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  1. Its 100 percent the right name William Smith died approx 1947 48 or 49 and at the top end nr the church Enjoy ur hols 😊😊
  2. Hiya sorry to bother u again but iv spoke to my aunt who sed it is towards the wall but up the top end nr the church she can remember but says it's one of the first graves (6-8 down ) from the church and she remembers him being buried with sum1 else but she cant rember who I do hope u could check again for me pleaeeeeees xx
  3. may of been more to the bottom end of the wall but thanks anyway for looking ratty much appreciated
  4. hi ratty thanks so much its like half way down the wall i think william smith but thats all iv got and death date between 1943 and 1955 ?
  5. Hi ratty do u know which section is right behind the church? ? I think this is where my William Smith is buried against the wall next to the housing estate xx hope u can help thanks x
  6. which section is right behind the church ?
  7. I think the person I'm looking for his grave was against a wall x Aww thanks so much but pretty sure it's not the grave I'm looking for x ohhh well brick wall again xx
  8. It's the 1926 extension grave number 420 thanks x I think the person I'm looking for his grave was against a wall x
  9. does anyone have a plan/map of the graveyard at parr st peters please
  10. Does anyone have a map /link plan of the graveyard here please
  11. Do u know we're I cud get a plan of the graveyard I know roughly were he's buried as I went as a child but he was married to my mother in 1937 and I didn't realise he added married again before he died ...if it's the same William Smith? ? Xx
  12. OMG really this helps loads because alls iv ad so far his the name n rough date of death it's my mum's dad x is he buried alone do u know ? I've been doing my family tree but got stuck on mum's side because I didn't av enough info on this William Smith x
  13. Some time between 1945 -- 1950 ish thanx
  14. Thanks for reply xx its a William Smith but dont know for sure when he was buried there xx
  15. Could u look someone up for me at parr st Peters please x
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