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  1. morgan

    Shaggy Mushroom

    Was that little park the Quaker graveyard? Are the burials still there or were they removed.
  2. morgan

    Fleet lane chippy

    I think it was owned by the Eddleston family, when it closed they moved to Gaskell st.
  3. I seem to remember seeing men walking around in donkey type jackets, with a yellow circle about 10 inch diameter on the back. I was told they were p.o.w. allowed out of camp.
  4. morgan

    Parr Mill

    Try the O.S. maps England & Wales 6 inch to the mile 1842- 1952. Click the find by place box, and enter St Helens, and then click the grid square for the area you want, it will turn blue, and a list of maps will be shown on the rhs. Choose the one you want, and zoom in to Parr Mill.
  5. morgan

    Littler's Field

    The 1894 O.S. map shows Littler's court at the junction of Feet lane and Derbyshire hill rd.
  6. morgan

    Things you don't see anymore

    Men with a gaberdine mac folded over their forearm.
  7. morgan

    Things you don't see anymore

    You don't see Aunts and Uncles with Nephews and Nieces, that older than them. When I was at school there was a lad in the same class as his Uncle.
  8. morgan

    Quarry Pond near Sherdley Park

    I recall seeing this pond in the score, when it was drained prior to being filled in. It looked as if it was an old quarry, about 40ft deep with vertical sides.
  9. morgan

    1915 conscription

    Thanks ratty, many records were also lost due to air raids in ww2.
  10. morgan

    1915 conscription

    I thought that there would be lists of persons liable for conscription. Which would be handy when searching for locations of people. Many men appealed against their conscription, are there any records of the results of these appeals?
  11. Are these registers available to the public.
  12. Foll Doll row chancery lane. There are some photos on the gallery.
  13. Anyone doing family research should take note, that the 1841 census rounds down ages over 15.
  14. morgan

    The Hotties Culvert

    I think the culvert behind Matalan, ends up at the Sankey brook near Jackson St.
  15. morgan


    I vaguely recall seeing an old map showing a Grafton St. It was opposite the rolling mill on Watery lane about where the Coppersmiths pub was.

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