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  1. Mum reckons it would have been Boundry Vaults
  2. was it the Farmer's Arms?
  3. jill


    I found one by chance at Cheshire RO, and managed to photcopy it. At Liverpool RO in the main library they have huge books with proven wills, not sure if it's available on line. Perhaps Ancestry has it, but my membership doesn't cover that service. May upgrade on renewal so I can see the prison records too.
  4. I was thinking of upgrading to see the wills and also the new prison records
  5. Does anyone know where it's gone. There were glitches last week, but it's gone completely now. I hope it's only temporary, I have found it very useful, and would miss it if it folded
  6. has not set their status

  7. jill

    mixed trades

    I can see what you mean, it's hard to know how they made a living, as going through the directory there seemed to be one of these shops on every other street
  8. Looking for my Walker relatives in Leicester I went to the old directories site, as Walker is a very common name I thought I would use his trade as umbrella maker as a search. I found there were a lot of umbrella repairers, but they were also hairdressers, tobacconists and newsagents or any combination of the above. Never grocers or clothes shops or anything else. Just thought they were odd together, bit like plumbers and glazers when I was young, (do they still train as plumbers and glazers?) By the way found them, and disappointed they are not the Walker crisps family
  9. After trying Find my Past .com Ancestry is far superior
  10. jill


    Twirly and I used that list when researching for the RNPM. We found that Jeremiah Gafney of Ireland was the only Regulator, or Military Policeman to loose his life at the Battle of Trafalgar. We have compiled an (incomplete) list of Regulators who lost their lives in action, and much to our delight, the RNP's with their multi million pound museum can't find one earlier. We just love to rub it in that the Royal Navy is the Senior Service, and the Army are Johnny come Latelys. As they are always top dog with their superior numbers and funding. They take it all very seriously and we love to wind them up and watch them splutter. I will miss that now that Twirly is a civvi
  11. We have Elizabeth Gaskell b 1875 Ashton in Makerfield, lived Spindle Hillock, Downall Green in 1881. Daughter of Wiliam & Mary
  12. Yes he was Brenda, his daughter married Joseph Barlow and went to live in Nantwich, his son, Job, came back to work on the railway lodging near the pub, later lived Peckershill Rd
  13. jill

    1911 census

    we only bought 1 original transcript, until we noticed how many credits it used. It does state how many children they had and how many were still living. There are a lot of transcription errors, I couldn't find someone I was looking for and had to try other members of the family only to discover she was listed as Eleth instead of Ethel, I'm sure Ancestry would have shown this record with their fuzzy search or whatever it's called. We had a survey thing from Find my Past asking for feedback on their site, I told them in no uncertain terms what I thought of it, and how I felt conned, as the blurb implies they have the complete census, which they don't. I know I should have read the small print! The parish records have been quite useful though.
  14. jill

    1911 census

    got our main rellies, thrown up a few questions and areas requiring more investigation. These will keep me going until it gets cheaper on Ancestry or summat
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