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  1. I can remember around 1969-1970 I was wagging school at my friends house in Landsbury Avenue and it was the same time as they was filling in the railway cutting between Landsbury and Gaskell Park . We was talking with the workmen and they showed us a human scull that they had just found in the fill and they had found lots of othr bones and sculls before that . It seems that the soil and fill stuff was from the new Market site in St Helens which was also the site of St Marys graveyard .The contractor just threw the scull onto the brazier and burned it . It was said that the bones from St Marys Graveyard were reburied in St Helens Cemetery but thats not 100% true
  2. It split from the Wigan to St Helens line at Carr Mill Junction , over a bridge in Chain Lane , under Blackbrook Road and under the St Helens to Lowton Line , it ran alongside Boardmans Lane and under the Bridge at Broad Oak Road to the crossing at Fleet lane by the Railway pub it continued over Sutton Brook and the line split one way to St Helens and another towards the bridge at Worsley Brow then at Ellamsbridge Road it Merged with the St Helens Runcorn Line .All along its route it had branch lines running to Pits and factories .
  3. Free Access is from 7th to 10th September
  4. I used to work with Horace Lightfoot at Eric Fishwicks Photographic shop in Grange Valley that was 1974 so he would have been about 69 then . I heard that Horace had a heart attack and died in there a few years later
  5. Cricketers Arms in Peter Street has won the Camra Merseyside pub of the year again 2015 2016 and 2017
  6. The Buck mentioned in the first post could have been the Kilbuck Inn .was in Haydock and there is a drawing of it but nobody seems to know its exact location
  7. Breaking News Keiron Cunningham has quit as head coach at Saints Keiron Cunningham Parts Company With St.Helens St Helens Chairman Eamonn McManus stated: "Keiron has been with the club for 24 years as man, boy, player and coach. The commitment that he has shown to the club throughout, and in every capacity, has been without equal. It is both upsetting and disappointing for us all that it has ended at this point in time. Keiron nevertheless understands the position and, as a mark of the man that he is, wishes only well and good to the club, its players and everyone associated with it. His statue outside the ground is a deserved reflection of his immense contribution to the club. That is clear, obvious and permanent. We will now look to move the Club forward and will immediately commence the search for a new Head Coach. St.Helens is a world class club with a great squad of players and its only objective will be continuous success at the highest level. Assistant coaches Sean Long and Jamahl Lolesi will be joined by under 19s coach Derek Traynor to form an interim coaching team until a new Head Coach is appointed and in place." Cunningham signed for St.Helens in October 1993 and made his first team debut against Warrington the following August. He won every possible honour in the game with the Saints in a glittering 496 game career and was named in its "Greatest 17" as well as heading a fans' poll to have a statue erected in his image to honour the club. On his retirement from playing in 2010 he joined the back room staff at the Saints as assistant strength and conditioning coach and became assistant to acting Head Coach Mike Rush in 2012. He then served under Nathan Brown whose side went on to win the League Leaders' Shield and Grand Final in 2014. His head coaching tenure took in 76 games and included two Super League and one Challenge Cup Semi Finals.
  8. very sad to hear this news chris and myself had a bit of a falling out about me using his pub photos about five years ago . we did make our peace and comunicated a few times on facebook . I never got to meet him but I would like to pass on my condolences to his family and friends RIP Chris
  9. pauloyick

    Oldham v Haydock.

    I went to the Oldham V Haydock match great performance by the lads went 8-0 up in the first ten ,Haydock took about 400 speckies and outnumbered Oldham .had a good afternoon out well done the yick for getting so far
  10. pauloyick

    Bradford Bulls?

    This is the second time Bradford have gone bust .First time was in season 1963/64 when they went bust mid season On 20 July 1964, Bradford Northern (1964) Ltd came into existence .The reformed club started the 1964/65 season
  11. Do you have any photos of the old Hen and Chickens Julie ?
  12. 147 Church Street was the Ship Inn , Closed in 1935 it was at the side of the canal . on the other side was the start of Parr Street
  13. You are welcome to use any of the photos on the St Helens Pubs facebook group
  14. When I lived in Holland I used to eat at the Indonesian Restaurants and was some of the best food I ever had .If you ever go to one try a rijstafel
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