk there and back from Parr. (well it seemed like twenty miles especially in the rain) We also set off at about 10.00 am and made a great day of it We also collected sterilised milk bottles / pop bottles etc to get the money back off them to go to the pictures Enviromentally friendly was not invented in 2011 (But the old saying of "when you have nowt, you waste nowt" made sure of that) I also remember Dougie Greenall of rugby fame having the Engine in Parr, his son young Dougie would pass me empty pop bottles under the pub back gate and I would take back to the little off licence bit at the front of the pub to collect the 3d bits and off we would go to the Cap to watch Flash Gorden etc. That is until his mam realised that my dad only bought abour two bottles of pop a year, "WALLOP" for him off his dad and Wallop of my mam for me. Funny my mam was 4ft nothing and my dad 6ft 3" but it was mam who walloped us?
  13. JFM

    newton road

    I mentioned Tommy twist in my post above. Did any one else have their hair cut by Tommy. My dad bought Tom a pint and he cut our hair about once a month, cold wet flannel on your neck and then the dubbers came out. Took half the skin of your neck he did. Probably solely because of Tom that the 60s became the era of long hair I believe his second wife Winnie still lives in Parr Mount Court (If you read this Winnie I am only kidding Tommy was a true character and gent and I believe spent the best part of 50years at UGB)
  14. JFM

    What is the best meal

    Swan at Burscough "Superb and Excellent Value for Money" No it is not in St Helens but our so called Pub / Restaurants want to go there and see what they should be doing and then we would all spend our hard earned money with them here in St Helens. Book a table if you want to go Fri Sat or Sunday otherwise you might not get in!!!! Charcoal Grill I bet they are still serving the same old carrots and peas for veg, plus do they still have those plates full of nuts on the lounge tables, urghhhhhhhhhhh, some of the nose picking hands i have seen dipping into them and sneezy noses all over them. Eat them at your peril! Its 2011 not 1965 Wake Up or Go to the Wall Charcoal Grill

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